5 signs your support system needs an overhaul

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5 signs your support system needs an overhaul

Everyone that is a little more advanced online will have a support system for their visitors to contact them through.  This doesn't mean it's the best thing in the world, it just means you have a support system that could need work.  You could have something set up, that you think is working just fine, but you could actually be losing a decent amount of sales because of visitors leaving or not coming back when you respond.  Don't worry, I will be going over many things for you to look over to figure out if your support system is top notch, which is what this entire discussion is about 5 signs your support system needs an overhaul

If you don't know what a support system is, don't worry, it's basically a support desk that your visitors can go to in order to get questions asked.  It's far better than having them submit an email and wait for your response, since you can set everything up so they get notified as soon as you answer their questions.  You can have a chat system on your website, but that's just an additional way to contact you, and it's not actually your support system.

Below are some things you should look over, and fix if you're actually doing them or not.  You want the best support system possible to boost your sales and visitor satisfaction, and the following 5 things are signs your support system needs an overhaul.

Your time to respond is high
When one of your visitors comes and lands on your support system because they have a questions, you'll want to respond to them as quick as you can, because this will boost their satisfaction and your sales.  If you're not responding quickly, you will give your visitors plenty of time to browse your competitors websites and purchase from them.  If you are responding quickly, your visitors don't have time to leave your website or browse the internet very long before making a purchasing decision, leaving you as the front runner for the website they will be purchasing from.

Responding quickly pleases everyone, since no one wants to wait 24 or 48 hours for a response when it could be something they really don't want to hear.  So, respond quickly and make your visitors more happy in the end 5 signs your support system needs an overhaul

You don't have a ticket system
If your support system doesn't have a ticketing system, you're just going to fall behind your competitors.  A ticket system is the best way to let your visitors contact you.  You will be able to see when the contact requests came in, their priority, and you keep logs of everything that was said.  You can also assign tickets to specific people if you happen to have a team answering everything for you.  Ticket systems are fairly cheap, and sometimes free if you don't mind a little branding on them, which is a great thing because you don't have to spend too much money using them in the beginning.  If you do happen to make a decent amount of money, you can buy your own license and use the system on you own website without branding 5 signs your support system needs an overhaul

You don't have email updates
If you're using a ticket system, you can set up the emails to go out as soon as you respond, which will bring people back in right away.  They will submit their questions and leave your website, then you'll respond and an email will get sent out, then they will come back in when they see the email in their inbox 5 signs your support system needs an overhaul  If your ticket system is run through a 3rd party system, you won't have to worry much about hitting a persons inbox, because their IPs tend to be white listed and they monitor everything to keep your emails in front of your recipients 5 signs your support system needs an overhaul

Email updates are huge when you don't have time to respond right away and they leave.  You can reel them back in with the email update that is linked right to their question, and now there will be a response for them to read and possibly make a purchasing decision from 5 signs your support system needs an overhaul

You don't have someone to handle the incoming requests when you're gone
When you have a busy website, and you're targeting worldwide traffic, you'll likely need someone to work on the support desk while you're sleeping.  This will decrease your response times and increase your chances of capturing a sale because people won't have time to browse through all your competitors.  Hiring a VA (virtual assistant) from the Philippines, or wherever you want actually, and have them work their normal hours which would be your odd hours in order to get everything answered extremely quick.  You can hire someone for $300 to $500 a month to do this, and that's on the high side because you only need them to respond when you have requests.  If you pay them per request that is solved, you will likely save money in the beginning, so you might want to start out that way before paying a monthly fee.

You don't have an FAQ for people to search through
This is actually pretty big if you have an active website.  If you have an FAQ on your support system that is based on all the questions that were already asked, you will reduce the amount of people that are asking you "new" questions that were already answered.  They will see the related questions, click through on a few of them, and usually get the answers to their questions without having to contact you.  This saves you both time, which increases your own production and reduces their time to figure out an answer, which boosts your sales in the end 5 signs your support system needs an overhaul

In conclusion
A good support system is necessary when it comes to a website that is selling anything.  It doesn't matter if you have a physical product or a digital service, having a support system is becoming more main stream and visitors are expecting to land on one more often today when they have to ask a question.  So, set up a great support system and boost your sales almost immediately 5 signs your support system needs an overhaul

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The methods you have mentioned- every one is very much important now a day for any types of website who wants to get success quickly. Now a day live chat support system is also very much popular. People does not have enough time. Like I have a website and I provide live chat supporting system so that any body cna come at the time I am online- it is easy for em to answer any question about my website.


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I am against live chat because you can only use it when you are online unless you have a virtual assistant who will be manning your site 24/7. But I agree that a live chat is preferred by more people than the simple message when there is an inquiry. At least the live chat is interactive that the potential customer can ask his question and can get a speedy reply if the admin is online.

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There is nothing more satisfying than a swift response from the support system whenever you have an issue or a problem to discuss. This ups the belief and loyalty to the website because it invariably builds more trust with the site. Personally, I appreciate when it takes less than 1 hour to get a feedback after contacting the support with an issue. This makes me have much trust and dependence on the website without having to worry about anything. Some sites set up their support system to reply automatically once you contact them just to make you feel they are on your case. This is good in a way but bad when the support staff fails to reach back to the issue reported.

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My online businesses are the one-man show, which means I do not have full-time employees. However, I hire freelancers time and again to build contents, improve the design, and market my business. I am also responsible for the support system. Until now I am able to answer all queries because I have small figure sales. however, when the sales gradually increase and I no longer can work with the support, I might hire someone to look after the support.

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As a visitor to the site, the response time is very important. When I send a message of inquiry, I am expecting an answer within 24 hours because I believe that the admin of any staff that handles the site’s messages should be around with that period. I actually have sent a message to 3 sites earlier this month. I got a response from one within 24 hours. The second site replied to my inquiry after 3 days. And the 3rd site has no response until now that my message may not have been read or it was considered trivial and negligible that is not worth their time. Of course, I have blacklisted that site.

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Support system is undoubtedly one of the most important channels or medium every website needs, especially sites with operations revolving around user actions.

Drawing from all said above and the post, majority of the points made above are most recommendable. I like the points on email updates and having an assisting person in cases where the handler isn't around. These to me are the very necessary mediums of a support system since it revolves around email handing which is the most used channel for contacting a support system.

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ok thank you man 5 signs your support system needs an overhaul

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As long as I am concerned, having someone to handle those requests as they come is one key element that every support system should do and this is essential when the main site owner is unavailable which is a possibility. I always feel comfortable when the support system of sites that I work on and purchase things from are up and running for that is a sign that you can be attended to anytime when you have big questions that need to be clarified on.

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