A few reasons why your website isn't performing how you hoped it would

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A few reasons why your website isn't performing how you hoped it would

If you're just starting out, and you're worried about that fact your website isn't performing as well as it should be, you've likely forgotten to do a few things that actually increase your website's performance and boost sales.  You might not be optimizing your websites speed and performance, you might not be collecting customers data, your navigation may be confusing and all over the place, and you not have a responsive design that pleases everyone on mobile devices.

If you have time, you should go through your website and check for these 4 reasons your business might not be performing how you hoped it would.

Your website isn't optimized
If you're on shared hosting and your images are massive, your website is likely loading very slow, and that means you will be annoying your visitors before they even see the second page.  You also need to optimize on page, which means you need to show the search engines that you're the best in your industry and you need top rankings, which they will provide if you do everything right.

If you can speed up your website and optimize everything you can, you will likely get a lot of traffic after a few months and start to be more profitable than you imagined.

You're not collecting the data you need
If you're running a business, and you want it to be successful, you must be collecting users data in order to know exactly who's interested in your website and who isn't.  This actually isn't that difficult, you can simply use a Facebook pixel in order to build custom audiences in order to show them specific ads.  If they were already on your website for a few seconds, they likely were interested, and now you can show them ads specifically tailored to them in order to boost your own profits.

The navigation is convoluted
How many times have you gone to a website and thought "Where the hell is their blog?!?!!?!" and it took you forever to find it?  Well, that websites navigation is convoluted and is likely the reason they aren't as successful as they could have been.

You need to have your navigation right at the top, and if it isn't, you need to have it in an obvious location that doesn't change so people get used to it and can find anything on your site.

Your design isn't responsive
If your website isn't responsive, which means mobile friendly, you're going to be losing a ton of customers.  This is because the majority of Google searches today are now done through mobile devices, and your website isn't fitting on their small little handheld screens just right, so they leave your pages immediately without thinking of making a purchase.

Make your website responsive in order to capture as many clients as possible.  Google will even reward you with higher rankings within the SERPs if your website is mobile friendly A few reasons why your website isn

In conclusion
These are the big 4 things that people forget to do, and it can kill some businesses, so be sure to fix them if you're one of the offenders.  If you've done all of the above flawlessly, then you've likely noticed your work is paying off and you're getting plenty of traffic and sales at the end of the day A few reasons why your website isn

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Yeah, hosting is always a thing to remember when you have a slower website. I've removed your link from the post because it was an obvious self-promotion, but I'll leave your content in tack.

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