Localized marketing is getting bigger - Here's what to think about

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Localized marketing is getting bigger - Here's what to think about

When you start up an adwords campaign, bing ads campaign, or Facebook ads campaign you're likely going to target people in your area if you have a brick and mortar business.  This is because the best people to sell to are the ones close in distance to your location.  Now, if you have a brick and mortar type business but can ship everywhere in the world, that doesn't mean you should ignore the local customer because it's easier to just run an ad campaign online and not step foot out of your office or home to talk with people.

Some of the most successful companies in your area are profitable because they go the extra mile to work with people in the area.  They will get out there at festivals, go door to door and post flyers, send out EDDM so they can get locals coming in, and that means they are targeting local even though they could target a much wider range.

Targeting people down the street isn't difficult
The beauty of a small business is you can take your time targeting people down the street.  You can obviously set up an ad campaign and target them online, but nothing beats talking to them in person or getting a flyer in their mailbox so they know you're local. 

Most companies don't get out of their comfort zone and beat the pavement for sales.  They will take the easy road and hope their current client base will just talk about them on social media, which is something you should never do.  Yes, it's a great thing to have people talking about you online, but you should never expect it.  Get out there and do the work in order to get the locals coming in and giving you some money for a service or product.

Local customers are more likely to purchase
If you're a company that can sell globally, but you're still targeting the local community, they will see you as loyal to the area and come to make a purchase from you.  I can't tell you how many times I've gone to a mom and pop shop down the street solely because I wanted them to have my money instead of a place I could purchase from online.  I'll take an extra 20 minutes to keep money in my town compared to sending it to a different state or even a different continent.

Local customers are usually more loyal than a stranger that lands on your website, this is because they can come to talk to you face to face and get to know who you really are. 

Put in the work and you will be rewarded
If you're putting in 10 hours a week to acquire local clients you'll get a decent amount of response.  Now, if you're focusing on local clients and focusing the majority of your time to acquire someone down the street, you will be converting at a much higher rate than someone who has never talked to you.

Go to local meet and greets or business conventions, get out there and put your business in front of the local people and they will begin to gravitate towards you.  Yes, you can have ads running to pull in clients from all over the world, but those people won't be as loyal as a local person would be.

In conclusion
Target the local demographic and you will have more foot traffic to your store, more loyalty after a sale is made, more social shares due to people being able to see your store every day, more check-ins because people can sit down at your business.  Use local targeting and local customers to build the base of your business and it will take off gradually all over the world in time Localized marketing is getting bigger - Here

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