Asking for help will open more doors than you think

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Asking for help will open more doors than you think

Everyone wants to be seen as the leader in their field, which means you won't be asking too many questions when you hit a block, but what if I told you that asking questions will actually boost your success?  Well, if you ask questions strategically you can actually open more doors than close them, which is great for your profits!

A few months ago I started asking more questions about a certain system I was trying to set up and I quickly realized that I was building a downline of programmers, coders, designers, marketers, writers, etc. and I wasn't losing any credibility while doing it.  I wasn't losing credibility because I was asking these questions in private and not in an open forum or on a blog where people could see the questions I was asking and follow it back to my websites where they would likely think "This guy keeps asking questions, he must not know what he's doing".

What you'll need to do is think of the questions you need answered, they'll likely be ones you can't solve yourself easily, and figure out who can answer them right away.  For myself, I can answer anything about marketing and optimization as well as lead generation and sales funnels, but I'm hopeless when it comes to coding and programming lol Asking for help will open more doors than you think  So, what I did was write down a bunch of questions related to programming and coding that were relevant to my own websites, then I sent one question to various designers and programmers, then waited to see what they said Asking for help will open more doors than you think  After about a week I was getting some responses, and I even had a partnership opportunity on a new website/business someone was looking to open up, which we're still talking about Asking for help will open more doors than you think

Below are a few things you should and shouldn't do when it comes to asking questions and you're a business owner.

Asking in open forums
When you're suppose to be the professional in your industry you never want to be seen asking questions that someone else may think are trivial and easy to answer.  This is because someone may know the answer, think you're dumb for not knowing even though you might know 10x more about the industry, and they will likely avoid you at all costs.  It doesn't matter if you know everything in the world except on little detail, if you ask a question about it, people will doubt your knowledge and go with a different company or service provider.  Now, I'm not saying that everyone will, just the ones who are arrogant and want the best for their own business will avoid you and any sign of doubt will devalue you as a provider for them.

Avoid asking questions in open forums or blogs because you never know how many people will see that question and link it back to you.  It will devalue you more than you could ever think of, and that could follow you around the internet for a while.

Asking friends and family for help
When you need help you can always trust, you can always go to friends and family members to see what they think.  I've gone to my sisters, friends, wife, etc. when I need some honest feedback about a design I had done or a business model that I want to follow, because they will tell me the truth and never sugar coat it like a stranger would.

Your friends and family will give you the honest truth if you ask them for it.  Strangers may think they're going to hurt your feelings, and so will family and friends, but at least you know the people close to you are giving you 100% honest feedback with everything you ask.

Asking companies that compliment your own
When I wrote down my list of questions I made sure they were programming and coding related because those are the companies I was going to ask.  I targeted little companies that had maybe one or two people running it, not corporations with a team of programmers and coders, because a solo player or duo will be more willing to partner up on a project than a team would because the bigger companies do things on their own and aren't likely to work with a different company on a project.

If you're in SEO, talk to any other type of company that compliments yours which you can't do on your own.  If you don't know how to do programming, app development, design, photoshop, coding, etc. talk to the small companies that do and you can build business relationships Asking for help will open more doors than you think

Asking freelancers
When I think of a question I need answered I will usually go to small companies because they are more likely to partner up on something.  I have also had success asking freelancers questions I couldn't answer on my own because they are in it for the money.  They do a job for some quick cash, but they'll always answer your questions because you could potentially be their next client. 

You can PM/DM them and see what they say.  If you like their response, you can see if they want to partner up and get a percentage of your profits or if they would rather get paid up front for the work.  Usually, the freelancer will want to get paid up front because there is no track record between the two of you and there is no business relationship, but every once in a while you'll be able to get a freelancer who sees your vision and will jump on the opportunity to partner with you and make millions muahaha!

In conclusion
Asking questions in an open forum or on a blog is never a good thing because you never know if it will follow you through the years and devalue your business model later on.  If you simply keep your questions in a private or direct message, you will prevent lurkers from seeing it, which means that question won't follow you through the years and devalue whatever business you're now working on.  By asking questions you're opening up doors to other companies and potential business partners as long as you do it in secret.  You want to be seen as a professional, but you don't know everything, so ask the specialists and build a business relationship with them Asking for help will open more doors than you think

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Tommy Carey


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post is awesome and help full i hope fully you will post more in feautes

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It would be faster and easier to learn something when you ask somebody rather than trying to figure it out by yourself. I have an issue with asking the things that I don't know. Even at school when I was still studying, I'm so shy to raise questions during the class because I'm afraid that my classmates would think that I'm dumb. But what I realized is that things will be easier and you'll learn more when you ask questions or help from other people that already know what you want to learn.

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Another thing, when you ask a question in an open forum or even in a classroom you're helping out others that may have had the same question but were too afraid to ask it themselves Asking for help will open more doors than you think

Your fear is understandable, I use to have a fear of raising my hand during class as well, but once I got to college/university I decided to stop caring what others were thinking and just asked whatever I wanted lol Asking for help will open more doors than you think Some people thought my questions were dumb and even snickered when I asked them, but they quickly figured out why I asked when I had a follow up question that opened up their mind and I quickly became the person of authority simply because they saw how my brain worked and I wasn't afraid to ask a question even if I thought it might be a dumb one Asking for help will open more doors than you think

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In our office, it doesn’t matter to me if my staff is lower in position but if I think he knows what I need then I ask him instead of figuring it out myself. Asking questions particularly to the person that you think is qualified will shorten the time for learning things. When I was given the installer of Photoshop, it was a difficult software to learn and it took me a day just to check what it’s all about. On the next day I requested for assistance and in just 2 hours I was on my own in editing images.

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I agree. I am also more comfortable asking questions privately. I want to ask guidance from those who are experienced and have way more knowledge than me in a certain field. I also like to ask people who are experts in the field that I have a question about. I wouldn't ask someone who is good about Finance some things about web development because that person will obviously not give you good advice.

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the post is awesome and really helpful i hopefully you will post more in future.

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I think if you are part of the forums where there are experts. Often asking them for help can bring better results. Some of the time it can point you towards things that can be done in much better way. You can see that a lot of time that time saving in freelancers and business world means a lot. You end up saving a lot of money. And that needs to be properly understood in the process. I'd recommend you to make sure to ask for help and learn from advice of others.

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It is better to ask questions to clarify things and to become more knowledgeable about the subject. If you start a new business or website based on inaccurate information this can have disastrous effects on the business. I don't like asking on open forums as well. This does not only affect your credibility but there are many people posting meaningless information. I prefer to ask directly from experts even if I have to pay a small fee for that.

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Asking questions privately is definitely my preferred way of communicating - and I do think that asking questions and building relationships can really help your rapport with people. I like the idea about asking questions from companies that compliment your own - as they say, teamwork makes the dream work!

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I think it is not bad to ask questions or help to someone else since sometimes we learn different things from other people. We just need to ensure that the one that we are asking for help or any information should be knowledgeable in order for us to be productive on whatever task that we are going to make, because sometimes some people are keep on asking questions for people who have limited knowledge for their interest.

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Well, recently I had an issue in my mind, thinking and searching around Internet, and couldn't get to something clever. Then, I decided to post and ask for help on a community forum, and that has been the best idea ever. I have got tons of answers, members are giving very useful suggestions, and I really appreciate the feedback. Honestly, I knew the other freelancers would help, but I'm amazed with the great help I've got. So, totally agree, whenever you need help, you really have to ask for it.

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Honestly, I was been raising to become very independent until it came to my mind that I should never ask help from other people where you can exactly do it on your own way and you just have to work hard for it. That is how I was taught. It also came to the point that I lose my motivations in pursuing my dreams just because I fail many times and it makes me really confuse to what should I do next. But I thank for some opportunities and courage to take the risks, I can see now the importance of having a little favor for help from other people. Helping each other is really good, you will learn a lot of different things and you'll improve your social skills as well. You may also gain some friends and it will boost your confidence too. But don't abuse it once someone or even your family kindly answered your help.

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This style of asking question has been effective in my job particularly when I was promoted to the managerial level. It is not only managing the employees under me but whenever I would ask them anything about the job, there is a sort of rapport that is established. That resulted into good communications which is one problem in the workplace – communication gap is a killer of inter-personal relationship and hinders interaction among workers.

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I agree asking question are very important for us to know more. Asking help us gain more option and knowledge. It also help us to gain a better idea. Whenever I don't know how to finish something I tried to seek for advise to prevent any unacceptable outcome.

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It is the truth. Asking questions will assist you to get answers. Sometimes we are question shy and end up not doing the right thing.

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I agree in this. The more question come up in your mind means the more lessons will learn. I will in asking privately and surely to the right person that you think that can answers your question because for me if you ask your question in forum not all people in forum are in your side some of them used your question to make you down it may not now but maybe in future.

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