Leveling Up on Seoclerks

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Leveling Up on Seoclerks

I have some Questions guys. So first of all if i verify my adress will i get level 3 instantly because im level 2 now? I got a lot of positive ratings and some recommendations, is that not enough?


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Hi flyinwashi682

Here’s what you need to have accomplished to reach Level 3:

SBA Completed 25 orders/purchases/affiliate Sales on time
SBA Have no infractions (follow the rules)
SBA Login very often (once per 7 days)
SBA First completed sale is at least 60 days old
SBA You must verify your physical address (only users who joined after May 6th, 2016)
SB Have a 90% rating or higher
S 72 Hour or less response time

You’ll find the full details of the various levels here:

All the best


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In order to increase your level, you need to fulfill numbers of criteria. Verifying address is one of them. Apart from verifying address, you need to complete 25 orders, less than 72 hours response time, have no infraction, have more than 90 percent rating, completed the first order 60 days ago, and log into the site at least once a week.

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For you to reach User Level 3, here's what you need to do:

1. Complete 25 orders
2. Verify your physical address

Your profile looks excellent, especially with a 100% rating for buyer and seller. I'm not sure how many total orders you have had, but if you already have more than 25 orders, then all you would need to do is verify your physical address.

You can submit the required information to verify your physical address here:

Another good thing about verifying physical address is that whenever there is a holiday, the staff will send out postcards with a $5 coupon code you can redeem. I have about $40 worth of of the coupon codes on my account, so this should give you an idea of how often they are sent.

Good luck with achieving Level X, Level 4, and Level 5!

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Hey thanks for answering dude! I typed in my phsical adress, im waiting for the mail Leveling Up on Seoclerks

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Artois52 explained it all in his replay, just follow essentials from his answer and you will be OK to level up. There is no ways around or shortcuts to get higher level, all is automated, except getting Level X which are chosen by Soclerks staff, and it was explained many times in this community discussions, so you can search for it ;)

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Thanks for the details. Yes. You need minimum 25 positive rating or positive thumb for getting level 3.
If you have nay bad ratings than it will show on your profile by rating system.
So slow and steady- wins the game.

If you have huge positive ratings after may 2016 than you have to follow the SEOClerks instructions.


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You won't get there unless you reduce your response time. Your average response time is 5 days, it must be lesser than 24 hours to become level 3.

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Complete 25 orders and get the address verified. That's the thing at your current level needs to be done. Once that is done you will be level up. And then for another level there is going to be new type of the criteria. And things would continue from there onwards. You can see that there is a page which you can check for the level up.

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