Bust your butt in the early stages of your business so you can take it easy later on

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Bust your butt in the early stages of your business so you can take it easy later on

When you're just starting off with a business you will likely be doing everything on your own because it's just an idea and you may not know you have a business in the making.  When you start to make some money, you'll need to keep pushing upward and onward towards success, by yourself, in order to build everything in your own vision.  People will see you as unique and not a templated type of business that can be found around every corner of the internet within your niche. 

People are afraid to do everything on their own, so they bring on a business partner, and that's not a bad thing, but it's never a great thing either.  A business partner, depending on how much of the business they own, can lead your business in a different direction than you wanted it to go.  This is why you should already be slightly successful before you start to think about bringing someone on board to help out with the business side of things, freelancers and employees can help out with the manufacturing and services you provide so don't think you need a business partner right away.

Anyway, let's get into this discussion already, shall we Bust your butt in the early stages of your business so you can take it easy later on

Do everything yourself in order to save money
In the beginning, you'll likely be bootstrapping your new venture, unless you're already successful and are funding it with other successful ventures under your current business.  If you're like the rest of us you'll be bootstrapping lol, so do everything on your own in the beginning and save some money.  You don't need employees to answers emails or tickets, you don't need a freelancer or web designer to get a website up and running for you when you can use a WordPress theme in the beginning, and you definitely don't need a business manager in the beginning since that is the only thing you should be doing.  You're the employee, manager, and CEO so you need to do everything on your own until later on when you can afford to bring people on.

Your brand should reflect your vision, not your employees
If you bring people on right away, the vision you had for your business could alter, and that could actually be a bad thing for your company.  Do everything on your own and your visitors will see a common trend from page to page, even when they see your marketing campaign, and they will see you as unique and amazing.

Outsource work when you start to be successful
After you start making some money it could be difficult to keep up with orders or answering emails and tickets, and this is when you should think about bringing someone on to help out a little bit.  Now, you won't have them do a ton of work for you because you'll still be building the business in your own image, so just have them answer emails/tickets or do remedial tasks that take up a little bit of your time that could be spent better focusing on a PPC campaign or designing new banners.

Sit back and manage your employees/freelancers
Once you have people doing all the important stuff for you, you can now sit back and manage them in order to keep the business flowing well.  You'll still need to be in the business, building how you envisioned it, and trying to make money along the way.  You'll likely go through a decent amount of freelancers until you find the right ones for the job, but that's pretty typical so get ready to "fire" your freelancers lol.

Bring on a manager to do everything and only deal with them
After you have a well-oiled machine where your freelancers and employees don't need guidance every second of the day, you can now bring on a business manager who can do what you were just doing for the last 3+ months.  You will show them the ropes and explain how everything works as well as who does what for the business.  The business manager will be a friend as well as the judge, jury, and executioner when someone steps out of line or severely screws something up.

Once your business manager is comfortable with everything, you will only have to talk with them and everything should run smoothly.  You can now sit back and collect a check or you can start building another profitable business and do this all over again Bust your butt in the early stages of your business so you can take it easy later on

In conclusion
About 1% of marketers get to the point where they can hire a business manager and that's mainly because they don't want to invest a ton of time in the first few steps that could take 6 months or even a year to get going.  Hell, it could be 5+ years before you start to think you need a business manager lol.  If you do everything yourself, I guarantee you'll save money on coding/scripting, marketing, lead generation, SMM, etc.  You won't have to pay a 3rd party, who likely don't know your customers, and that's never a good thing because you're essentially wasting money on a testing phase until the 3rd party service to figure out what works.  Do everything on your own in the beginning and you'll be thankful you did Bust your butt in the early stages of your business so you can take it easy later on

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Tommy Carey


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Totally Agree with you, Tom.

I have been into 7 years still I manage 50% of my work to maintain the quality and flow of business very well. I do have employees but they have their work few are working on link building, few are managing blogs and few are writing content. But they are good at what they are doing. But for me and everyone, It's very important to understand and take responsibility for the business and lead from the front.

I use tools to track records but moreover that I have created my own project management tool where I keep track of all my orders through where my team can communicate well and easily process the order in the way I and our client wants, this is how you can take control over your business. There are many third party tool but either they are too costly or they don't give too much leverage for collaboration.

As I am the one who always makes conversation with clients, I know and remember my clients from years that build a kind of relationship with them due to which they trust and continue business. Still, remember around 15 days back I got the order from a user who came back on SeoClerks after 5 years and places order again with us. Since I am managing for a long time, I remember that 5 years back he purchased one of my small services and when I welcomed again, he really felt good that I still know about him and then he placed a big order with 8 quantities straightaway. I must say this is all because of the trust they felt.

So, I always suggest everyone handle your work yourself, If you are getting too many orders daily and you have other things to focus on, then I will suggest you take out at least 1-2 hours daily to see what is going on and how it is going. Hiring a Manager and left everything on us will not grow your business it will just help in running with the same speed.


Pranjal, A.k.a. Shaarx

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That's awesome Bust your butt in the early stages of your business so you can take it easy later on It's always good to see customers coming back after such a long time away and then they get a sense of happiness and relief when you remember who they are Bust your butt in the early stages of your business so you can take it easy later on Bust your butt in the early stages of your business so you can take it easy later on

I agree with you that you shouldn't let the reigns go completely and you should always have something to do with your business so it goes in the direction you want it to, but when you become successful you might now have to work 60 hours a week because you can bring people on to help you out, just like you've done with your services and business Bust your butt in the early stages of your business so you can take it easy later on

You going the extra mile to talk with every single customer is awesome, not many people will do that if they can avoid it. That's probably why you're one of the top sellers here on SEOclerks and have people coming back 5+ years later for one of your services Bust your butt in the early stages of your business so you can take it easy later on

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Thank you for your opinion. It was useful.

I believe that you should always look for ways to automate all the processes that you can. You spoke well about outsourcing some work. Also, I always recommend using various tools or software that helps simplify many processes. These can be marketing or analytical tools, or solutions from airSlate for RPA:

The most important thing is to be productive in any business

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