3 things to avoid if you're using Facebook for business

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3 things to avoid if you're using Facebook for business

Almost every business is on Facebook because of the power it has to boost up your traffic and sales.  If your business isn't on Facebook, you're likely losing to your competitors in the social media marketing game, so maybe you should go make an account and read through this discussion to see what you shouldn't be doing on your pages!

People all over the world get too eager to do things when they should actually be taking it slow and letting everything happen naturally, sort of.  You can't really rush your business and expect it to be very profitable, you need to go slow and bring people in gradually so you don't get overwhelmed and eventually start to provide a less than satisfactory service to people who paid you money.

Below I'll be going over the 3 things you need to avoid when it comes to using Facebook for your business, and they are.

Trying to set up a call too soon
When you get on Facebook and start to converse with people interested in your industry, you shouldn't try to set up a call right away.  People don't want to talk to you over the phone and listen to your pitch when they express interest in the same niche you're working in.  You'll actually be pushing people away if you try to call them right away, because they will know you want to just sell them something, and that's one of the most annoying things people can do when it comes to business.

Instead, you can talk to the person and say something along the lines of "If you ever need help with (your service here), you can call me directly at 555-555-5555 and we can help you out with everything".  If you do that, they will know that you're there to help them and you're not forcing your product or service down their throat because you really want them to sign up.

Asking someone if you can pick their brain
I get emails and phone calls from people like this all of the time, and it's annoying, so you should stop doing it.  At first, I didn't catch on to what people were really doing when they said: "I want to pick your brain" but after the first 2 calls I quickly realized they were just gathering information about me and my business to try and sell me something.  I'm usually polite to the people on the other side of the phone or email and tell them I'm not interested, but if they continue with the conversation, I'll usually tell them to never call me or I'll destroy their website lol 3 things to avoid if you  I don't really do anything, I just don't want them to call me back haha 3 things to avoid if you

Instead of asking someone to pick their brain, just ask them if you can have a conversation with them, and you shouldn't be pitching your services or products at all until your 3rd or 4th call or email.  If you can do this, you will boost your conversion rates, and be more profitable later on.

Using Facebook messenger for business purposes
You're not very professional if your main way of contact is Facebook messenger.  You're using a free service from a social media platform to talk to your customers.  There are things out there like for a chat system, Kayako or zendesk for a ticket system, grasshopper for a 1-800 number, and your basic email setup within your hosting to use for customer contact.

Stop using Facebook messenger to talk with your potential customers and be more professional.

In conclusion
Don't try to call people right away, try to build up a relationship with them over a couple weeks, after that, you can try to give them a call or tell them you can help with anything they need and drop your phone number.  Stop picking people's brains, just have conversations with them and be genuine, you will usually increase your conversions.  You will also need to stop using Facebook messenger to talk with your customers because it's not professional.  There are so many ways to set options for people to contact you, that doesn't have to be Facebook messenger, and your potential clients will see you as the main person within your industry.

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Thanks for posting this really interesting topic. Personally, I've had the close experience with my sister's small online store. One of the things she really hates about it, is people trying to use messenger instead of regular messages. She says that is really annoying, because she uses messenger only for personal contact, not for business issues. However, people keeps pushing the messenger or calls option. So, just like you she thinks that's not the proper way to make and deal with businesses.

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Yeah, it's just not a professional way to go about your business. Facebook seems to be pushing the use of Messenger with their pages, but if you really want to act like a company on your own, you need to redirect people to your own phone numbers and forms of contact so they can leave a social media platform and talk with you one on one, in your own setting.

Of course, if someone does happen to contact you via messenger, you'll need to talk with them instead of trying to say "You need to contact us at our number 555-555-5555 or email us at instead of using messenger". This is because they want to talk to you then and there, and don't want to be redirected. When you're ending your conversation through messenger you should always tell them to contact you through your preferred methods and they will likely oblige and do what you say the next time they need to talk 3 things to avoid if you

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Pardon me for this comment but I guess your sister has started the business communication on the wrong foot. Why be annoyed when the message or the call is about business? She should have created a Facebook account for her business so it will be separate from her personal account. If that is her attitude towards her clients who call then I guess she is not enjoying doing business.

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I think Facebook messenger can occasionally be helpful, but I know that a lot of businesses aren't checking their messages on Facebook every day - so it can be a case of missed opportunities as well.

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Thank you for the information and tips sir! I am actually planning in using my facebook account on some online jobs I am starting to apply in. But these tips you posted helps a lot, specially for us beginners.
I just had something in mind that maybe it depends as well on the value of the products someone is selling? Or maybe also depends on the people buying? Like maybe their only source of communication is through fb messenger. I'm sorry sir, correct me if I am wrong but I really appreciate your concern and I just so curious as a beginner.

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On the contrary, I don’t think using Facebook messenger is not for business or being unethical. In my experiences with online stores, it is the Facebook messenger that was our main communication. It is quicker and convenient because I regularly open my Facebook account to I would immediately know if there is a message from the vendor. Using another way to chat is added effort on my part.

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Good point. I myself sometime get irritated when someone suddenly call if I'm really interested on the product and it's so annoying. You just want to know more about the product and they suddenly call you assuming that you will buy the products. Facebook messenger sometimes is convenient for customers because these can save them time to create other account from other chatting platform. Also it can be more convenient for someone who is using Facebook as their way of selling.

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I thought also at first that its so easy to sell at Facebook. I have more than 1,500 friends. When I started to sell something there was only a few who responded.

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I have recently learned that you should not make business profile. Instead you have to make the business page. That way facebook does not affect your profile. Business page can be maintained and it's not that hard.Avoid making the personal profile as business profile. That surely gets you into more or less trouble. That I have noticed from my experience.

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What a great tips Sir! Thank you for sharing this to us. I will share it to to my friend who's planning to do online business thru facebook, like selling online. It is true that even you had a thousands friend in facebook it doesn't mean it was a big possibilities that your business will boom it will always depends how you create a customer.

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This is like a truism, people are not patient enough when selling or working online. For example if you are using Facebook you want to make sales as soon as possible, so you contact everyone in the group or anyone that is your friend. I also agree that it is not fair to want to get free information from someone.Pay for it, take a course, do your own research.Don’t be impatient and a cheap skate.

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