Become a master marketer in 5 easy steps

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Become a master marketer in 5 easy steps

Marketing isn't the easy thing to do in the world, so becoming a master marketer should actually take longer, right?  Well, if you read through this discussion you'll have a leg up on your competition and you'll be well on your way to being a master marketer!  Marketing takes time to learn everything, and even when you begin to close in on the last lesson, the field expands and you have to start the learning process all over again.  I'm not saying you have to start completely over, but you'll likely have to keep reading and implementing methods to boost your sales and the sales of your customers, if you have any.

Becoming a master marketer isn't easy, like I mentioned above, but you can close the learning gap by reading a lot of my discussions here on SEOclerks, and taming a great deal of information in a short amount of time Become a master marketer in 5 easy steps  In this discussion I'll be going over 5 easy steps that will put you well on your way to become a master marketer, and those steps are:

Know what makes you unique, even if there are plenty of competitors
It's inevitable, there will always be someone doing what you want to do, before you even think of doing it.  There aren't many new industries out there, so don't think you're going to be the most unique thing in the world, but you can be unique within the industry itself.  You need to figure out what makes you different than your competition, and you will be well on your way to becoming a master marketer. 

Why is this such an important thing when it comes to marketing, you ask?  Well, that's because if you know what makes you unique in a sea of competitors, you will be able to market that unique aspect of yourself or your business and get people to gravitate towards your business instead of a bland competitor.  You could have a top notch support system, a unique design, pricing that your competition can't compete with, or so many other things.  If you don't have something that makes you unique, you're just going to be beat by your competitors who are pushing their uniqueness and pulling in your clients.

Become the source of answers to anyone that has questions about your industry
This is a biggie!  If you can answer any questions you find online, related to your niche and industry, you will eventually be seen as the main source of information.  You're answering questions, helping people out, and you will likely get a decent amount of sales for it. 

Think about it, you're helping someone with a problem and this is great for a couple reasons, such as:

  1. You're helping someone - The person asking the question really needs an answer, and you're giving it to them.  They will likely come back to you if they need something else answered, which will likely increase your own sales later on down the road.
  2. You're building your brand - If you build, and link, your profiles just right you will be branding your company with every answer you provide.  This is because your website or business name can be used within a signature (usually) and numerous people will see it, and hopefully remember you.
  3. You're answering more than one question - You could literally answer just one single question, but think about how many times people might have the same question.  If you answer one question, you can actually help out dozens of people, who could all turn into clients if you build your profiles just right.

Build your email lists and push out newsletters
This is kind of an obvious thing, but you need to build up your email lists if you want to be successful when it comes to marketing for yourself or your clients.  You need to optimize your website so it captures emails easier than if you just put a newsletter capture field at the bottom of your pages.  You will need to add it to the sidebar, and maybe even have it setup as a pop up after XX seconds of someone being on your pages.

After you capture the emails, this is where the marketing comes into play.  If you really want to be a master marketer, you can't pitch people within every email you send out.  A lot of people mess this up because they constantly put links to sales pages within their emails, and that just kills your list over time.  What you'll want to do is just link to your blog posts, and on your blog posts will be a strategically placed banner where the visitor can click through to make a purchase.

Being a master marketer with email marketing means you're getting sales without annoying your list.  No one wants to see dozens of links within an email, so just link to your most recent blog posts, and people will click through to read what you've written and they will make a purchase if they really want to.

Build your authority on 3rd party platforms
This actually works really well if you target the right platforms.  I like to go on Quora and Stackexchange to answer any questions that pop up, as well as ask my own questions that are niche related.  My domain name is right next to my username, which gets me some traffic every time I ask or answer a question.  of course, you'll want to give detailed answers and not just something like "Great post!" because you're going to be building up your authority on these platforms.

Quora and Stackexchange are great platforms to target because people need answers, and you have those in stock!  This trick is a little different than becoming the source of answers within your industry, this is becoming the source of questions on a 3rd party platform, and it's one of the best ways to boost everything related to your business.

Think about it, if you are answering just 5 questions a day on Quora, you can get 1,000+ views on your answers.  That means there is potentially 1,000 people that are interested in what you had to say, and they might even click through to your website and sign up to your newsletter or make a purchase right away.  Leveraging the power of these Q&A platforms has built up plenty of successful companies, and you can do it to Become a master marketer in 5 easy steps

Help when you see someone in need
If someone posts on a forum that they need help, but they can't afford to pay anything, you should jump on that and help them out.  You won't make any money from them, but they will leave you one of the best reviews you've ever seen, and that means dozens or thousands of people could make a purchasing decision just off that one time you helped someone in need!

Helping someone build an entire website is a bit ridiculous, but helping someone transfer a WordPress website from one hosting to another is fairly easy with certain plugins, but the owner of the website might not know how this works.  It's a quick thing to do, and costs you nothing to do it except you time, so jump on this and help them out.

I've done this a bunch in the past, and even turned down small tips when people were ecstatic about the results, and it has gotten me some of the best reviews I've ever had.  I instantly saw a boost in sales due to the amazing reviews, and it's all because I helped someone out and didn't take any money in exchange Become a master marketer in 5 easy steps

In conclusion
Becoming a master marketer isn't just knowing how to run the best PPC campaign possible, it's getting your name out there and connecting with your industry.  If you can build up your authority within the industry, you will see that it's the same as marketing in the end.  Answering questions and helping people out whenever possible is one of the best ways to get your name out there, because the people you're helping won't mind sharing your name when they come across someone asking a question they know you can answer Become a master marketer in 5 easy steps  Get out there, practice these marketing tricks, and become a master marketer Become a master marketer in 5 easy steps

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I really like this article, in fact, I like all of your articles. I have been learning a lot from them.

I never thought of becoming a marketer as I think it's never easy for me as a Science and IT student, but since I am a freelancer and I am thinking of setting up my blog, I think it's important for me to learn more about marketing. I really like what I read here. It doesn't seem as difficult as I used to think, I shouldn't think too much, but I should just go there and help others, and this might eventually help myself and my family too. In fact, we are actually doing that, without I really realized it. My husband and I are helping out others when someone need to design a website or application, or any small helps that we can offer. We do not charge them if it's a really small business or personal, as our initial intention is being there to help but not do business. When others know we can design website, they come and ask us to build a website or application for them, and some even recommend their friends to us. We never thought we would get any businesses from this.

After reading your article, I think this is really a good way to start marketing. It's not only making us happy as we help others, it might also help to build our brand, and of course eventually might bring us some businesses too. Moreover, it's really setting up a good example for kids, as they will learn to help others too. I will need to learn more and build my knowledge base, so I will be able to offer more and better help.

Again, thanks a lot for sharing and your articles always motivate me too!

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I really like this article, in fact, I like all of your articles. I have been learning a lot from them.

Thank you for the kind words Become a master marketer in 5 easy steps Comments like this make me want to write up even more helpful content for anyone that wants to read it Become a master marketer in 5 easy steps I'm glad you like all of my discussions, I try to be as informative as possible, without boring people or posting anything 5,000+ words long lol Become a master marketer in 5 easy steps

Again, thank you for the kind words and I'm glad to write for people here on SEOclerks Become a master marketer in 5 easy steps

- Razzy

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That was also my feeling when I was new in the office. I was working in a bank and I couldn’t do marketing work. But when the opportunity knocked that I could sell branded clothing items to my colleagues in the office, I was enamored with the business of selling simply because I was earning. Although I wasn’t really that good in marketing at first but I was able to learn the ropes in due time.

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It's going to be a long most likely never-ending journey to become or becoming, a master marketer. I'd say never-ending because you never stop learning new methods, growing as a marketer, and the rules of marketing are always changing. So things are always in flux.

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I think quora and stackexchange seems to be a good idea for anyone who wants to earn on a consistent basis. I have seen some of the people making good traffic diversion from those sites. And it works out in many ways. I'd say if you are serious about the quora traffic then you have to write a lot of answer. I think building authority like this is a good option but it does takes time. So we have to consider how to do this better slowly but surely.

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I really like this article, in fact, I like all of your articles. I have been learning a lot from them.

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It's not easy steps LOL, this is great post, but it takes time to do all this steps and build trust in order to become valuable marketer, but it's recommended to follow this steps more sooner then latter, actually sooner then someone go wrong way and waste a lot of time ;)

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These are all important points to become a master marketer. I'm trying to do all of these, yet I am no where near master marketer. I am quite fascinated with building authority on third party website. I am not a part of any question and answer site, however, I have published articles on third party websites. There was a time when I was publishing on over a dozen sites, however, most of these sites have either gone down, or I have deleted my accounts. I am still on hubpages though. When people checks me, they can find me on hubpages and see my works. I have also published books on Amazon. My amazon profile appears on the top search results. I have also published articles on newspapers and you can find me on the online version of these publications.

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I see in some forums a board that solicits questions on the niche. Take a sports forum that members can post questions on the general discussion board. Maybe you can ask for updates on some sports events that you had missed. Or what’s more interesting is the side story of those who have watched the game. A basketball game is not complete without the side story of the fans. And when the public is aware that you are willing to help them with their questions then that is one marketing coup for your business.

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