5 things you can do immediately to boost your sales calls

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5 things you can do immediately to boost your sales calls

Whenever you start out online, you probably aren't making many sales calls, but that will likely change in a short amount of time if you're successful enough.  I personally hate making sales calls, and that's why I'll usually just handle the warm leads that already showed some interest.  Cold calling is another monster in itself, and that's why I'm not going to talk about it much in here lol.

You can't sound robotic when it comes to making sales calls.  People have heard it for years, you have the best product on the market and you can get them in at an executive level but they only pay the basic entrance fee or something like that.  People don't want to talk to businesses over the phone much anymore, so you need to sound like a person down the street that is just talking about your product they were interested in.  To do that, you need to do the following:

Get rid of any scripts you've been using
Sales scripts are a great thing to have, so you know what not to do, so lose them and start from scratch!  A sales script is just a templated bunch of words that you're supposed to say and most of the time it can't help you counter what the other person is saying.

Scripts are good for performing actions on your website, but they're not great for talking to people.  Think about it, how many times has someone used a script on you and you've thought "This is horrible"?  lol.  Stop using scripts and just talk to people.

Record your calls for a later examination
You'll have to tell people you're recording their calls if you plan on using them later on for disputes or chargebacks, but I don't think you have to let them know you're recording them if you're just learning from them to figure out what to do and what not to do.  I could be completely wrong and you should probably tell them you're recording the calls lol.

After you get a few dozen calls done, go through them all and figure out what felt awkward and what seemed genuine.  Remove the awkward and keep the genuine.  Yes, eventually you'll have a script that you've written, but you shouldn't be following it.  It's more of a learning guide on what sort of responses and discussions to cover, not what you should say exactly.

Figure out what your own patterns are
Everyone has patterns of how they respond to a person and if you're responding with "No prob" or "It's all good" then you need to break that habit and replace it with "No worries at all, I'm glad to help".  If you can go over everything and figure out your patterns, remove the too friendly type of speaking and replace it with genuine responses.  If you can do this, you'll boost your sales calls success almost overnight.

Set goals and then crush them
If you have some little goals, replace them with something that isn't the easiest to achieve, then crush that goal with hard work and dedication.  If you have a goal of talking with 10 people a week, talk to 25 or 30 and watch how much success you have in a short amount of time.  I'm not talking about cold calls, because those things are moral killing, I'm talking about contacting people via email or flyer and saying they should contact you if they're interested in your product or service.  This is basic sales 101 and can help you build clientele, but you can always crush your own goals by pushing yourself to work longer hours and be smarter about it as well 5 things you can do immediately to boost your sales calls

Experiment with pitches and how you talk
You won't get it right the first time, so use different approaches to how you talk to potential clients and see how they respond.  It could be your pitch or just the tone of your voice.  Obviously, you won't be able to pick out all the little things that are wrong with your pitch, so you'll want to record them in order to review everything. 

In conclusion
If you can do all of the above, you'll boost your sales through sales calls.  I guess this could be used with cold calling, but I've never really tried it due to the fact I hate getting telemarketers calling me and I don't want to do that to anyone else lol. 

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Tommy Carey


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Thanks for the nice article. I didn't started for sales call related works yet now. But some years ago I have seen some of my friends has been done huge and huge sales related call about any website by contract based from several marketplace and freelancer and outsourcing related works. Now the rate and ration went to low over all nationwide. I have no experience about to increase sales by making call but I have seen that about any website in query based website owner collect the cell phone number- long cell number list and start calling one by one and also start getting sales and shipment.


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Cold calling isn't super fun because you constantly get hung up on or told to go away, which can kill your work morale and drive, but you need to do everything I talked about in this discussion to see the most come out of your work 5 things you can do immediately to boost your sales calls

I know people that make a killing with cold calls and others who can't land a single $1 client doing them, but it's because the people who are making the money are also the ones perfecting their approach to close more leads. People who are stuck in their ways, never adjusting the way they talk to people or what they're doing, those are the ones who don't profit and say it doesn't work lol 5 things you can do immediately to boost your sales calls

When you do get into cold calling, or calling warm leads, just be sure to treat the person on the other end like an actual person and not a sale for your company. Talk to them like they're a family member or friend and you will see your profits start to increase due to them trusting you a bit more by talking to them genuinely 5 things you can do immediately to boost your sales calls

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There are people who are gifted with a good tongue that they have the so called convincing power and persuasion. They are good for doing calls to customers and prospects. When we had our retailing business before the age of internet, the phone was our only means of prospecting. Our sales people spend half a day for calling on prospects and following up on the clients for orders. But not all our sales people are good on the phone so I assign the best for the job of calling people.

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I really like the idea of recording your own calls to see what you're doing well and what you could improve on. I've worked in contact centers before, and they would record our calls for "quality listening" and then replay them to us at our monthly meetings to see what we could do better. It can be confronting but it also is a great basis to hear what you sound like and how you come across!

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I think the recording of calls is a good way of learning about your business dealings. When you evaluate the calls, you can see the reason why the client was convinced or not. It may be you or it may be the prospect but definitely, it will be a big help for the success of your business. However, I agree that the client should not know that the conversation or the chat is recorded but on the other hand, I think it is illegal to record a conversation without the knowledge of both parties.

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Yeah i think its called wire tapping, i guess if recording will not work writing down some pointers during conversation could do the trick. If your goal is to analyse the conversation then writing down is a good alternative in my opinion.

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Call recording has gons quite far in our world today that sometimes, I am even scared when I speak with people on normal conversations. However, it is always great that we maoe steps to ensure everything works pretty well at the end of the day.

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True! haha, I've been feeling like you since quite some time ago. My sister used to work by auditing phone calls, and she always was surprised by the things you get to listen there. So now, every time I have to call to services or any place that says... this call will be recorded for your security... I'm like: well I better pay attention to what I'm saying, otherwise call auditors will be spending their day talking about me hahaha.

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Getting rid of the script. This should entail having to personalize each and every call. Knowing the clients and using the details about themselves to lure them to buy the product can be useful.

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