Do You Have Any Solution When Buyer Cancelations Halfway Through Service

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Do You Have Any Solution When Buyer Cancelations Halfway Through Service

Hi Friends,
As above, I want to discuss issues regarding buyers cancelling half way through a service, or even near the completion date.
I'm sure so many other active sellers here, is that some buyers intentionally cancel half way through, in order to get a free service.
Some of the blatantly false reasons I have had people cancel on me, 1 days or so into my 4 day service include:

  • Don't need service now
  • Didn't work
  • Sold the site
Sometimes even threatening negative feedback if I don't refund them in full within 24 hrs etc. Just like any offline job in this world, people should expect payment for work completed if you're hired. Not work 1 day of your 4 days probation and then told you aren't needed anymore...just doesn't work like that, I'm sure you'll agree.

Would love to hear your thoughts and ideas whether you are a buyer, seller or both.



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i recently had the same problem and seo refunded the customer went the work was complete --
SEO is a great platform and i love working for ionic ware but there needs to sometimes be more protection for sellers especially when we depend on these funds and an infraction will make it 15 days to clear an order vs. 24 hrs at a level 3

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Situations like this can be very annoying for seller and your concerns are very realistic. I have to say that some buyers intentionally doing it on purpose to "get something for nothing" and trying to mess around with sellers and even treat them with negative feedback, while for some buyers really but rarely happen like this... However if you can't resolve this matter with buyer, your only option is to contact "Support Desk" as soon as possible and submit new ticket with all proofs you have, so you will be protected fairly with great support team

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Sometimes is not only sellers that experience this disappointment. I have had sellers deliver half of what was promised. Like with youtube views you get sellers promising 80-95 percent high retention view for video upto an hour. You buy then they give you 40 seconds and 2k instead of 4k promised. You complain they cancel order then goes back to take the views back causing all sort of problem for your video. Seoclerk like any other platforms has bad sellers and bad buyers and sometimes it had for seoclerk to decide.

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I don't think it should be that easy to cancel the service, particularly when you, the seller, have already started and you are making a good faith effort to deliver a quality service in a timely manner. Unless there is a bonafide reason for cancellation, I think the buyer should not be refunded. If the buyer feels strongly enough about it and feels that in some way they have been mistreated or cheated, let them take it up with Admin folks. Whatever the Admin folks decide, both buyer and seller will abide by their decision.

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This has happened to me. The buyer for rejected my submitted work and then canceled later. I sent an email to support and I was told there is an option to reject cancellation. I did not accept the cancellation but the job was canceled eventually. The buyer went away with my work.

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I feel like there are a lot of people that do this.In other words,they purposely cancel something they are buying so the seller has to work and get fooled in the end.It saddens me that sometimes there is no justice for the seller and the buyer has more rights than a seller.In my opinion,buyers like this should receive a penalty for their actions or even a ban.
Big operating businesses should implement this feature.

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Online job is really like a gambling. You will need to pray that they will pay you for your service. In this situation, I want to be very honest in the buyer that once he placed the order there is no turning back and send them the proof of transaction that I am a good seller.

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