The BIG Bitcoin questions answered!

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The BIG Bitcoin questions answered!

Bitcoin is probably the biggest think to happen to humanity since the internet was invented. The question everyone has "is 2018 a bad year for Bitcoin?" I would still have to say no even though we have been in a 6 month bear market. I believe Bitcoin needs this pull back in order to grow. Basically what your seeing now is an exact replay from 2013. The price shot up to $1300.00 and then dropped over a course of about 18 months to $200.00. The price took off from that point slowly increasing until mid 2017 and hit $20,000.00 December 2017. If what it think is correct then BTC could be in for another 12-18 months of a bear market. In 2020 on the next halving Bitcoin is set to take off to new "All Time Highs". I personally believe that by 2022 Bitcoin will be well over 100K steady. Depending on where we close the year its possible that Bitcoin could still be up 150% from early 2017 by the middle of 2019.Next i'm going to be talking about a few things first "Should we invest rite now?" Second "I Bought bitcoin to high should i sell or hold?" Third "What will Bitcoin be in 5 years?"

The big question and concern for everyone is "Should i invest into Bitcoin rite now?" First i want to talk about Bitcoin's entire history and not just the last 2 years, and Bitcoin as a tech in general. Bitcoin has been "killed" or "Dead" more times than i can count and yet its still doing fine. We survived the China BTC Ban and India ban with no problems. Since January 1st 2016 we have only seen Increase over the long term charts. If i was new and i had to make a decision on whether i was going to invest now or in the near future i would say "Sidelines until end of year." What does that mean? Basically the price of Bitcoin is still on a downward trend and if history repeats it self by the end of the year bitcoin could be around 3000 a coin. Unless China and india lift the ban and new money comes in we will see a bear year this year and most of next. Cash is king at the moment in the crypto markets. Day trading or providing Bitcoin related services are still profitable if you have the knowledge to do so. As far as holding long term i just don't think its a good idea unless you can leave it in until after 2020. Bitcoin as a tech is so evolutionary and completely upgrades the financial system, but why? Bitcoin puts the power of the money back into the peoples hands and out of government hands. Bitcoin cuts cost on transaction fees and makes sending and receiving money more convenient and safer. International money remittal is BIG money and its expensive to send money back home Bitcoin changes that!

For those of you who are not new to Bitcoin and have already invested money above the 10K mark your probably kicking yourself at the moment. The good news is that if you have not sold i would just forget about the money for a few years if you can. If you cant get out now while you still have a chance. We have about 75% chance of seeing Bitcoin drop like previously mentioned. if you can hold and accumulate more that would be the ideal situation for anyone in it for the long term. Just buy small and forget about it. So if your question is whether you should buy or sell i guess that all depends on your situation.

What will Bitcoin be in 5 years? I think Bitcoin will be even more widely used and accepted than it is currently. I think nations will realize that Bitcoin is good for the economy. This is strictly my opinion, but i do have some facts to back up why i think this. Denmark thinks digital currency is the future and is in favor of removing cash completely. Canada leading the way with many Bitcoin start ups and one of the largest person to person exchanges local bitcoins. They have thousands of ATM's and growing more. Australia doesn't even regulate Bitcoin at all and they have removed the double tax on it showing that they in favor of BTC. America is regulating and trying to structure Bitcoin access and control its usage. Why do i mention these places and things? The main reason is to show that governments and big business are starting to move towards digital currency, Bitcoin, and Block chain as a whole so why would it go away? Bitcoin for the last 5 years has been building a foundation for global dominance and the next 5 years will prove my point. For those of you worried about all the Bitcoins being in circulation and the price dropping i have news for you too. The last %1 of BTC or roughly 220,000 coins will be mined over 100 years time so Bitcoin will not run out in our life times. I believe that starts after the 2024 halving or sooner depending on Bitcoin hash rates and mining rates. With supply controlled and demand increasing i think Bitcoin is the currency of the future!
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The BIG Bitcoin questions answered!

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The BIG Bitcoin questions answered!

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I've been following Bitcoin for a year now and I've seen it go up to its highest in December 2017, and it's been dropping since then and would probably settle for just a couple of thousands by year end. I don't think that we would see another bull run this year. So if we're talking about investments then I don't think it's wise to invest now, it's best to let the price hits rock bottom first, the I way I see it, it would stabilize in the 2.5-3.5k level.

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I 100% agree with you I’m the mean time of your feeling brave you can try and buy the dips and sell the dead cat bounces lol. Target is definitely around 3000 bears will be in season for at least another year unless something big happens. Bitcoin may have a ETF coming soon! Bringing new money Flooding. so it’s just one big waiting game.

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That's true bitcoin price are slowly dropping and it's frustrating because instead of making your money grow more but it's vice versa. I already lost some cash about the decreasing price of bitcoins that's why already converted it to fiat currency.

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Bitcoin is so volatile. Its so unpredictable. Saddest thing is when its value is just continue to go down. Until today I am waiting for it to go up and sell my bitcoin.

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Bitcoin will continue to experience fluctuations in value and it can even slide down further because of the influence of the market. Take note that crypto currency is growing and there are a lot of crypto currencies now that the market is feeling to be saturated. My prediction is that values of crypto currencies will all be fluctuating dynamically as if it is a way of shaking up a tree to let the others fall.

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The BIG Bitcoin question answered: I am also following whats happening in bitcoins and as of now investing into a crytocurrency was too risky because we have no basis when it will increase or suddenly decrease in one blink of an eye. What I do now is keep on collecting some satoshi just for a preparation for future but I don't use my own many to invest. I get free satoshi to thos apps that gives free by paying their games.

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I agree with the arguments listed in the article. As crypto is, basically, an investment, like in all investments there is some risk involved. So I think we should not use the money we cannot just lose and forget. And the only thing I can recommend to make this blow a little softer is to use bitcoin mixer as a kind of safety net against fraud and hacker activity. They will mix the coins into the pool of other coins; therefore the account’s privacy will be protected. This is what I use myself so far.

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