Apps are popular, but does your business actually need one?

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Apps are popular, but does your business actually need one?

It seems like everyone and their grandmother wants an app for their business or website, but is it actually needed?  Many websites and businesses won't actually need an app to help their businesses grow, they just want one to look better in the eyes of the communities. 

There are various reasons to have an app for your website or business, but there are a few things that need to be done first like make your website responsive, but not many people like to hear that lol.  You can also look into if your competitors have apps, and that's a good signal to see if you actually need one, because if they're pushing an app to their clients then there's likely a reason for it.  If you're not solving a problem for your clients, with your app, then you likely don't need one.  If you have a loyalty program, you should think about getting into the app game, and I'll cover all of these points below Apps are popular, but does your business actually need one?

Is your website responsive?
A responsive website is just a fancy way of saying it is mobile friendly.  When someone uses their phone and lands on your website, they won't have to pinch and stretch on their screen to see everything on your site, it just fits within the phone screen and there's no eye strain.

Now, if you have a responsive website it's much easier to get an app made for it.  There are actually 3rd party services out there that can generate an app based on your responsive design, and people can add it to their roster of apps they use daily without having to actually load up your website in their phone's browser Apps are popular, but does your business actually need one?

Do your competitors have their own apps?
If your competitors have an app for all of their visitors to use, then there is likely a reason for them doing so, and this means you should think about getting in the app game.  Now, if none of your competitors have an app up and running for their visitors to download and browse easily, maybe you should still get into the app game because you could pull a lot of the competitions traffic to you due to ease of access.

Are you solving a customers problem with your own app?
A big thing that people will download the app for is ease of access or contacting your support system with a click of a button.  A lot of apps focus on solving problems, and most of those problems are just people complaining about something to do with a sale or transaction with a freelancer, so if this is something you deal with on a regular basis then you should think about getting an app for your website or business.

Do you have a loyalty program?
It doesn't matter if you have a physical or digital loyalty system for your business, an app is a great way to track everything your customers have purchased, then reward them when they hit a goal.  You can track in-app purchases, physical location purchases, or website purchases through their profile and let people track everything easily through their app.  People want to save whenever possible, so if you make it easier for them to track it through your app, they will likely download it Apps are popular, but does your business actually need one?

In conclusion
An app for your business or website might not be something you've been thinking of building, but it could definitely help you out if you're solving a problem or have a loyalty program.  Another reason it could help out is if you're the first to market in your niche, pulling all the industries traffic to your app, and profiting much more due to in-app purchases and sending them to your website with ease.  You'll create recurring customers due to them being able to just click on your app and get right to your business with ease Apps are popular, but does your business actually need one?

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