Google speed update - July 2018

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Google speed update - July 2018

Google recently announced that website speed would be an official ranking factor for mobile searches starting in July 2018 when a Speed Update will take place. This is probably the biggest news coming from Google this year addressed to SEO specialists.
Google speed update - July 2018
The Google Speed update will focus on mobile search results and accordingly to Google will only affect a small number of keywords or search subjects.

What does this mean for SEO?

Nothing new for SEO specialists that already understand the importance of speed in SEO. Just keep in mind Google said speed was a factor for desktop web versions back in 2010, so this update isn't a surprise.

For the last few years, Google has made it abundantly clear that fast websites are a must if you desire organic traffic. In essence, after the Speed Update, some sites that are currently getting a lot of organic traffic but provide a prolonged loading experience, will find themselves penalized in Google's search results.

Some of the main actions Google took before this update into pushing website speed, and mobile speed to webmasters was:

Where is all this going?

I believe 2018 is the year when Google finally merges desktop based ranking factors with mobile factors, with mobile being the main point of relevance when it comes to rankings.

Giving the fact that Mobile first rankings aren't a far away from being implemented, it only makes sense that the Speed update in July will also impact desktop search queries eventually.

What about AMP?

Many of you may already implement AMP type pages. I certainly did this for most of my clients, I have recommended AMP to all my connections, and I've extended tested the effect of AMP on both the website's performance but also it's organic traffic benefits.

All the AMP users are in the clear when the July Speed Update hits; this is what Google officially stated. If you have a fully functional AMP page that usually loads without any significant problems, you are in the clear for when this update will hit.
So if you haven't implemented AMP, it is time to do it! AMP is here to stay, and the recent URL updates, excluding Google's domain from the AMP URL versions only confirms my suspicion that AMP isn't just another failed Google project.

How should you prepare?

As I said, the fastest and most simple way to prepare for this mobile speed update is to install and configure AMP.
If you don't want to use AMP or are unable to have this web version of your website, make sure you are in the clear as far as loading speed goes.

Test your website with Google Speed insights as well as Lighthouse. Push optimization and speed changes to your developers. Don't ignore this update because Google won't keep around slow loading websites for very long; this may be Google's last warnings on this matter, speed up or say goodbye to organic traffic.

Bottom line: I consider this update to be fair and natural. I personally prepared for this update for the past year or so and I'm continually working on fixing and improving my client's websites loading speed. Make sure you are also ready for the July 2018 update hits.

What do you think about this new announcement coming from Google regarding website loading speed as a ranking factor?


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It’s clear that the statement is referring to mobile searches. That means it is specific for websites to be mobile friendly or responsive. With the speed as the primary factor for the official ranking of a website regarding the search list, this will revolutionize the mobile designs of websites. And as I had been saying, the trend is going mobile and even if the statistics say that computer browsers still dominate the landscape, I’m sure that mobile browsers will be the majority soon.

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Yes mobile users are into purchase. And they do the purchase lot quicker. And for this reason I guess we have to think of the speed more seriously. I think many websites have lot of animation. And they slow things down. That's something we have to understand when it comes to set things up.

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I have to agree it's all about optimized mobile friendly sites. It's true that the trend is going from desktop to mobile and soon enough mobile browsers will be the one to dominate the scene.

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I don't know about this update from Google that "website speed would be an official ranking factor for mobile searches starting in July 2018" however, I already knew that website speed is one of the factors involved with search engine position. Google always favored the website that loaded fast compared to the slow loading website. Generally speaking, the major cause for website loading speed is server speed, however, the website might also load slowly if you are using too many visual media (pictures and videos) and too many plugins.
In order to improve your speed, your website images need to be optimized and you also need to remove the plugins that are not necessary.

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Here is the official Google post about the Speed Update happing in July:

Google clearly states: "Today we’re announcing that starting in July 2018, page speed will be a ranking factor for mobile searches."


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I bookmarked this link because it supplies a tool to check a site's speed and as I make improvements to my sites I can always check and recheck my site's speed. I used to write for a site that had pages that loaded really slowly. But recently the owner said they used some coding to speed up the site. It is definitely an improvement. I also got an eMail from SUMO about editing my template with some code that will help speed up my sites. I better get busy!

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I am guessing after this update. Not many people are going to make use of the animation. Also those who are using the videos to show the content. They are going to reduce that on the homepage. So this is going to force many websites to be creative. And get the things properly setup there. I guess it may happen.

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Following and keeping up with Google updates is becoming really annoying. I wonder why they are allowed to constantly change the rules and move the goal posts at will. If you think about it, we the people make the web. Without new websites being added to Google daily, they would be no Google. I think they should be regulated. They have too much of a free hand and they are starting to misuse it in my opinion. Can't we all switch to Bing or something and see how Google feels?

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Faster google sounds great to me. I think this is just one of the best things about having a google account in the first place. It seems like their speed is unparalled really. It is just an amazing way to get fast internet. I think Google fios connect, which I think is the name of the service is amazingly fast.

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Its good to know about this google speed. What I understand about this is that they will speed up their search engine. I think as I use the google search its already okay. But if they have this new feature, I would like also to try it.

What I like also in the google search engine is you can clear everything in the search history. But now I do not delete my search history. I would bookmark the pages that I want to have easy access.

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Do you think this speed update of Google has something to do with the claim of Bing that it is faster than Google in terms of search and displaying the search list? We actually wouldn’t know the score unless we do a bench mark. But the fraction of milliseconds in speed is so difficult to ascertain. For humans a difference of a fraction of a second is immaterial and for me it wouldn’t matter even if the speed difference is 1 second.

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