How to get orders on seo clerks

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How to get orders on seo clerks


I am new on SEO Clerks i have made my services in last month but did not get a sale can anyone help me i am new.


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Getting sales here on SEOclerks is just like any other marketplace. You need to optimize your service page in order to entice people to come in and buy from you. You'll need to undercut your competition in order to get some initial sales from people wanting to test you out as well as save a few bucks. You'll also need to look into advertising your services in order to get in front of many more people than a basic listing will, and that will always boost your sales.

Now, if your service page isn't set up properly, you will usually push people away and they won't want to purchase from you.

I looked over a few of your services and they seem pretty basic. You just have a wall of text with very little formatting, which tends to push people away from a service because they think "I don't want to read all of this". Now, if you were to use some basic formatting it would be like a pause in the reading and people will more than likely start purchasing. Think of it as a blog post, would you want to see a wall of text or would you want it to feel inviting easy to read?

A few selling tips to think about:

  • Tell people why you're the professional in your field
  • Tell people how long you've been working online in your industry
  • Tell people how many happy customers you've had in XX amount of years
  • Add in titles and descriptions to multiple sections of your service
  • Sell your services for cheaper than your competitors until you rank up
  • Look into advertising your services to get in front of more people

Hopefully that helps How to get orders on seo clerks

- Tommy

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I might not be the right person to answer this question because there are more experienced sellers here. However, based on my selling experience on SEO Clerks, I can give a few tips to newbies.
Reconsider what you are trying to sell: if you are trying to sell the same thing that is being sold by many people, it will be difficult to attract buyers because buyers do not trust new sellers.
Pricing: Always price your service less than what your competitors are asking.
Promote your service on site and off site.

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Create a good service and Use daily free bump on your service, and give good and faster response to your buyer, You will get more orders


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create a good service and regularly free /paid bump, Share and small marketing your service like comment posting, forum posting etc. You will get more orders

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You have to create important necessary and attractive sales offer for your audience or visitors of SEOClerks. If you do not offer cheap and attractive based offer than no body will buy the offer. You will only get some specific sales when you will give any thing special.


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Or is it because I was too hasty. So love misses the village -> clicker heroes

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