Adwords campaign sheds some light on a new source of sales

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Adwords campaign sheds some light on a new source of sales

Whenever I think of running an AdWords campaign, I always think of how many clicks I'm going to lose to countries like India who apparently love everything I do, but they rarely purchase from me for some reason. I'm sure a lot of you run into this as well, you'll set up a campaign and have your CPC at a point where you think you'll get worldwide clicks, but you'll just waste money on low-cost clicks in the masses that don't really convert. I've come across a way to actually build up profits with those low priced clicks that most of us think are useless and a waste of money lol Adwords campaign sheds some light on a new source of sales

You can't be greedy when it comes to online sales, and if you're not you can actually build a decent amount of wealth, so don't let greed take over how much you're charging for a service or product. Remember, the more people who purchase from you, the more likely you'll have a wave of positive reviews coming back and boosting your business into the stratosphere in a much shorter amount of time than if you were to sell $1,000 sweaters or $10,000 SEO services!

Below I'll go over a few things I thought about for a while but never really acted on, and those things are:

India is great for sales if the price is low
If you think about it, India's currency is nowhere near the value of the US dollar, but that doesn't mean it's a negative thing when you see a lot of people from India clicking your ads and using up your daily funds in your campaign. I use to think I was wasting money when people from India would click my ads, but recently I came to the conclusion that I was doing something wrong and it wasn't adwords sending me bad traffic.

My prices were too high in USD to convert anyone from India! So what I did was create a simple service that helped them out, and I sold it for a few dollars. Most people from India can afford $3 to $5 services or products, but most of mine were listed at $50 and above on my new website. Now that I have some more affordable services to people in India, I've noticed that I'm making 3 or 4 times my investment solely from purchases coming from India Adwords campaign sheds some light on a new source of sales The services I offer for that low amount are pretty simple, but they're more of an introductory price and they also prove that I will do the work and the customer can trust me with $50 or more.

You can build up a great deal of returning clients
I started my new website about 2 months ago and just recently started pushing it through Adwords. I targeted the entire world and set my max CPC at $0.05, which is actually pretty low, but I was getting up to 100 clicks for my keywords I was targeting. I've tweaked my campaigns for better performance and now I'm getting up to 150 clicks for the same amount of money, which boosts my sales and increases my profits without putting in more money than anticipated.

The best thing about this is you can bring in a lot of returning clients who have more than just one website. I just had one person order a $5 service and said if it goes well they will order for their 12 other websites. Now, that's not a whole lot of money if you think about it, but this $5 service only takes me a minute or two to finish, which means I'll be making $60 for 1 or 2 hours of work that isn't difficult to do lol Adwords campaign sheds some light on a new source of sales

Those happy customers will likely mention you to their friends and family who could use you, and they may even post about you on a forum you're not aware of, pulling in more clients and boosting your profits.

3rd world countries shouldn't be excluded
I would usually exclude 3rd world countries, but I quickly realized that they can be tapped into for profits if you just do the right things. You need to be awake when they are, or hire someone to answer incoming emails, in order to capture them right when they're on your website. If you're in bed ready to fall asleep and your phone goes off, you need to answer that message or email and see what they're asking, you'd be amazed how often you seal the deal just by responding a few times. On the other hand, you could be talking to these people for an hour and they might not purchase, which is a waste of time but you wouldn't have known that unless you tried to close the deal Adwords campaign sheds some light on a new source of sales

I urge you to set up a campaign solely targeting 3rd world countries and setting your CPC lower than normal and scaling it up slightly to see where the sweet spot of profits vs. spending really is for those countries. Right now I'm set at $0.05 and my average CPC is $0.04, but I'm not done tweaking and I think I can get more people to my website without increasing my daily budget Adwords campaign sheds some light on a new source of sales

Be sure to have autotranslation on your pages
This is a biggie when you're targeting a worldwide audience, especially if you're setting your CPC so low, and that's because the people landing on your website might not be able to read it. If they can't read it, they won't understand what they need to buy, and they will leave almost immediately without viewing a second page and increasing your bounce rate along the way.

There are plenty of plugins, free and paid, that can help you translate a page when a user lands on it. The good ones will show some flags in the top corner of your page, and the visitor will understand they can change the language of your website simply by finding their own language in that drop-down list, and that means you will likely close some more sales without doing any additional work. Now, the only thing that might annoy you is you'll be getting messages and emails in a different language than what you can understand, but that's not a problem if you can simply go to and copy/paste their message and write up your response in your own language then translate it to theirs and send it to them Adwords campaign sheds some light on a new source of sales

In conclusion
Adwords is a great source of traffic and sales if you know what you're doing, and that may not be the easiest thing to do, but you should never give up after one little failure. I've had plenty of great Adwords campaigns, and I've had even more that failed for a long time, but I didn't stop and I learned from what I didn't succeed at and I'm in a place now that allows me to know what not to do when it comes to targeting low-income countries compared to the US and how to get them to sign up for my services without having to do a massive amount of work for pennies. You can do this too, you just need to think outside of the box a little bit, if you can you'll be successful Adwords campaign sheds some light on a new source of sales

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Tommy Carey


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Well like they say,,if at first you don't succeed..I mean just because you had one campaign that didn't work or didn't meet your expectations, doesn't mean they would all be like that. It could just be an example of something your need to play around with.

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haha yeah Adwords campaign sheds some light on a new source of sales

I've excluded India from my campaigns all of the time and finally figured out why they weren't converting, I was just pricing my services too high! I added some simple services, dropped the price to something they could afford, and started to see a decent ROI from my small budget.

Right now I'm at the point where I'm about to start bootstrapping my profits and set my daily budget to at least $30. I should get 3x the clicks and hopefully 3x the profits Adwords campaign sheds some light on a new source of sales

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You are right with the saying try and try but an ad campaign is costly and if you had lost a lot of money in your first ad campaign then that might give you a big discouragement. That is one reason why I don’t go for paid ads because that is more investment that might hurt the business when it doesn’t go right. With a free advertising all you need is the effort and the challenge will always give you the motivation.

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Regarding India as a great venue for marketing your product, there’s also China. With those 2 countries having the biggest markets in the world, you cannot go wrong when your product is good. All you need is a proper marketing technique since the culture should be taken into consideration. We have a family friend in India who said that business is always good simply because there are too many consumers. In other words, the demand is always there so the supplier has an advantage.

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Great tips. I like the idea of tailoring our products to the geo-location. I think this is a fantastic opportunity and strategy that is not often utilized. Most people completely discount so called 3rd world Countries. If you think about it doing so does not make sense because I'm sure that there is enough competition in Countries like the USA e.t.c. I think you can't target China because they have their own web-browser.Most of them are not on Google e.t.c. Imagine if you can tap into a market like India that has a huge population ? Bank, I think!

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