Disrupt and industry to get noticed on a massive scale

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Disrupt and industry to get noticed on a massive scale

Whenever you want to get noticed in a good way, you will want to disrupt your industry to get seen by everyone.  You can't just go about your business and get found, you will have to stand out in a positive way to get seen in a good light, and that means you need to have an amazing product or service that people naturally gravitate towards.

If you're disrupting your industry in a negative way to get noticed on a massive scale, it will never end well for you because you're starting off with negative content that will spiral out of control and likely fall on you in the end.  In rare cases, you can build up your fame through negative content and publications, then let the heat die down and you'll get the residual fame afterward.  It's rarer than becoming famous online through positive disruptions, but it's still possible.  I guess you would have to determine what type of waves you'll want to make before you set out because it takes a while to get the movement going, so going for a negative disruption then switching to positive will just increase your timeframes 10x.  Below you'll be able to read through a few ways you need to think of when you want to disrupt your industry to get noticed on a massive scale, and they are:

Make some waves
When you set out to make some waves it could be literally anything.  You could have the best product out there that is cutting edge and also be innovative or you could simply call out a competitor for having a less than great product compared to you.  Your approach to this type of wave creation depends on what you're trying to sell online.  If you only have one or two competitors online and offline, you can start writing up content by simply using the title to pull people in and not mentioning the competitor within your content even once. 

An example of this would be if Yahoo were to call out Google for being inaccurate, they could have a title like "Yahoo has a more accurate search algorithm than Google" and in the body of the content they could simply go over their own features they feel are better, but they would never mention Google within the body of the text.

Negative isn't always a bad thing
I touched on this briefly above in the intro, and it's absolutely true, a negative thing isn't always a bad thing for your business.  Someone could call you out online, and try to hurt your image, and that's a PR boost for yourself and all you have to do is publish content or information that disproves the competitor's false accusations.

If you can bounce back from negative content being published about you, people will be more loyal to you and actually leave your competitors, mainly because they now see your competition as a business they can't trust since they just tried to ruin your image for no reason.

Call out a competitor
Just like what I stated above, you can call someone out just like how they can do to you, but you better be damn sure you're calling them out for a reason you can justify with evidence.  I actually have a game plan in place that will let me call out one of my biggest competitors who claims they're "Made in the USA" but they're simply re-selling items off of and claiming it's their own lol.  They charge a premium for their products, I have proof of where they're getting the products, and they aren't even slick about it because they use the stock images off of Alibaba Disrupt and industry to get noticed on a massive scale

I've only used this method when it's necessary, and especially when people are being taken advantage of, so if you do this same thing you need to understand it's just business and you're not trying to make friends.  If your competitors ran a tight ship and didn't leave anything open for attack, you wouldn't be able to do this little trick. 

Do something cutting edge
If you're getting into a niche that has a lot of competition, it's going to be more difficult to get noticed compared to a smaller niche, but it's not impossible if you just have something cutting edge.  This works for both websites and physical products, so there's no excuse for you if you think you can't do it. 

You need to think of what people want from your website, what would make them stay on your pages, and especially what would get them to purchase and keep coming back.  If you can figure that out you will have something on your hands that will keep bringing people back around for years down the road.

Remember, you're not re-inventing the wheel here, you're just trying to be more creative than the top company in your industry to bring people to you and sign up.  Think of some features that people would like to see on your product or service and start implementing them.  You can fine-tune them as you go, but you'll want to be the first to market with the idea, so start pushing your products today and not tomorrow.

In conclusion
It's difficult to be successful online and offline, but if you can do at least one of the things I mentioned above, you'll likely start seeing success come your way and your profits start to boost upwards.  You can make waves, call out a competitor, or do something cutting edge in order to get seen on a massive scale to become more successful, but they all require a lot of work.  Get out there and do the work then thank me later when you're profiting more than you can count Disrupt and industry to get noticed on a massive scale

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