got a 2 week old site to page 1 but still got a question xD

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got a 2 week old site to page 1 but still got a question xD

So, I've been testing out some SEO methods involving traffic & backlink ect.. combined together. I've managed to get a website that was less than 2 weeks old to page 1 (still there), my other site that was 1 month old to page 1(still there), and another site of mine i've had for various service to page 1-3 for most things I put it up for(currently page 2 on its current focused keyword). I know the keywords are low competition, however, there are sites that have way higher DA/PA than me (the ones with 20-50+) and I have still outranked them. The sites that were new went from zero to very few users, then after traffic services I spiked to 5k minimum daily. I'm not sure if it was my method of SEO whether onsite or offsite but I still question how I outrank some of these people. I have gone down from rank 3 on my keywords, but still page 1.

I also was able to get a site that was unranked on google that was 2 years old to rank to page 3 within a week with fixing their onsite SEO & getting around 100 HQ Backlinks that included PBN's, EDUs, Govs ect.. high da/pa obv. w/ 2k daily traffic. (most of the traffic i get is organic)

Any Ideas on why this worked? They were HQ Backlinks/PBNs/ect.. & then the traffic was also started at the same time, if not earlier than the backlinks.


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For the low competition keywords:

You are optimizing for these keywords while your competitors might not be. This means that Google will see you as the authority for that search term, since it's finding backlinks that are highly relevant to the page you're linking to. Your competitors might not be building any links at all for that keyword, and this is why you outrank them. Bigger corporations focus on bigger keywords to bring in a lot more traffic, and they will eventually rank for the lower ranked keywords solely because of their DA, which is what you saw.

If you focus on the low hanging fruit, the low competition keywords, you will notice that you can outrank major websites in the niche and industry with little effort. Now, if they see they're dropping a lot in the rankings for these keywords, and losing traffic because of it, they will have their SEO teams focus on the low hanging fruit so they can get back their top spot got a 2 week old site to page 1 but still got a question xD So, stay under the radar as long as possible and never stop building high quality links. Hopefully it's too late for your competitors to take action when they notice you're on top of the rankings got a 2 week old site to page 1 but still got a question xD

The 2 year old site:

Yours or your clients website already has domain age, which is a trust indicator, since you didn't transfer hosting or change the website too much. Not being ranked for a few years isn't a big deal, because you can quickly bounce back when the search engines see you're active again. You will add some content, build some backlinks, and your rankings will start to go up gradually. Hopefully after a little bit of time you're at the very top of the rankings, which is what it seems like you're experiencing got a 2 week old site to page 1 but still got a question xD

As for your rankings jumping up quickly, just watch them because they could drop down and you might panic, but that's just the Google dance and it's normal. Just keep doing what you're doing and don't speed up or slow down your link building process, because Google and the other search engines are trying to figure out where to place you. If you slow down, you might not rank as high as you could. If you speed up, you could trigger some red flags and go under a manual review, which isn't a good thing.

Hopefully that helps you out got a 2 week old site to page 1 but still got a question xD

- Tommy

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Great input @TommyCarey, I believe that your suggestion is probably going to very effective in getting the stuff done as long as it's carried out to the latter. It's always important to look out for ones ranking and seek to improve it because there is no guarantee that it would stay atop, so efforts must be made to keep it where it is on the top the moment it gets there.

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New websites usually get the boosting to the page 1 search result. And for this some of the time it's just google boosting. But after that you have to take things the right way. And make sure to get the site to properly rank. I guess sometimes it is possible with content marketing alone. You don't have actively seek the backlinks. But it can be tough otherwise though. Take your time and don't rush it.

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It depends on what niche your site is centered in. Some websites jump to the top of google because they're in a topic space where there's little to no competition.

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you just need good backlinks and keywords, thats it.

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Dont pe indespair. Do not give up doing what you love. Give more time for it and am sure one by one people will get interested to your business.

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There are many factors to consider when you are testing SEO methods. First is the method itself like the backlink that you do on several of your sites for purposes of comparison. Unless your test sites are in the same category of have the same niche then I’d say you can get a reasonable test output that have logic to your needs. But when you test 2 sites that are not in the same niche then that is one factor to think of.

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