A successful website only happens if you stay focused and driven

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A successful website only happens if you stay focused and driven

You can't be successful if you're not focused on your work or have the drive to get the job done.  You need to always be working on your website, even if you think it's finished because if you don't your competitors will just take over and push you down into second place or worse.

If it was easy to run a successful website, don't you think everyone would be doing it?  Not many people have the drive and determination to be successful as you would think.  You could read through plenty of online marketing forums or blogs and think "Man, there are a lot of successful people in here!" but I guarantee you that 1 in 100 is making money online right now.  Everyone will fake it til they make it since that's a sure way of getting sales, but not everyone is good at it lol.

You'll only be successful if you love what you do, have the goal of being free, you can put a minimum of 40 hours a week into your projects, and you should never think you're on top because you'll then get complacent.

Love what you do
If you don't love what you do, you probably won't last long, mainly because you'll burn out quicker than most people because you'll see the work as tedious.  A website isn't successful right away, it takes countless hours for designing and marketing before you get enough traffic to say you're successful, and not many people want to work for free in hopes of being successful later.

Loving what you do will get you through the times where you're not profiting because you actually like what you're doing and can keep writing content or building pages for your website for later success.

Do it for the Glory!
People go online because they want to make money and be free, just like why I started doing it, but I also started working online because I didn't want a boss lol. 

If you're working online JUST to make a ton of money, you might get discouraged because that never happens quickly, so you better have some goals in mind that you want to hit.  Set short-term goals and long-term ones so you actually achieve some before you hit a wall. 

Don't monitor how much money you're actually profiting, just know you're making money and it will scale up.  If you're constantly monitoring how much money you're profiting you could get greedy and not want to spend any of it.  But, you need to spend money in order to make money, there's no way around this.

Work nonstop so you can retire at 40
You'll need to work non stop so you can retire earlier than you think would be possible.  There's a saying I like to quote in my head, and it goes "Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won't, so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can't" and that gets me through the tough times when I want to throw in the towel and take a week off A successful website only happens if you stay focused and driven

You should always think you're in second place
If you ever do become the main company that is generating all of the sales within your niche, you should never think you're the king of the hill, because you'll slow down and open up opportunities for your competitors to take over.  Many companies across the globe have hit the peak of their success then slowed down, and now they're in 4th or 5th place because of it.  Their competitors saw an opportunity to take over, they never stopped working hard, and now they're in first place.

If you always think you're fighting for the top spot in the search engines, always fighting to be the main authority within your niche, or always fighting to get the most clients in a month then you'll likely be successful for a long time A successful website only happens if you stay focused and driven

In conclusion
Working online isn't the easiest thing to do, mainly because it isn't very rewarding in the beginning, but all the work you put into it can yield a lot of fruit when you eventually do become successful.  So, stick with it and push yourself through the hard times, you'll see your work starting to compile and your profits gradually increasing A successful website only happens if you stay focused and driven

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Tommy Carey


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"You should always think you're in second place" I agreed

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I've heard so many people say "I'm going to dominate this niche, it's almost too easy" and then they start to gain traction and think they're the winners of everything. What they forgot to focus on was the little guys coming up after them and taking over.

If you think you're always in second place you will always be working and striving to take over, which is the main reason the little guys won't be able to compete with you in the long run A successful website only happens if you stay focused and driven

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