4 ways to boost the engagement on your blogs

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4 ways to boost the engagement on your blogs

When we talk about making money through your blog, we all know that means you have to boost your engagement before you see the money flowing in. If you don't have engagement on your blog, you can expect to be back here or going on a forum saying you've done everything right and yet you haven't made any money. Well, if you simply optimize your pages for better engagement you won't have to complain on an open forum and you can just collect and count your money as it comes in 4 ways to boost the engagement on your blogs

A lot of people will view engagement as clicks, time on site, comments, likes, shares, etc. But the only really engagement you have to worry about are the ones when people get to your "Thank You" page after they make a purchase 4 ways to boost the engagement on your blogs

Sure, those other engagements are nice and I like seeing 10 new comments on a blog post as well as a bunch of shares. But if those engagements aren't making me money, why would I be focusing on them so much? You can get 0 comments, 0 shares, and 0 likes on your newest blog post but still make $1,000 or you can get excited about your 100 new comments, 500 shares, and 1,000 new likes but make $25. If you ask me, I'd rather walk away with $1,000 instead of $25 4 ways to boost the engagement on your blogs The reasoning for this is how you're capturing your visitors. Sure, the post with more comments, shares, and likes could have made exponentially more than the other post with nothing, but it didn't. The main reason for this is because the post with almost no engagement pushed the users to buy where the one with more engagement pushed the users to comment and like. See, there's different types of engagement and it's up to you to figure out which you want 4 ways to boost the engagement on your blogs

In this discussion I'll be going over the 4 main ways you can increase your engagement on all, or just one, of your blogs

Write up an attention grabbing headline
You won't get this right the first time, so you'll need to practice it. Writing up an attention grabbing headline is like going to a funeral in a neon suite that has strobe lights wired in that flash to music you're playing on an iPod. The other people there are your competitors, but you're the one standing out in a crowded room. Hell, your competitors will likely give you a notice if you're standing out enough 4 ways to boost the engagement on your blogs

A lot of great headlines will have a number in them. For example, the headline of this discussion you're reading right now "4 ways to boost the engagement on your blogs". You see the 4 was placed there for a reason, it wasn't just to show you how many points I'll be covering, it was there to draw you in and read. Using numbers in a title isn't a new trick to get people coming in to your new blog post or article, it's a tried and tested method that has been used since there was a newspaper being handed out on the corner for a nickel 4 ways to boost the engagement on your blogs

So you know the number trick, what about the problem trick? Well, I didn't do it with this discussions title, but I'm sure you've seen it used before. There are plenty of "How To" discussions and articles out there that people write up. All of these discussions and articles are helping others with a problem, and that's why they get clicked so often.

So now you have your traffic and can make some additional money off of them.

Writing an engaging introduction
Your headline is the teaser and the introduction is what gets them to stay on the page. When writing up an introduction, you need to get to the point and cover what you'll be talking about in your article or discussion. Give some quick points that will entice people to keep reading down the page, you need to keep them there in order to increase engagement, right?

Once they get down the page a bit, you can start hitting them with call to actions, but don't be too aggressive. If you have something pop up all the time when someone is reading, they will just close the tab and move on. You want to keep people on your website as much as possible, in order to increase the chances of making a sale. You can add some banners between the text, which will give the reader a sort of mental break from reading and has been proven to keep people on the page as well as increase your profits. You can also add in a pop up, but only one, when they get to the middle of the page or when they try to leave, in order to try and capture their email address. Some people will sign up when they're leaving and a lot more will sign up when they hit the middle of your page, because they already like what they're reading and want more of it 4 ways to boost the engagement on your blogs

Your introduction doesn't have to be too long, it just has to be tantalizing enough in order to get your readers to move down the page. I like putting one little snippet of great information in my introductions in order to spike the interest of the reader. Usually, you can just add in a case study that has something about profits, and that will keep them on the page as long as you're talking about something money related.

Only use high quality images
You MUST use high quality images within your posts as well as on your website. People will judge you based on your design and what your blog posts look like, so you'll want to make it look as fancy as possible so they think you're amazing 4 ways to boost the engagement on your blogs I've done this plenty of times, judging websites not adding the images, and I can honestly say I've left plenty of websites simply because of the design and how much I didn't like it. I know that I should have stayed on the website longer, but I just couldn't and had to go find the information elsewhere.

You can use stock images or make your own with Photoshop, it's up to you. I personally like using stock photos and putting them in Photoshop to alter them or use a few together. You can always use a free program like GIMP, but it's not as extensive and useful as Photoshop in my opinion.

Format your text for readers
I've written about this plenty of times when someone here on SEOclerks asks how they can increase their sales and I then check out their services to see a wall of text that is an eyesore. What you'll need to do is break up the text on your website with some titles, bullet points, font sizing, etc. People tend to skim for a title they want to read, so they will look for something that catches their eye and they will stick with it. If you have 4 titles on your page, you have 4 chances to catch the reader and turn them into a buying customer. I'm not saying the more titles you add to your pages the more likely you'll catch a sale, but it couldn't hurt as long as your article or post makes sense with all those titles.

There's no exact science to how you should be formatting your articles, so play around with it and see what works best. I like putting a few different titles on my discussions, as you can see in this very discussion, and bolding them while also underlining them. This creates start and stop points for readers and they're more likely to move down the page.

In Conclusion
Increasing your engagement isn't the easiest thing to do in the world. You will need to do plenty of split testing before you get everything just right, so get to work and start splitting 4 ways to boost the engagement on your blogs It took me a while before I got it right, and you'll need to know that every blog is different so you're better off starting now instead of waiting til later.

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"A lot of great headlines will have a number in them."

I've been spending way too much time on the internet. The moment I read this, I just thought how it reminds me of that whole BuzzFeed clickbait meme.

"The Top 10 things celebrities found in their noses! You won't believe Number 4!"

Jokes aside, I think that numbers work in headlines because people like things that are organized in lists. It's why there are so many sites and YouTube channels that use the list format. I mean heck, your posts are some of the most successful on this site, and I wouldn't doubt that a lot of it has to do with the fact that you list things out for people. It's a very digestible format.

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I agree that a number has an attraction value to the sentence or phrase because I easily get the gist of the subject of an article by just the title. As an example is the title of this discussion with the number 4 in it. Take away that number 4 and it will be just like any other article that has not much attraction to the readers. However there is always the problem with excesses which means you have to be moderate in using numbers.

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When you look for more engagement in your blog or forum or websites, all you need is added more good quality content with catchy and interesting headlines just like the poster discussed in the article above. This is a the best way to get people rush in and air their opinion with respect to the topic being discussed in the content. Also starting up a posting contest would help you improve engagement in the blog.

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In past I have tried those blog carnivals. Also shared the blog in the forums. And that worked out for getting feedback. And also helped me to improve on the blogging. I know it's not going to be an easy task. But it seems like engagement takes time. And building on the top of that is going to be even more harder. So that being said, I think it'd be reasonable to say that blog engagement requires a bit of exposure on social places.

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I think those are valid points but the most important of all is to having an optimized fast loading site and an interesting and engaging content because even if you direct good traffic to your site but your site isn't fast loading then even if you've got great content people would tend to leave your site. If you have a fast loading site but crappy content then it's the same noone will read your blog or visit it again.

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I totally agree with you on the need for those webmasters that has got a site to do everything within their power to make things work really well. I have come to realize that it is not always as having a site that loads pretty fast is going to cost a little bit when we talk of the hosting, but that doesn't mean that it is something that not possible as readers won't want to waist their time on sites that takes longer time to open.

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You make an interesting point. The most important engagement on our blog is when the visitors buy our products. The visitor might leave comments, like and share your post and however these engagements do not make you money. The visitor might even click related ads, however, you don't have much from ad clicks. The most important engagement is product purchase. You make real money from product purchase. Even if you are promoting an affiliate product, you make around 10 percent as commission. If the visitor buys a $10 product, you will earn $1. If your visitors clicks your ad you might earn around 10 cents (provided the CTR is high)

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Online searchers have a short attention span. "Content will not be read no matter how great it is if the headline is not compelling", that's according to the popular bloggers and copywriters. There are bloggers who consumed lots of time crafting their headlines to make sure that the readers will be enticed to look into the content.

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Yeah, a good investment in stock photos is worth it for any blogger or forum owner. I mean, it might be a lot to pay, but images are crucial. Anyway, there are free images, but those are few and often lower quality. Has anyone tried those?

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Formatting your text should be done by everyone who manages blogs because that effort can really bring you more followers. It's also better if you can think of formatting for the PC and for mobile so that you do not alienate part of the user base who only use one over the other.

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I agree a good headline because even in the newspaper, what gets my attention is the headline. However, that's one of my weaknesses in writing - choosing a good headline or title. When I was co-blogging in a pet blog, I would be halfway in my article before I could think of a good title that's why most of the times, I would consult people on what I would write about so they can give me a suggestion for a good title.

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I have to admit that constant engaging of my blog's visitors is somehow hard part to do. Even i know and use all this tips you mentioned here. By engaging, i mean commenting posts and similar. I thought people don't like registering on websites, but i have to keep it like that because of saving my precious time on cleaning spam comments, so i try to use social accounts login and yet not much improvement. Only good part is that my posts get nice amount of social shares, but i am still trying to figure out how to engage more people with comments like discussions on my blog posts, so i guess i have to try harder

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I would also add search engine aspect of all of this (can't help it). I personally start with the way people engage with my content right from the start, from the search engine.
And here is where the most difficult job may be, to optimize the content that appears in Google and other search engines, both for people but also for users.
I agree the headline of your content must act like a hook, making users read the rest of the article, but if you want organic traffic, you need first to get the users on your page, for the headline hook to work.

This is why title tags and meta descriptions are crucial. The title tag needs to convince the users that your page holds the content he/she was looking for and the meta description needs to reinforce this idea, that you can deliver user's search intent.

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An attractive and engaging title or headline is always a good article booster. People like to read catchy headlines which piques their curiosity. I mean who wants to read articles with boring headlines right? A good photo complimenting the headline is also a must. Photos and other graphic media can make your article even more interesting to readers.

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This is true in so many level. Your title will always be the Make or Break determinant in any blog post. It should be interesting but not misleading. I learned so much from this article. As an aspiring content writer, this article is very useful and informative for me.

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A catchy headline is the difference between someone reading your post or passing to another website. Speaking from personal experience, I look at the title of any article first and decide from there whether to read the article or not. I would argue that this is the number one factor that decides whether your article will be read or not.I also think that format is very important. If your format is a mess, many will give your blog a big pass.

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