Motivation Monday - Buckle down and build profits

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Motivation Monday - Buckle down and build profits

Many times throughout our careers it will seem like there is not winning in sight, but those are the times you need to buckle down if you want to actually build up your profits.  I recently went through a bout of feeling like I was defeated, but I resorted to my motivational techniques and told myself I needed to step up and make money in order to start winning again. 
I've been working crazy hours after we just had a child, and I feel like my days are blending together because I could work 7am to 5pm one day and 7pm to 4am the next lol.  I'm always tired, like a lot of parents out there have been when having a child, but I needed to push through this in order to get the job done and start profiting again.

I felt like I was never going to win again until I started to buckle down and set up a dedicated work time as well as a family time so I knew when to work and when to be with my family.  I'll be with my son when my wife is at work, but I'll try to get as much done as he's watching Octonauts or napping, but when my wife gets home she takes over and I go into work mode for at least 4 hours Motivation Monday - Buckle down and build profits  Below are a few things that you have to remind yourself, and implement, if you want to keep going in tough times.

It's a tough road
Working for yourself as a business owner or freelancer isn't an easy thing to do unless you've been doing it for a long time and have a dedicated list of clients, which isn't the easiest thing to build up because people don't see the benefit of having a freelancer working with them month to month.

When you hit a wall, don't go over it, burst that shit down and power through it like you're a terminator hunting down profits!  You can't let a little thing hold you back, and I had to tell myself this when my son was born because I wanted to make sure he had everything I didn't have when I was younger.

Work 60 hours a week
A lot of entrepreneurs will tell you they work 60 hours a week for themselves so they don't have to work 40 for someone else.  The more you work for yourself, the more likely you'll be profitable in the long run.  I actually have a picture on as my desktop background that motivates me every single time I open it up, that image is:

Motivation Monday - Buckle down and build profits

Basically, you need to push yourself and work longer hours in order to not work later on in life.  If you can push yourself now, you will be happy you did later on in life when you're collecting passive profits and not a social security check Motivation Monday - Buckle down and build profits

Analyze every single step you take
If you're not analyzing everything you do, even in your personal life, you're going to make a mistake at some point.  Be on top of your actions and record everything so you can fine tune them later on down the road in order to be even more profitable than you are now!

The biggest entrepreneurs out there have always said something along the lines of "Track everything you're doing so you know what isn't working, then focus on the stuff that is and make money".

Learn from your mistakes
If you keep doing the same thing over and over and think it's going to change on your next attempt, you aren't learning from your mistakes.  Your business isn't a friend or family member, you shouldn't get attached to a method or website, and you definitely shouldn't be spending money on something that didn't work 5 times prior. 

Learning from your mistakes is what differentiates average entrepreneurs from the great ones.  Every mistake is a learning process, regardless of how much you've invested, and you need to figure out what you did wrong before you can make it right. 

Boost your profits by learning the wrong things and how to avoid them later on, if that makes sense Motivation Monday - Buckle down and build profits

Help yourself at the beginning
I always tell people to help others when they want to build a brand or boost their sales, but you can't do that if you don't help yourself in the beginning.  If you're not making money early on, it's pointless to help others on their journey because you've barely begun yourself.  Start off by building your own profit streams and eventually start to help others if you have some spare time. 

You need to know when to help others, and not get stuck in the habit of only accepting payment in return for a service because that's what a bad business will do.  Yes, you need to make money from your services, but you will need to help people for free down the road because that will help build up your brand better than any ad could. 

I actually know a few people, one is a past business partner, that only "help" when they are getting paid for their time.  They don't do anything for free, even for family members, and I keep telling them they are going to be unhappy when they're older because everyone is going to see them as a person that takes advantage of others.  They won't even buy you a drink if you were to go out with them to a coffee house to sign a 1-year contract, that's how "helpful" they really are lol.  DON'T BE THAT TYPE OF PERSON!

In conclusion
You need to stick to your guns, buckle down, and watch your profits grow.  You might feel like nothing is going your way, but that doesn't mean you should run from your problems!  It's easy to just stop working online because no one is telling you you're fired or in trouble, which is why a lot of people aren't fit for this type of job.  If you've made it this far in my discussion, you're likely one of the people that can make it in this tough business and I hope that you pick people up that might get down.  If you get successful, hopefully, you turn around and help out some people for free and don't make them pay you for your time, every time Motivation Monday - Buckle down and build profits

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Tommy Carey


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Starting a business is hard work. I have worked 18 to 20 hour days for years at a time. While this isn't healthy my business did grow. Now that I am older and smarter, I would suggest that you don't work too many hours because it can be counter productive and will actually hurt your growth in the long run. Keep balance in your life! As the saying goes "Don't be the richest guy in the graveyard".

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