My troubles with Payoneer

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My troubles with Payoneer

Please read!!!
Before few years i added a payoneer card to my seoclerk account that card issued by my friend name. From that time i didn't receive any payment on that payoneer account. And for inactivity that card got blocked by payoneer moderation.

So now i want to remove that payoneer payee id from seoclerk account and want to add my new payoneer card. For this why i contacted with payoneer live chat from my friend's payoneer account and ask them for removing payee id from my seoclerk account. Then they told me they deactivated payoneer payee from my seoclerk account.

After deactive when i tried to add my new payoneer card to my seoclerk account then i faced a problem. Again i contacted with payoneer live chat. And told them that i am facing problem to add new payoneer card. They replayed me - Your payoneer payee id is deactivated but not released.In case if you want to add a new payoneer card to your seoclerk account you have to release your present payoneer card.Then i ask them for releasing it.

When i asked them to release then they ask me - why do you want to release your payee id??
I told them that i want to add my new payoneer account for getting payment from my seoclerk account. They told me that for this reason they are not able to release it. Next day again i contacted with them and told them another reason. Again they told me that they are not able to release it for this reason.

And next week again i contacted with them to release payee id but again they are unable.

Is there anybody in this community who did this process successfully?

Actually which reason should i tell them so that they will release my friend"s payoneer payee id from my seoclerk account?

Waiting for your informative replay.



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You are using your friends' information, that's why you're not getting access or being able to get something removed/released.

They see you as a stranger trying to access someone else's account and withdraw funds, then you might take the money and run, but the original person in their mind is getting screwed because now their own money is gone.

Why don't you just set up your own Payoneer account, in your name, and do everything legitimate? If I ran Payoneer, I would likely have banned your IP because you're using someone else's account and that just doesn't sound right.

Set up your own account, link your Payoneer ID to your SEOclerks account, tell Payoneer that you are using your ID to withdraw AND FUND your account so you can buy and sell services, even if you only plan on withdrawing your money and that's it. Tell them what they want to hear and they will likely work with you instead of telling them you're using someone else's account.

Yes, you may have set up and account with your friends' name but that doesn't make it yours. You used all of their information and are funneling money through it, but it's not yours no matter how you talk about it. Go do everything yourself, stop using your friends' account, and you shouldn't have any problems.

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Thanks for your repaly TommyCarey and I expected you replay because you are the most active person in this community.
May be you didn't understand my problem.
When i added my payoneer account that time i wasn't have any payoneer account. And my friend payoneer got ban on that time. And now i have my own payoneer card. So at first i contacted to seoclerk moderation then they advice me for contacting with payoneer support team with this issue. Because only payoneer is capable to remove or release payoneer payee id from seoclerk account.

Then i contacted to payoneer support team using my own payoneer account and tell for adding my payoneer payee id with my seoclerk account and remove the old payee id. Then payoneer told that for remove or release you need to contact with us using your old payoneer account(My friend payoneer account).

Then i contacted with them using my friend's account. Then they removed payee id from my seoclerk account. And again i contacted with them for releasing it. Then they ask me why do i want to release my payee id from seoclerk account.

And in this community i asked this question which reason should i tell them so that they will release my old payee id?

Hope you understand my problem.

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It sounds more complicated than I expected. Is your Payoneer ID locked to your SEOclerks account somehow? Like you can't remove it from SEOclerks on your own? Or is it on Payoneer with a note saying "Being used on SEOclerks".

I don't understand why you can't unlink it from your SEOclerks account and just relink a new one. But again, I'm not really a Payoneer expert :'(

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May be you have no proper idea about payoneer payee id on seoclerk account. There is not any option to change or deactive or release payoneer payee by my own. Even seoclerk moderation has not able to change anything. Changing, removing, releasing everything happen by payoneer side.

Yes my case is complicated i know. For this why i am facing this problem from a long time. But last night i contacted payoneer live chat again. And they assure me that they will talk to seoclerk moderation for releasing it and It will take 1 or 2 business day.

And now i am waiting for the result.


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Well, this just summarized everything that you need to know about the reason why they are refusing to release the Payoneer ID for. So, I would suggest taking the suggestion given by Tommy and have your own account set up for your Seoclerk account. This will solve all this problem for you.

Good luck.

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TommyCarey yes you are right

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At first you made a mistake by adding your friend payoneer account with your seo clerk account.
Secondly you need to contact with seo clerk customer care service about this issue.
Thirdly your friend should need to contact with payoneer customer care section.
Not you.

Fourthly honestly say every thing to SEOclerk customer care section. They will give you the best solution.
Check down part of your seo clerk.


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I did everything
And before few minutes i contacted with payoneer live chat again.
And they assure me that they gonna release old payee id by discussing with seoclerk moderation.
Waiting for the result.
And will update again in this discussion.

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As long as I understood, you used that card that was on your friend's name, so is there a chance that maybe your friend's data is still saved and linked on payoneer's account, and that doesn't let you use yours? Because it looks like your information is linked somehow to your friend's, and that won't let you use full payoneer's privileges.

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I had the same problem with my paymaya account. I wanted to get rid of my first account for some personal reasons, and I don't know how to. I already made a second account but I am restricted to put money into it. So I called their service center hotline and asked them what to do. They asked for the the informations of my first and second account. And asked me again what account I wanted to retain. They said it will take 3business days to delete the first account but I need to finish the registration of my second account within the 3business days. And I just do what they asked me to do, I finished the registration. But I didn't use my friends account to finish it. You need to use your own account. Yes I made a video chat with them to finish my registration but I used my second account to do so. And, as they promised, they deleted my first account. So it is better to use your own account sir. I just don't know if the paymaya and payoneer works the same, like you can actually do second account but you will just be restricted to put any amount into it.

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I would like at their terms and conditions. I don't think that they allow you to use someone else's account. This may be the reason that they are refusing to change the account ID. Remember also they banned your friend, so in essence they have banned the account you were using, they may not allow you to open another account. This issue is about you using an account, that got banned. I'm sure you didn't tell them that you were using your friends account, they may not have allowed it. From what I know with these online processors if you want to open a 2nd account you close our 1st one first. In this case it will not apply because your SEO account is linked to a banned account.

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My troubles with Payoneer: I never tried to use Payoneer account, I prefer to use a Paypal as a payment portal and I never encountered any problem using it as of now. But this first move that you made which is using your friends account was a really big mistake and not acceotable in all kind of payment portal you can surely encounter a problem by doing it. This thread was a big help for me even I don't have a payoneer account because I may create one soon not only for me but for those who using a payonner account there it will serve as a guide lesson to every body to be more extra careful.

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