Why being genuine will help build your company fast

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Why being genuine will help build your company fast

No one likes to work with someone that seems fake, which means if you're genuine when talking to someone you'll likely build up your company faster than the robotic sounding business owners who just want to please everyone they talk to.  People are the ones who run companies, not robots, so if you talk to them like an actual person and tell them the truth about what could happen if they purchase your service, products, consulting, etc. they will see you as more genuine and not hiding anything that could come back to bite the client in the ass.

If you're 100% transparent about the work you do, without giving away your systems and how you do everything in detail, you will get plenty more clients in your roster that pay you each month for your products, consulting services, or other types of services.  Yes, you'll miss out on a lot of the pop-up profit clients who are taking a risk with their money, but those are usually the ones that file chargebacks if they feel they've been taken advantage of.  They will try to get their money back, regardless of how much work you've done because they need it to push their companies towards success.  Personally, I'd rather work with 10 clients that trust me with every move I make instead of 100 that question every step I take.

In this discussion I'll be going over why being genuine with anyone who contacts you is better than hiding some things they may not like hearing, and those things are:

People will trust you more
A company that is trusted is one that will shoot for the stars and actually surpass them.  Being genuine with everyone that talks to you will build trust, which turns into sales later on, and these sales will rarely have any discrepancies and want their money back Why being genuine will help build your company fast

I like to use NameCheap as an example when I talk about trust and being genuine because they solve every single problem I have, without question, and they'll even tell me if the problem is due to my own scripts or design and they'll tell me how to fix it.  I know NameCheap doesn't have the fastest hosting in the world, but it's good enough for 99.9% of the world that isn't getting 10,000,000 visitors a month, but I still refer people to them all the time because they are genuine and I've come to trust them with all of my websites Why being genuine will help build your company fast

You'll be different than your competitors
Your competitors will be the yes men of the world, which you don't want to be because when you run into a problem you'll notice the client coming back and complaining.  If you're transparent and genuine with your clients, they will know there is a chance that human error or an algorithm change or even something out of this world could change your plans, but your client will already trust you to get around these problems and they will stick with you instead of jumping to the next company that is saying yes to every single question regardless of what it is.

Standing out from the crowd may mean you need to tell the client something isn't possible for their budget, or they need to pay more for a design, or their website and business may need to think of a different approach before they're going to be successful.  You can't always be a yes man, like your competitors, because you're just going to dig holes that you may not be able to get out of if something goes south.

Showing emotion isn't a bad thing
If you can show you're passionate about something, people will begin to trust you more, which is never a bad thing Why being genuine will help build your company fast  I'm passionate about everything I do online and my clients know it.  I may slack off on my own websites at times, but I treat my clients like those are my main money sites since they are the ones paying me month in and month out no matter what happens.  My own websites may drop in the rankings and then I don't profit, but my clients pay regardless of a ranking drop because they know rankings fluctuate since I've been genuine and honest with them since day 1 and told them this was always a possibility.  If I hadn't told them it was possible to drop to page 10, they would want their money back when it did happen lol Why being genuine will help build your company fast

Emotion isn't always a bad thing, it can be something that pushes you even higher towards your goals because people will see you love what you're doing.  Now, passion and emotion is something you need to convey, you can't be the angry marketer and think people will stick with you lol Why being genuine will help build your company fast

People will see you as passionate about your industry
Like mentioned above, people will begin to see you're passionate about your industry, and they will begin to flock to you in droves to talk with you or even sign up right away.  No one wants to hire a company, or freelancer, that is doing what they need to in order to make a few bucks.  These companies want to work with someone that is going above and beyond the call of duty and actually doing it because they love it, not because they're trying to get recognition.

If you're passionate about your industry, don't let the numbers coming into your bank account change you, because that's what will actually start to hurt you.  If you're a genuine person, stay that way and you'll see people coming to you without you having to worry about lead generation Why being genuine will help build your company fast  Don't let the profits control you, they will come in time if you're being genuine with everyone and have a passion for what you do.  Yes, it will be difficult in the beginning but it will get easier over time since you will get 1 client here and there then 3 after you get a few reviews, and eventually they will come to you in droves and you'll have to be selective of who you work with Why being genuine will help build your company fast

In conclusion
Being a genuine person is something you need to do in your personal life, not just your work life because you'll see your life getting better each day if you are.  Being genuine goes a long way as long as you're transparent and passionate about what you're doing.  Be transparent to a point where you're telling the client the truth without giving away every little detail.  Be passionate about what you do without coming across as crazy lol.  If you can do all of the above you'll have a successful company quicker than someone who is just a yes man telling clients everything they want to hear Why being genuine will help build your company fast

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Thank you.. Point said.. Just like in offline work..There is no shortcuts in online work..

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