4 ways to always keep your investors happy

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4 ways to always keep your investors happy

Every startup wants to bring on an investor, which is understandable, but if you don't plan on keeping them happy you might want to do things on your own.  If you do have an investor on board, you know that they are just the "money man" and they will not really have a final word on how you push your business or how it is all run.  You do have to remember, if the investor doesn't like where the business is going, they can always stop giving you money and then you're on your own.  An investor likely won't have the controlling shares of your company, but you'll need to keep them happy in order to keep receiving money from them to make your business the best it can be in a short amount of time. 

It's like a double edged sword, the investor can't really tell you how to run your business since they don't have controlling shares, but if you want to keep receiving checks from them you might want to listen to what they have to say.  Remember, even if an investor stops giving you money for your business, they will still own a percentage of it or have an agreement in writing that forces you to pay them.  If you haven't figured it out, this discussion will go over how you can keep your investors happy with you every step of the way down your business journey 4 ways to always keep your investors happy

Always run ideas past them so they are in the loop
If you plan on changing the look and feel of your website, you'll want to run this past them so they are in the loop.  Usually they won't fight you on the change, as long as it doesn't change your business model, but they will always want to be in the loop with major changes.  Little things like tweaking your logo or changing a few images on your website aren't something that will be seen as a worthy update by your investor. 

You don't want to seem needy, so don't send them daily updates about your process unless they ask.  Normally they will want weekly updates and the time frame for updates will likely get extended as they begin to trust you more.  Eventually you will just have to update them on a monthly basis or just when something beneficial happens that they would want to know, like you just made 5,000% more in sales for the month than last month lol 4 ways to always keep your investors happy

Always update them when you do something that benefits the company
You'll always be working on your business, but that doesn't mean you should be calling your investors every day to show them what you've done.  You only need to contact your investors when you've finished something that will change your business for the better.  This could be anything from adding new courses to your website, innovating something that will likely bring in more sales, or running a new PPC campaign that is working much better than expected.

Investors don't want to hear good news, they want to hear GREAT news, so be sure to not flood their inboxes with your little victories and only contact them when you have something that changes your business for the better.

Notify them when you make more money than anticipated
I touched on this early on, and you'll definitely want to update your investor when something makes you more money.  Now, they won't want to hear that you made an extra $20 on Monday and Tuesday, they will want to hear exponential numbers like "We just made an extra $5,000 this week and are trending to do the same next week" because they are in it for the profits. 

Remember, an investor is only giving you his/her money in order to make more money than they are giving you.  The time frame might be 10+ years, but usually it's in the 3 to 5 year range when they expect to start seeing profits.  If you're notifying them evey week that you're making an extra $1,000 then they will be extremely happy with that.  They will see you as a cash cow and they will likely throw more money at you 4 ways to always keep your investors happy

Fix a problem before running to them for help
Your investor isn't your problem solver, they are just your bank, so don't run to them when you have a problem.  You're the business owner, so you need to figure out the best way to fix the problem you come upon.  An investor won't take too kindly to an emailing saying "I need your help" after they just signed over a massive check to help you out in the first place.  If you do end up asking the investor for help, you will likely get a response of "We aren't here to fix your problems.  But we're glad you brought this to our attention.  Please keep us updated".  Basically, this means they now know there is a problem you can't fix and they need to watch your profits to know if they made a bad investment.

You have the bank roll, pay someone to fix your problem and don't go to your investor to fix it for you.  They're not your parents, you're an adult, be the professional and bring someone on board to manage the problem and keep pushing towards success!

In conclusion
People think that investors are the type of business partners that will step in when you're over worked or handle a problem when you're plate is full, but they're not.  They are just an entity that gave you money in order to make money for themselves later on.  They are not your friends, even if they say they are, because as soon as something goes very wrong they will be the first to jump ship as long as they have profited from you.  Think of them as your bank and only update them when you have a payment or something is doing exceptionally well and is in their favor 4 ways to always keep your investors happy

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Keep it up more updates
Thank you,

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What is preached here mostly about making one's investors happy is by keeping them informed of the activities going on in the business. This singular act makes feel carried along and part and parcel of the business without feeling left behind. Care should be taken not to always run to your investors when there is a problem to be taken care of because it would make them have doubt in the integrity of the business.

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Always bear in mind that the investors are the real owners of the business so they should be given the courtesy of knowing what’s happening. When you are going to launch a project or a program, keep your bosses informed not with the details but with the summary and only send the details upon request. And if something good happens like a surge in sales or an increase in profits, that will surely make the investors happy so they have to be informed immediately.

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Nice tips and tricks.Some times client gave me long times of work- in that case these 4 techniques will be helpful for me. I shall follow these rules at the future time. 2 tips I regular use with my long term clients.

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Great tips! If i was an investor however i would be satisfied with increased and regular profits. At the end of the day that's the bottom line, schmoozing me wouldn't necessarily work. Some investors want to be silent investors,and don't want to be bothered with the daily miniature, especially if they have other investments, they don't really need constant reports on the running of the business. They just want their hard earned money!

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Until now, my businesses are one-man show. I have people who work for me but I am the sole investor in my businesses. However, I am planning to attract investors. Before I do that I must make my businesses reach break-even point. People never invest in failing business, they invest only in the business that is either making money or at least not making any losses. People invest in the business that they find lucrative.
Once I have investors, I will concentrate on the points mentioned here.

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Yeah, always take initiative in your business and don't look to your investors for answers. It's better to have a constant flow of ideas that you come up with rather than waiting for investors to give instructions to you because they can actually give you more freedom when you have initiative and come up with good ideas.

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Investors can be seen as a gold mine so you should give them the importance and one way is to do continual reporting of what’s happening to the business. When you report a problem there should always be an accompanying resolution or in case of pending problems you have to show your recommendation to let the investor know that you are doing something about it.

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hmm very good ideas man i will really like them in the future

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