3 things successful marketers do before breakfast

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3 things successful marketers do before breakfast

Successful marketers do things a little different in their day to day routine.  They're not waking up and taking their time to get breakfast ready and eventually get to work, they're working and eating when they have time.  A good marketer will have an idea of what they're going to do from day to day, a great marketer will have everything listed and what they will do in case something comes out of left field and changes their day.  You always need to be prepared when it comes to marketing, and that's what sets the good apart from the great, being ready for what's to come will make you more successful than you could think of.

A successful marketer does more than bring in leads, they run their own day to day operations and that's anything from answering an email to building up a partnership so they can make more money down the road.  The tasks that come across a marketers desk vary, but there are a few things they they do before breakfast that you might want to take notes on. 

I like to think of myself as a decent marketer and semi-successful, but after talking to some really successful marketers I realized I had to step my game up and push harder than I thought I was.  I was taking some time off here and there, but these masters of marketing were eating, sleeping, and breathing marketing and their income showed it.  So, in this discussion I'll be talking about the 3 main things that I started to implement into my own routine, and this is what I learned from talking to a few super successful online marketers 3 things successful marketers do before breakfast

They check their emails as soon as they wake up
The first thing I do when I start working in the morning is check my emails from the night before, but the marketers I was talking to are laying in bed and checking their emails for a little while before they even brush their teeth.  They said that this is necessary because you will likely start thinking of other things that need to be done as soon as you get out of bed.  If you just skim through your emails, you'll be able to see which ones need immediate attention and which ones are gold mines, and the big profit emails need to be responded to before you get out of bed.  They will type up responses on their phones for the golden nugget emails, and they will not brush their teeth until those emails are sent lol.  It sounds a little gross, but if you think about it, it's only a few minutes extra just typing up responses that might go forgotten if you were to start your day off and tell yourself that you're going to answer emails when you start working.

Think about it, if you were to answer these emails before you even got out of bed, you can be the first person in a big clients inbox in the morning or at least be one of the first 5 that they will go through.  Answering quickly is what can bring in a massive amount of money, and since the email came in while you were sleeping, you're already behind so you should get to the golden nugget emails asap, your teeth won't suffer because they they didn't get brushed for a few minutes after you woke up lol 3 things successful marketers do before breakfast

They fulfill orders that came in while they were asleep
After the successful marketers have answered their emails, and finally brushed their teeth, they will log in to check their sales and see what needs to be fulfilled.  Some of these guys did digital services and others were solely eCommerce, so they had different processes when it came to fulfilling orders.  The digital service guy would forward the work to his team and send a personalized thank you email to the clients who paid a lot, which got them coming back time and time again.  The eCommerce guys would set up all their orders, with the proper shipping information and products, then send everything to a fulfillment center or wherever they were shipping the products from.

By fulfilling your orders early on, you can catch any mess ups and fix them throughout the day if needed.  These guys had their systems set up well and rarely messed up, and if they did mess up, there were people in place to go over the orders after the marketer would begin the processing, and nothing really went out to the wrong address or and they rarely sent the wrong product 3 things successful marketers do before breakfast

They write out their daily schedule
As you likely know, a day in the life of a marketer is ever changing, and it didn't seem to be any different to these master marketers I happened to talk with.  They said that after they do emails and fulfill orders they then write up their daily schedule.  They did it this way because they said their emails could have changed their daily routine because they never really knew what was going to come in while they were sleeping.  They could get emails from partners wanting to get a new website up and running, which would take priority, and that would change their entire days work.  They might also get an email from a supplier saying they no longer want to do business with the marketer, which means they now have to remove a massive amount of items from their websites before anything sells during rush times online.

Having an idea of what you're going to do from day to day is fine, but as a marketer you won't want to set up your day to day schedule because you'll find out quickly that you might not stick to it too often.  You don't know what's around the next corner, which means you can't really write up a detailed schedule.  Sure, you can say "I'm going to work Monday through Friday" but you can't really know what you're going to do each of those days and that's why it's better to write up your schedule in the morning before you eat breakfast 3 things successful marketers do before breakfast

In conclusion
I actually thought I was crazy for the things I did online, like write up my schedules in the morning and focus on jobs until something more important popped up, then my original job went on the back burner until the new one was finished.  Apparently this isn't far fetched and a lot of successful marketers are doing this.  Now, I'm not talking about writing up content and then your boss tells you he needs something delivered down the street lol.  I'm talking about when you are writing content and your business partner says "Hey, we need to get this done asap because it's broken and we're losing money!" then you drop what you were doing and stop the business from bleeding out lol 3 things successful marketers do before breakfast  If you can do these 3 little things before breakfast, you will be a more successful marketer over time 3 things successful marketers do before breakfast  I've already started doing them all and I feel much more productful during the day 3 things successful marketers do before breakfast

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Yeah, this one is very important – check your emails upon waking up. For all you know, there is an urgent message on the mail that can make or break your day. The first thing I do when I wake up is to check my phone for text messages and then I open my email and also my social media accounts for potential messages. We have to admit that we are now wired into the communication system and all communications are interactive which means they are needing responses ASAP. In the olden times when I was not so active in Facebook, one friend sent me a message that I was not able to read. On the next day, he sent another message saying – hey, are you still alive?

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I've caught so many emails by opening up my phone when I wake up 3 things successful marketers do before breakfast I've probably signed 10 different $3,000+ a month clients just for checking my emails right away and not putting it off until after breakfast 3 things successful marketers do before breakfast

I have all of my accounts linked to my phone through apps, and even my pages manager for Facebook is right there on my phones home screen 3 things successful marketers do before breakfast My girlfriend will look at my phone and say "Why do all of these apps have notifications?" and I'll say "It's potential money" and she gets a smile on her face lol.

I never use to check my Facebook notifications as much as I do now, mainly because I was disconnected just like you were, but now I check them more frequently since I put it on the home screen of my phone lol 3 things successful marketers do before breakfast I rarely log in through my laptop or desktop, because I really don't need to, and that makes me think of how much mobile traffic Facebook is actually getting. Everything is going mobile now 3 things successful marketers do before breakfast

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This is actually astonishing--big fish clients like that? I think it is smart to have everything linked through your phone and so the access is immediate and prominent. I do realize that everything is mobile now, and that is an issue for me because of how much I completely prefer using my keyboard to do most of my work. I am just a faster and better typer than I am texter, and so I am a bit limited with my big fat fingers on a touch screen.

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I could also never even think about using my phone like that, it's for ultimate emergencies only. But the main point of checking up your email when you wake up is important, and that's very easy on computer because you can just have a little plugin that shows all your new emails and snippets of them without the need to even open them.

Easy to do while sipping coffee that was brewed when you were waking up.

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I don't write out my daily schedule. I'm so used to doing the same thing every day, I no longer need to. But it is a good idea. I used to keep a written daily To Do List and check off tasks when completed.

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I am not doing the last part, however, I check my emails before I take my breakfast. I also log into my sites and see the orders left for me. I don't make a schedule, I don't know why. I work according to the demands. For instance, my first priority is to complete the order if I have any, second priority to write for the clients. If I do not have any orders or writing assignment, I begin working on my blogs. My blogs are always on the back burner even though I am thinking to make my blogs a primary source of income.

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I do the same things most days as well. I think having a daily schedule would help me structure my day a bit more though. I think organization can be helpful. I check my emails when I wake up as well. This is important to do to catch anything that is of import that may have come in over night.

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You are absolutely right @Kgord, this tips helps with scheduling of a marketers daily task and programs. It would aid the individual to know what first to attend to and the last one to deal with. I have actually come to understand that once you fail to plan yourself and your program before trying to execute it, things would get jumbled up and putting you off focus with lots of confusion.

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Thank you very much for the nice article. A successful marketer obviously will follow these instructions. I stay alert every time on SEOClerk to answer any question quickly because there have a matter about response time. This article will help me to answer quickly on another platforms. I stay also alert when any product orders come to me- I go to deliver and response the order as soon as possible.I shall try to maintain a schedule every time about work.


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All these 3 things broad on time management and scheduling for the marketer. Being asleep is certainly a must for any human being in order to help one regain strength and energy but that doesn't mean that business stops as you are napping, and this is solely as a result of time zone differences around the world. So waking up and checking your mail is the first way to keep track of what had happened when you were out of commission with sleep and it would help you fix your schedule priorities.

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Getting a good night’s sleep is what we need before embarking on working for the business. I cannot agree that we should go straight to work before breakfast although I have to agree that there are things we should do upon waking up like checking the email for an important message especially if you have business transactions on the previous day that are waiting for a reply.

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