5 key factors in building a successful website

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5 key factors in building a successful website

Whenever you start a website, and you want it to be successful, you'll need to plan everything out prior to even clicking a button on your keyboard. I would highly suggest writing down your plan of action, a business plan, on paper and going over it time and time again over a 2 month time span. I recently realized that my most successful websites were through up over a longer time span than the ones I just rushed and got online to just put on a PPC campaign and make some money. This is becuase I weed out all the mistakes that I could have made if I think about the entire process of 60 days compared to running into walls when I just jump at an idea and throw everything together.

For me it's a little easier because I already know where I want to host my website and I already know that I'm going to start off with a WordPress theme until the website is successful. I know I'm going to be hosting my website at NameCheap because I absolutely love their support department and their servers are just as quick as anyone else touting they have the quickest servers with the most uptime. Everything else on the agenda needs to be looked over in detail, even by me who has been doing this for 15+ years 5 key factors in building a successful website

You'll never have a successful website if you rush it, you might make some money but you'll always have problems popping up if you don't fully know what you're doing. Luckily, you've landed on this discussion where I will go over the 5 key factors in building a successful website 5 key factors in building a successful website

Having the right domain name
Branding is everything in today's world, and if you don't have the right domain name it will just be more difficult for you to succeed over your competition. You'll need to think "short and sweet" when you're wanting to purchase your domain. It has to be short in order for people to be able to type it quickly and it has to be sweet in order for people to remember. If you can keep your domain name under 10 characters long, you're usually in the sweet spot and people will remember it because they can easily type it up without looking for you online 5 key factors in building a successful website

Always go for a .com even if you think .net, .cc, .io, .WhateverElseIsOutThere is a better extension for you. A .com domain name is seen as the authority by the masses, even though any other extension could be just as big of an authority as the next, you need the .com to please the masses. Sure, you can go with a .net or .biz, but how often have you landed on your industry leading website and they have those extensions? Not very often, so stick with the .com

If you already have a business up and running, and your domain name is taken, you can file a dispute with the registrar and say the owner is simply trying to make you pay for your own name. You can filing for a lawsuite through a lawyer, but that costs some money, so you're better off just finding a different name since there's no such law to stop someone from squatting on a domain name. If they owned it before you incorporated, you will have to pay them for their property.

Keep it simple, keep it short, keep it sweet, and always have a .com to keep people trusting you more.

Choosing the right hosting package
There are thousands of hosting companies out there, but my favorite is by far NameCheap, because they have some of the best customer support I've ever had the pleasure of contacting. I will always refer people to NameCheap because their customer support is great, but their servers are just as good as anyone saying they have the best packages as well lol. I've never had a problem with my websites that are hosted on NameCheap, so I'm going to keep this section of the discussion short and sweet like a domain name, and end it here 5 key factors in building a successful website

Having the right design that sets you apart
Not everyone is a great website designer or programmer, and that shouldn't stop you from getting your own website up and running, because there are thousands of people out there that will help you for a few bucks. If you have no knowledge of how to get a website design started, I highly suggest you go with a premium WordPress theme and put it on your hosting. Most hosting companies allow WordPress themes, if they don't, you should avoid using them because they don't sound like a great hosting provider anyway lol.

Your design/theme doesn't have to be unique when you purchase it, you can customize it later on 5 key factors in building a successful website Many people think that using a WordPress theme will just show everyone you're the same as 100, 1000 or even hundreds of thousands of people out there who have purchased the same theme. But think about it, not everyone will be currently using the theme because their websites tanked, and the smart website owners will purchase a theme simply because they like the layout and will add their own images and content to it. In the end, your premium WordPress theme will be unique in the eyes of everyone who sees it, even Google 5 key factors in building a successful website

Make your design stand out from the masses within your industry and you'll see that people will begin to gravitate towards you 5 key factors in building a successful website

Detailed marketing plan in place
This is one of the reasons I take 2 months to plan everything out. If you don't have a detailed marketing plan in place, you can think of yourself as flying blind, which means you likely won't be going in the right direction. You need to sit down and write out what you plan on doing and how much it's going to cost you for each step of the way. If you don't know these things, you won't have a timeline for your business, and that's what you need to know if you want to start off on the right foot.

Sit down and write what you want to do, then get into detail with every single step, and leave it alone for a day or two. You'll be thinking about this plan the entire time you're not touching it, and you'll think of new things to add in and how to optimize your marketing plan to reduce your spend while increasing your conversions and ROI.

I will always write out my main bullet points, which are basically where I want to start my marketing, and I will get into detail about them. I will come back to it, after thinking about everything I wanted to do, and add in my new notes for each section so it's better than the original. I will do this over a few weeks and then do my keyword research to know exactly what I wanted to target. Of course, I will be launching this new website after doing the initial keyword research to know it's possible to crack into the niche I'm going to be investing time into 5 key factors in building a successful website This second round of keyword research is to figure out every single page I want to add and what content I need to write up for my blogs and subpages 5 key factors in building a successful website

After you rinse and repeat this process a few times, you will have eliminated the things that would have hung you up for a long time and you will have optimized your marketing plan, which is a great thing to have done when you do decide to launch 5 key factors in building a successful website

Starting budget that won't break you if it's lost
A starting budget isn't what a lot of website owners think of becasue a lot of newer webmasters think that they can simply put up a website, then make some money from it, and boostrap everything. I'm here to break the hard truth to you, it doesn't always work like that and you will always need a starting budget that you aren't afraid to lose.

Now, you're not just going to be throwing your money at any scheme or trick out there to bring in sales. You're still going to be strategic with it and only invest in areas you've researched and know have a better chance of bringing in sales. You never want to start with something like branding because that takes time, and you want to make money right away, right? Start with PPC campaigns on Adwords and maybe even Facebook because they allow you to get super targeted and you won't lose too much money by doing this if it's done right. Later on, when you get the sale flowing, you can get into influencer marketing and build up your brand even more than it already is.

Never invest what you're afraid to lose. If you're the person who is saying "I'm afraid to even lose a single dollar!" then you're going to be extremely upset when you start putting up websites to make money off of them lol 5 key factors in building a successful website

In conclusion
Building a successful website is mostly about image and who has seen it. If your website looks like garbage, but has a killer marketing plan in place, you're still going to fail. It also doesn't matter how much you spent on your design, if they marketing is garbage, you won't be successful anytime soon. You need to keep your domains short and sweet in order for people to be able to type them up easily and also to remember them in the first place. If you think you're not going to spend any money and still be successful, well, you're in for a rude awakening 5 key factors in building a successful website Buy a premium theme, buy some good hosting, buy a domain that is easy to remember, and invest whatever else you're willing to lose into your marketing campaign and you should profit eventually 5 key factors in building a successful website

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You definitely want to choose the right host. You're talking about entering into a long term contract with someone handling your brand or business. While you own the site and the name, if your host is faulty, unreliable or incompetent - your site will be down more often than not. Which means you lose visitors, sales and gain a bad reputation as well.

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I have recently learned that the hosting service is one important element when putting up your own website. All I was thinking was the service of the host provider so my site will be online. I didn’t think that the host provider should be an established provider with a good track record. What happens when the hosting service is interrupted or worse the company closed shop?

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This was an interesting read, creating a site is one thing making a success of it is another.I believe to even make a site stands out the right name should be given to the site,the name should depict what the site is all about,the hosting package should be accommodative and even the hosting company should be a serious one, not companies that all the time their server is down and the marketing budget should be considered before embarking on it.

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Detailed marketing plan is the one that I value the most even if I agree with all the points you have given and would say that they are all equally important. It's just that I think most people who build sites or are just starting to learn about it don't give this much thought and by the time they launch their site they don't know what to do next and are stuck. Not only that but the marketing plan you have can also or maybe even should also affect the decisions you make with building your site as there must be features put in or taken out depending on what you plan on doing to market your product.

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I think people should start with low budget. And then slowly have to increase the budget. That way it can be possible for many to build a successful website. And also it can lead to lot better conversion from the users end. I have noticed that some people take more time for the website conversion. Because they have more variables working towards their sales. And that's what decides where they can work around.

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Having a detailed marketing plan in place is crucial to succeeding in every business and that means that anyone planning to start up a website should setup ways on how to keep things working better at the end of the day. The plan on how to source for site visitors should be top on the list.

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The detailed marketing plan is directly connected to the budget. That’s right when you say the budget should be manageable and tolerable such that it won’t break you when you lose the business. A website has so many expenses starting with the design and hosting so unless you can do the design, you have to set aside a budget for the design and maintenance of your website. And when the budget overshoots and can ruin your finances then you have to think again.

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The success of your website largely depends on the traffic you receive and the traffic that converts. You need traffic and your traffic needs to convert to earn revenue.
In order to get traffic, you need to do SEO as well as market your website. having social media accounts for your website helps.

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People tend to spend all their resources on their website, despite not having a great plan of how to continue on building upon the idea. It's important to manage your resources properly and not put all your eggs in a basket so that you have something to fall back on when the website fails to thrive.

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