Master your backlink strategy in 3 simply steps

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Master your backlink strategy in 3 simply steps

Backlinking isn't something that was just invented, it's been around every since the first website went up and people wanted to talk about a 3rd party site.  They then learned they needed to place a link, which is what the backlink is for the 3rd party site, in order for people to find the site in reference much easier.  Quickly we figured out that by placing these backlinks, our rankings would jump up in the search engines because that's the main factor in how rankings work.  Fast forward a few years and people are becoming pros at ranking websites and will place a bakclink wherever they can, in order to boost their rankings, but it didn't always help.  This means that certain backlinks are valued more than others, and that's where the race for high PR links started to come into play.  Now that PR isn't really a metric anymore, people want high quality backlinks that come come from authority websites, and not just any random forum that allows you to post a link wherever you can.

SEO isn't the easiest thing in the world to do, so I urge you to research everything you can prior to taking on this challenge yourself.  If you go out on your own, you'll likely screw something up, which means you won't know how to fix anything if it does go south.  Think of it as a job, you need to know what you're doing before you can actually be put in front of the customers.  If you worked at McDonald's, you will almost always start working in the back before you can take anyones orders in the front.  This is because you need to know everything that is going on before you can put yourself out there lol.  The same goes with SEO and backlinking, except when you screw up an order at McDonald's you just give them something in return, with SEO and backlinking you have to backtrack for hours or days fixing what you screwed up haha Master your backlink strategy in 3 simply steps

In this discussion I'll be going over how you can master your backlink strategy in 3 simple steps, and they are:

Understand the difference between quantity and quality
Many people who are just starting off building their own backlinks will think "Hey, if rank well after building just 10 backlinks on my own, I can rank #1 for everything if I purchase backlink software and build as many links as possible!".  This is in fact the main reason newer webmasters don't rank well, and also the reason you see the forums blowing up with threads like "SEO doesn't work!" lol.

When you have a quanity of backlinks, and you're not focusing on the quality of where you're placing them, you acn actually hurt your website.  Instead, focus on building your reputation on 3rd party websites that have a good authority in the eyes of Google and the other search engines, then try to place some links on them.  If you build up your reputation on these websites, they will be less likely to ban you after placing a link, but if you make your account and place a link the same day you'll likely be banned pretty quick Master your backlink strategy in 3 simply steps

Focus on high quality links instead of a massive amount of low quality links to boost your rankings.  Your rankings will boost up, and stay more stable, with higher quality backlinks compared to low quality backlinks in the masses.

Build your brand while placing backlinks at the same time
When you're targeting these high authority websites to place backlinks on, you're sort of starting your branding campaign.  What you'll now need to do is take it a step further by placing your website name within the title of your posts or linking to your brand name or website name as the anchor itself, instead of always linking with your main keyword as the anchor. 

If you can get a good branding campaign rolling along, you will notice your reputation within the industry you're targeting begin to rise and you'll get direct traffic from people typing in your business name + .com to see if they land on your page Master your backlink strategy in 3 simply steps

Branding alone will get you some sales, but combining it with link building will boost it even more since you'll get people clicking directly through to your pages as well as the search engines boosting your rankings in their own search results due to the backlinks you're placing Master your backlink strategy in 3 simply steps

Always target niche related links and not general links
Some people learn how to place backlinks, and also learn that they need high quality backlinks, so they will target just any website that has a good authority.  The won't care much about the niche, as long as it's not promoting anything hateful, and they will try to get a backlink from the inner pages.  Yes, this does work to boost your rankings well, but not as much as if you were to do a bit of research and get a similar link from a niche related website Master your backlink strategy in 3 simply steps

Niche related backlinks will always bring in more power because Google wants to see related websites linking together.  This is one of the main reasons I try to avoid PBNs (private blog networks) because even though they have high authority sites in the network, they won't do as much as if I were to get a niche related link on a website that was a little lower on the authority scale lol Master your backlink strategy in 3 simply steps

Focus on adding great content to these niche related websites, which is linked to your website with high quality content, and you will see a decent boost in the rankings Master your backlink strategy in 3 simply steps

In conclusion
There are many different variables that come along with the 3 things I talked about above, but if you can simply follow these 3 things you will be on your road to success.  You'll avoid low quality backlinks in the masses and you will gain high quality links with great content attached to them Master your backlink strategy in 3 simply steps  Your rankings should go up within a month and keep climbing after that Master your backlink strategy in 3 simply steps

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I am thinking that even if we do get the high quality link from known website. But if we don't have a quality content. People won't stick out. And then they are going to leave too. So google does pay attention to that part as well. It'd be interesting to see how the overall branding and backlink works in that context.

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I think that quantity in backlinking strategy it totally irrelevant and should be avoided completely it it's any low quality, so i hope that webmasters know this so far and current measurements proving it day after day.

SO always go for best quality you can get even if it's only few backlinks, it will bring better results in ranking then any huge amount of low quality backlinks

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Targeting related links is the best way in getting good response. It is like advertising to an audience that is directly related to your business. And with the mention of quantity versus quality, of course you would prefer quality. As the saying goes, too little of something is better than to much of nothing which means your target no matter how few can have a higher probability of good result.

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Do you have an opinion about using plugins like Zemanta to find related content?
(Hope it's appropriate to ask this question for this discussion.)

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When building backlinks it is necessary to generate backlinks from related website. For instance, it is a good practice to generate backlinks from travel website to your website on travel niche and it is a bad practice to generate backlinks for a gaming website to your non-gaming website. Related backlinks provide value to your website. While building backlinks you should develop backlinks from the website that has a higher position in the SERP. You should always do manual backlink. Automated backlinks are usually inferior quality.

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Backlink strategy is simple really. Get backlinks from sites within your niche or online space. Any backlink to your site worth its salt, should be seen on a website that at least 70% caters to your audience. Or some portion of it. Any site that's 50% or below in being a fit for your audience is not worth getting a backlink from.

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Well said @Razzy, the information contained in this article is very useful for new webmasters who are looking to promote their backlinks and get the best out of it. My ground stands strongly with the tip on quality over quantity because having more of the latter would not give you a good result but once it's based on the former, you can be rest assured that you will get the best results from your backlinks.

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It's always best to work on your niche since it's easier for people in your target population to search your website and discover it, compared to dealing with the general public. Also, while quality certainly helps, quantity shouldn't be disregarded as well to be a reputable website.

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I have mixed feelings with quantity versus quality of backlinks because I think the quantity also matters. The more backlinks, the more chances that it can be seen by the search engines. Now I am wondering why they are saying that backlinks to an obscure site is harmful to your site. It really makes me think that even if the site is obscure and that there is one reader that would click on your backlink then that is traffic, right?

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You're right, actually searching for a brand mention is a good step in any off-page strategy. For the first time I heard about this from SEO agency engagement who were engaged in promoting my business . If your company is well-known in the market, you can get a lot of mentions in the market, and then turn them into backlinks for your site.

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The method statement is an important part of your paper as much of your credibility is established here. It is in the methods chapter that you tell us what you have done, and explain why. You should also try to use help writing an essay for college
to describe how you collected your material, the boundaries you set and how you will analyse the material you have collected.

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As with any project, proper research is essential. I urge you to do as much research as possible prior to tackling this project yourself, because SEO can be a tricky process. If you go out on your own, you'll be likely to mess something up and not know how to fix it when the need arises. You need to know help with assignment writing you're doing before you are put in front of the customers. It's like working at McDonalds. You usually start in the back and work your way up.

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