Popup edit rating too large

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Popup edit rating too large

I want edit comment on buyer rating. but popup too large for netbook. please make it smaller or add that edit feature on complete order or dont use popup screen. 

thank you 


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All you have to do is Hold CTRL and press the - key to reduce the size of your screen, which will fix your problem.

You can then press CTRL and + to enlarge the screen to go back to what you're use to after editing.

It's not smart to edit this one feature for a single person having a problem, since it will create hundreds of thousands of problems for others who have it showing just right.

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This can easily be bypassed by simply using the zoom function. If you don't want to use the buttons that someone specified above, you can use the setting in your browser. If you are using Google Chrome, then just click the three dots on the top right and edit the zoom level of your browser window.

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I make use of Google Chrome browser and this works just fine in solving this problem. It's simple just look for that 3 dots at the upper right hand side on the chrome page and edit the zoom frequency. Or you can use the shortcut key command of CTRL and press + or - to either increase or reduce it.

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Thank you for suggestion guys. its works . cheers

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