Don't multitask when working, it never boosts productivity

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Don't multitask when working, it never boosts productivity

People always boast about how they're a great multi-tasker, even in interviews, but that's not actually a good thing to hear.  In the past, I was in the position to interview and give my managers suggestions to who I thought would be a good fit for the position they were applying, and anyone that said "I'm a great multi-tasker!" was instantly put into the "maybe" pile of applicants lol.  That wasn't even my rule, it was the owners, and he told me to do this because people who are great at multitasking tend to be decent at everything but never great at something.  He also said that they tend to mess up when it comes to following detailed rules since they're trying to do 2 or 3 tasks at once, which will lose the company money and set everyone back, which isn't a good thing at all.

Don't get me wrong, multi-tasking isn't a bad thing, but it's not something you need to focus on when working for yourself of a business.  You need to flawlessly knock out one job after another, in a row, not all at the same time because you're not actually saving any time and you're likely going to screw something up.

When you run a company, you need to focus
How many times have you been working on a design or theme and thought "I need to start setting up a PPC campaign in order to bring in clients!"?  Not very often because it doesn't make sense, not just because you need the site done before you generate traffic, but because you need to get job 1 done before you start job 2. 

Focus on one thing at a time and try not to get sidetracked.  You need to pay attention to what you're doing right now because a small error could snowball and screw u a lot of things down the road.  Instead, just do one job and move to the next when the first is flawlessly finished Don

If you're working a mundane 9-5, multitasking doesn't matter
If you have a job flipping burgers or pouring coffee, you don't have to worry about little screw ups because they don't really matter.  Oh, you put pickles on someones double cheeseburger when they didn't ask for them?  You put skim milk in someones coffee when they asked for 2%?  Oh Boy! 

If you have a mundane 9-5 job that you're not advancing through and you have no intention of staying around for long, you don't have to worry about little mess-ups, which means multi-tasking can be done.  In fact, these types of jobs require you to multi-task in order to get everything done at one time.  They don't care if you mess up once or twice a day, they just care about how fast you get the job done, and that means you can pour coffee with one hand while flipping a burger with another if possible lol Don

Finish a job/task and move on to the next
Never finish something 50% and say "I'll come back to that tomorrow!" because it could sit stagnant for a week, or even worse, it could go unattended to for a month or more.  If a project goes stale, because you keep putting it off, that's never a good thing because you wasted a bunch of time starting it up.

My new website is a good example of this, I won't share the URL here, but I'm still going to use it as an example.  I had my domain and knew what I wanted to the logo to look like, so I hired Sajeewa here on SEOclerks to do the logo and I began working on the theme.  After a couple of days, I checked my order and it was finished, I didn't wait until he was finished then dropped everything I was working on to add the logo.  I finished what I was working on, downloaded the logo and added it to the new website, then carried on to the next steps I had planned.  When the website was done, I applied to a few programs that I intended on using and I knew I would get approved simply because of my experience, and now I'm ready to start pushing it Don

All of that took less than a week to do and now I have an amazing looking website that should generate me a decent amount of money when I finish tweaking my PPC campaigns Don

In conclusion
Multi-tasking actually hurts your productivity, it doesn't help it, and that's because of all the little mistakes you could be making along the way that need special attention later on down the road.  So, you may think you finished in record time, but in the end, when you're going through and fixing your mistakes, you're just adding on hours of work that might not have been needed if you just had some focus and didn't stray from the objective.

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Tommy Carey


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Thanks a lot, am guity even till now, sometimes when you want to make money while working it drives u multitasking.????

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This is so great. I need to take note from now on. Thank you!

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I'm very guilty of this. Thanks a lot for this piece.

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