Upselling and Cross selling to boost your online sales

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Upselling and Cross selling to boost your online sales

When it comes to boosting your sales, you will always want to dabble in upselling and cross selling, but knowing the difference between the two and how to use them is key to your success.  Getting people to purchase something they weren't expecting to when they hit their checkout page will always help you out in the long run.  It doesn't matter if you're selling them some ink to go with the printer they are about to buy or if you're showing them a scanner that would go great with the laptop they're about to purchase from you.

Knowing the different between upselling and cross selling is a key component to your success in this business and it will usually boost your sales in a short amount of time.  Now, you won't make millions off of this unless you're already making tens of millions online lol.  You might get a 10% income boost through these methods, but that's 10% profits going to your account that you wouldn't have gotten otherwise Upselling and Cross selling to boost your online sales

Below are some quick descriptions of upselling and cross selling and how you should use them!

When you decide to upsell something, you're usually offering something small that compliments the product or service that is being purchased.  Think of when someone sells you an SEO service and has an add on for some additional high authority links for $XX, that's a sort of upsell!

Cross selling
Upselling is a great thing to use when you have a few larger products as well as various smaller products that can go with those bigger ones like 2 lego pieces fitting just right.  Cross selling is when you have 2 different lego sets, within the same genre, that will complete a set or just go well with each other Upselling and Cross selling to boost your online sales 

When you cross sell, you're usually offering bigger items that will go well with the product being purchased.  This means if you're selling refrigerators you might cross sell with dishwashers, microwaves, kitchen tables, and anything else someone might need for their kitchen. 

How to use both upselling and cross selling
Each of these little tricks or methods has their benefits and downsides, and it mainly depends on what your website is already selling.  If you have a website selling bigger items, like washers and dryers or refrigerators, you'll likely want to cross sell because people purchasing these larger items may also be in the market for something else related but not something that compliments their original purchase.  If your website sells something like printers or scanners, you can upsell at checkout with ink cartridges or special paper for the scanner that could possibly be a printer as well.  You'll want to offer something that goes with the item being purchased and the buyer might just add it to their cart before they check out, turning your one product order into a 2 or 3 product order and boosting your profits Upselling and Cross selling to boost your online sales

The power of suggestion
If someone is looking for something specific they won't veer off too much in their search.  Men usually don't veer off at all, they'll type in exactly what they want, then make the purchase.  Women tend to browse a bit before making a purchase lol Upselling and Cross selling to boost your online sales 

No matter if it's a man or woman on your website, they will always hit their cart or checkout page if they want to make a purchase, and that's where the power of suggestion comes into play!  Men and women are both practical, so if you offer them upsells they will likely add them to their cart.  You have to be strategic with your cross sells because that will usually mean multiple bigger items in their shopping cart and over time it could scare them off completely if they just keep hitting "Add to cart" lol.

What you'll want to do is have one cross sell and multiple upsells on the shopping cart page and have them with an "Add to cart" button right there.  This will optimize your shopping cart page and people will likely go with the upsell, but sometimes you'll see your cross sell working out and turning a bigger profit Upselling and Cross selling to boost your online sales

In conclusion
Upselling and cross selling is powerful if done right.  You can't make it feel like you're shoving items down the buyer's throat because they will leave your website right away.  Instead, have these items pop up in the sidebar or above/below the items they added to their cart.  This is where the power of suggestion comes into play and people will start thinking practically and understand then need paper or ink for their printers or a scanner to go with some other office equipment they are purchasing Upselling and Cross selling to boost your online sales

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I've used upselling and crosselling in my online store. I sell apparel, shirts, trousers and accessories and crosselling shirts with trousers or shorts and upselling it with belts, socks, handkerchiefs and ties is really effective. It's like giving buyers a helping hand by suggesting things that they might need or would like better with the original item they picked.

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I used to have a boutique particularly for clothing items and personal accessories. But it was the time before the internet so I did not have the opportunity to learn from the experience of other sellers. If I had known this up-selling and cross-selling I would probably have done that to the satisfaction of the customers. What I usually do was to tag the items with the price and that’s all there is to it to my selling.

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After reading this, I could easily attest that I have witnessed some sites where both upselling and crosselling are used and believe me it's fantastic and effective when used well because it's likely to get more positive selling results from your perspective clients or customers.

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I find upselling really hard. The reason being I already charge low cost services. And most of the time those services take care of the items in the list. And it can be really good option to boost those sales. If things can be slow yet better on the sales point of view. I can tell you that some of the time upsales has it's own set of the issues like providing high cost service in cheap rates.

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This is a common practice especially in physical stores since they really appeal to the customers when you bundle up items that work well with each other, so the buyer is more inclined to spend more to snag a good deal when presented to them. I rarely see online stores take advantage of this and they really should since it's a great way to boost sales on your smaller items.

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Well stores and restaurants have been doing this for years so and have been fairly successful with it so I don't see why it couldn't be used in a blog and a website. These are just some of the techniques that have been used for years, so why shouldn't we apply them?

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Both Upselling and Crosselling are valuable marketing techniques that is very effective in getting more sales and revenues and that means more profit but you must also remember the third part because it's a triumvirate...


Downselling is when you suggest a lower priced alternative of a certain product or service which the customer can't afford. This could be the same brand but a lower model when it comes to electronic equipment for example. The marketer can also suggest a cheaper brand with the same specifications. Doing downselling can save you a sale by tailorfitting a product to the persons needs and available budget.

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This reminds me of a food stall in the Sunday market. They sell the native pie called Ilocos empanada which have vegetables for the main ingredient. Whenever you would see a stall selling Ilocos Empanada, what comes to mind is the bagnet which is a pork delicacy from the region of Ilocos. That’s why stalls selling empanada also sell bagnet because customers have the habit of asking for bagnet. I guess that’s a good example of cross selling.

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