Build your YouTube following with cross advertising

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Build your YouTube following with cross advertising

Most people reading this know they need to do something extra in order to make their YouTube videos more popular among their industry, but they are usually just sharing them on Facebook and calling it a day. Well, there are many more things you can do in order to get more views on your videos and inevitably get more people to subscribe to your channel.

When you started your YouTube journey you probably wanted to make an extra $10, $50, or $100+ a day using different methods but you may have come up short on those goals because you were just publishing content and letting it get stagnant. What you'll need to do is focus on publishing quality videos, sharing on various platforms, always placing links when you can, join in on the conversations happening within your comments section, and joining groups or circles that are related to your industry and hopefully pulling in more subscribers there. If you haven't guessed it, this discussion is about all of those things!

Focus on quality, not quantity
If you're publishing videos, you need to focus on the quality of the video and not just publishing whatever you can. How many times have you seen a YouTuber with 10,000,000 followers publishing videos that are low quality and don't offer much to the community? Not very often!

Use video editing software to make better videos, there are actually some out there that are free and can help you out tremendously, just do a simple Google search and figure out which ones work best for you.

Share on your top 3 platforms
Most of the time your top 3 platforms will be Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can obviously share the video on your own website, but that might not pull in as much traffic as the big 3 corporate platforms, so don't get upset if your website isn't sending in thousands of views each day.

When sharing your videos on 3rd party platforms, I like to actually post them and then boost the post so I get seen by exactly who would be interested in what I recorded. Facebook and Instagram are great for this because I can get super targeted in the interests of the people on those platforms because of the PPC campaign options.

Always place a link when possible
When you're sharing your videos, the video itself usually is a link back to YouTube, but you'll always want to post an extra link directly to the video for people to click if they don't realize they can click on the title of the video within the video to go to your YouTube channel.

If you're placing links in your posts, you'll usually get more traffic, and you'll hopefully get more subscribers.

Join the comments on your videos
You need to keep in touch with all of the people in the comments section if you aren't you'll just lose potential subscribers, and that's recurring traffic that could make you more money down the road.

Think about it, if you were to convert just 10% of the people in your comments section to subscribers, you could build a massive following over time and make even more money from the traffic that is coming to your videos when they get a notification of your new post Build your YouTube following with cross advertising

In conclusion
Building up your following isn't the easiest thing to do because it's a very long process. The only way you'll be instantly successful is if you go viral right away and get a massive amount of subscribers, but that's a very slim chance so don't bet on it. Just put in the hard work up front and you will see the benefits later on.

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Tommy Carey


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Many tank for this Tommy I am sure this info will help many, I myself have not yet reached the 1000 hours play time required to place paid adds in the videos so this is of special interest to me
Steve Simmonds
WWB News

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That's awesome!

It's tough to break into YouTube if you're not using any sort of marketing method so that means you're starting off on the right foot and you'll be able to profit from YouTube eventually Build your YouTube following with cross advertising

Pulling in views is difficult to do when it comes to video because the actions within the video itself need to be done in a way to keep people's attention and avoiding them from thinking they're bored.

I'm not too big into YouTube marketing right now because I have other things that need my attention, but I use to generate a decent amount of views on random videos I uploaded to my personal account, the only problem is that I don't think I'm anywhere near the 1k hours mark like you are lol Build your YouTube following with cross advertising I'm sure if I started a channel for a business, focused on it a bit, and did some marketing tactics and tricks I could build up the views over time but I simply don't have enough hours in the day to do that lol

I'd love to hear more about how you hit your 1k view hours and what you did to achieve that. I'm sure others here would love to hear it as well Build your YouTube following with cross advertising

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I think that now YouTube is at its peak of popularity, isn't it? Almost every company starts running their own advertising campaigns. Many people also focus on podcasts.

I think that the quality of content and the value of this content is always one of them. Many people use YouTube promotion or various types of affiliate marketing to get more views and followers for their channels

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You can use the appropriate services to boost your video views. Also, do not forget that you have a couple of seconds at the beginning to interest the person, and that they do not close it. So if you are planning to engage in video promotion, do it efficiently, interestingly, with unusual effects, by the way, you can read about cool transition effects here. There is generally a lot of useful information about videos and promotions!

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