How you can build a successful influencer marketing campaign

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How you can build a successful influencer marketing campaign

The most know way to increase your way through social media campaigns is to bring on an influencer to push your products or services.  This is a well known way to make money through social media platforms because it has a really good ROI if done right.  Some companies are even moving a good amount of their advertising budget over to inluencer marketing because of how beneficial it is to their profits.

Incluencer marketing is overtaking traditional advertising methods like radio and television ads because of how powerful they can be.  Smart marketers know that strategic partnering with select influencers is a great marketing play for their companies because of how powerful it can be.  Building a brand has never been easier with social media influencers, and big brands as well as smaller ones are catching on to this.  You can stake your claim within an industry of giants even if you're the small start up.  

When it comes to incluencer marketing, many people and brands aren't exactly sure how to attack their marketing strategies.  We all know that influencer marketing is a great way to pull in new leads and sales, but not many people are harnessing this power the right way, and they lose out big sometimes.

A few things you need to know about influencer marketing:

  1. People that are between 18 and 34 usually prefer a recommendation from influencers they follow.
  2. Business to Business decision makers will watch and listen to online communities when purchasing.
  3. Almost all of the decision making is pushed forward due to work of mouth, which is what influencers are doing.

With all that I said above, I've put together a few points you should follow in order to boost your influencer marketing strategies and campaigns.

Figure out what your objectives are

In order to have a successful campaign, you need to:
  1. Know what your target demographic is
  2. Set forth a financial plan and how you'll pay for the influencer marketing
  3. Build up your key performance indicators or your KPIs.

KPIs are:
  1. Your Reach
  2. The Results
  3. Your Views
  4. Your Engagement
  5. Your Click Through Rate
  6. Your Conversions
  7. Your Subscriber Conversions
  8. etc.

Know which social media platforms are best for you
All of the social media platforms are created equal, and you will need to know which one to target most in order to convert more people into sales.  You will need to know your KPIs, which we covered above this, in order to figure out what social media platform you should be targeting.  The same campaign you're running on Facebook won't work on Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. because they have different demographics.

Look for the right Influencer to be your brand ambassador
The influencer you choose will be the face, and voice, of your company.  You will want to vet plenty of the influencers you're wanting to work with and search through the majority of their past posts over the last few months to see what sort of engagement they're getting, how often they're posting, and wha they're posting.  

Some things to look for before contacting a possible influencer to be your brand ambassador
  • Look through all their social media profiles to see if they're consistent across them all.
  • Looking all over online to see if anyone is talking negatively about them.
  • Make sure they don't cover topics that could put your business in a bad light.
  • Making sure they are professional with their followers and have good spelling and grammar.

Try to not let the amount of followers one person has make the decision for you.  It's not always a great thing to have someone with the most followers be your brand ambassador because they could of inflated the amount they really have.  You could see 1.2mil followers but, in reality, they might only have 300,000.  Now 300k followers is still an enormous amount, but it's not 1.2mil legitimate followers.

Choosing your potential Influencers
When you strive out to find the right infleuncers, you need to know they are pushing the same voice you want to have online. 

To figure out the best influencers for you, you can do the following:
  1. Search your top tags to see who is already posting about products or services like yours
  2. Do proper keyword research
  3. Use any influencer marketing tools to help automate the process, so you can go through thousands of influencers instead of a few dozen and make your choice
  4. Ask other people who they've used in the past for their influencer marketing.  Some influencers have multiple accounts in different industries.

Your influencer must do the following:
  1. Understand and adjust to your brands messege
  2. They must have a dedicated audience, not one that will see a post once a month
  3. Have proof of successful influencer posts for similar companies to yours
  4. They must be able to talk with you, without a language barrier, as quick as possible
  5. They MUST be seen as an expert in their field

You need to remember that you're not building up a 30 minute infomercial and trying to quick sell a few thousand products.  You're building up your brand and working with infleuncers to do so.  Instead of the influencer posting everything that is great about your business, they need to make the posts about you seem more natural and authentic.  This will increase the trust of the infleuncers followers and boost your ROI from posts.

Establish a consistent posting schedule
If you were unaware, posting on certain days is better than others because of how people behave online.  Usually, on Mondays and Fridays people are less likely to make a purchasing decision because they are starting or ending their work week.  What I like to do is post on a Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday because people tend to purchase more on those days.  I particularly like posting on Wednesdays because it's the middle of the week and people aren't burnt out just yet from working.  Posting on the weekend is hit or miss because you're never sure how many people will be online due to other things they previously had planned.

Evaluate your content before it's published
You will need to audit all of your content before it is sent over to the influencer.  The influencer will trust you sent over exactly what you want published, and they will post it without any edits.  The only reason you wouldn't have to evaluate and audit everything prior to sending it over is if you give the infleuncer creative freedom over their posts about your business.

Always Be Improving on your posts
Before and after your post goes live, you need to be promoting it.  This means you can post to your own profile and push it into an ad with $5 or more.  Facebook and Instagram let you do this seamlessly for a few bucks and it works quite well.  You can also approach your infleuncer and send them an additional $5 for their post in order to have them boost it as well.  This will only boost your authority, followers, brand recognition, etc.

Always measure your success and outcomes
This is pretty typical, but you'd be amazed at how many people will blindly pay an influencer to publish content for them and they don't monitor anything after the payment clears.  Remember those KPIs we talked about earlier?  You'll need to answer a few questions about them, such as:

  • Have your posts increased awareness about your business?
  • Have you learned anything about your audience?
  • Which of your posts are performing the best?
  • Which of your posts aren't performing well?

There are 5 main points of any successful influencer marketing campaign that you need to pay attention to, and they are:
  • The use of relevant hashtags within your posts to increase the amount of users who see it.
  • Configuring your budget to use more than one influencer at a time.
  • Sharing what your influencers are posting for you.
  • Always negotiating what you think is a fair price, since most influencers will inflate their pricing.
  • Set up a contract that goes over how many posts the infleuncer will be doing each month, and for how many months they will be doing this.

In Conclusion
If you made it this far, you are more educated on how to run a better influencer marketing campaign.  You know how to select an influencer, what they should be posting, and how they should be running their own profiles.  You need to be measuring everything so you know if an influencer is bringing in the sales or if they're just bringing in a few likes on your images.

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Very helpful and Nice content. I t is the most important for me.
To figure out the best influencers for you, you can do the following:

  1. Search your top tags to see who is already posting about products or services like yours
  2. Do proper keyword research
  3. Use any influencer marketing tools to help automate the process, so you can go through thousands of influencers instead of a few dozen and make your choice
  4. Ask other people who they've used in the past for their influencer marketing.Some influencers have multiple accounts indifferent industries.
With regards

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Let's say I have some brand of my own. And if I want to choose a potential influencer. Here's what I'd do.

1. Find out his performing post.
2. Find out how he promotes brands.
3. Ask him how he'd promote my brand.
4. I'd see with a test promo post if he does proper promotion.
5. If this works out I can recurringly ask him to promote through his post and also other social media.

I think the whole concept is about how convincing he or she is in their influential posting. That is something I'd do in that case for reaching more people.

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For me, how the influencer promotes a brand matters the most because an influencer can be so popular but if he doesn’t know real marketing then his promotion may just be naught. And what you are thinking about a test promo is a pretty good idea because at least you can gauge his engagement quotient with his followers. I just don’t know if the influencer would agree to a test promo for free.

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I think influencers are often used for the new brands. So many established brands don't use the influencers and instead they just invest into the ads. And so the difference between the ads and influencer posts on social media are lot different. I think influencers are effective if they see product more useful.

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I think these are some excellent suggestions. An influencer has to be well known in his niche as far as I am concerned. I think that would be my top variety if I was trying to find someone to do this. It would be a challenge I think, but yet it could be done! I would try it if I had a budget for that.

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The influencer being known in that niche is just the only way that you can get to make more impact in the industry that you are into. The social media is the perfect match for this. However, it is never easy especially for those that are looking at starting out from the beginning.

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I really think that the most important step is choosing the right influencer for your marketing campaign. I wouldn't trust anyone that isn't really well known in his field even though he has a lot of followers. Also you can tap a successful influencer of an unrelated field which can be a huge success

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I really like the approach of continual improvement, and ways of bettering each post. Even if you are doing well and reaching plenty of clients, I find that wanting to do better is a good way to conduct not just business, but life in general.

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These are wonderful tips on how to go about one's influencer marketing campaigns. I agree with the lot that was discussed in the article above and I would chip in that an influencer marketer must strive to remain on topic when posting. It's not always good to lead off point in your post because it's likely to confuse your possible clients.

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I feel like a great place to look for potential influencers at the moment is YouTube. It might seem a bit manipulative, but a lot of channels have been getting demonetized lately because of YouTube's changing guidelines, and many of them are looking for ways to make extra revenue. Considering so many of them are desperate for some business, they might be more willing to partner up as opposed to when times are good. Like I said, it can seem a bit manipulative but the idea came to my mind when I saw YouTuber's like PewDiePie (who is the biggest channel around) taking some questionable sponsors just for added revenue.

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I think you have to make a clear strategy of the your marketing campaign. First is the identification of the target market before planning the right approach. I have seen how a good marketing campaign failed because of the wrong venue where the campaign was held. Social media is again my favorite when it comes to venue because I think it is the most potent when it comes to active users. Besides, if you have an active account in social media then you can utilize your connections there to your own advantage in relevance to your marketing campaign.

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Identifying the market that we want to sell our services is one of the ways that we should try as this is the first step. You might have a wonderful service, but when you are not selling it to the right market, you may end up making a whole lot of loss from it.

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Gaining the trust of clients is truly essential even as developing a customised marketing plan. as soon as the trust aspect is established, the client will provide greater information and statistics concerning himself and his likes and dislikes. this can help in developing a more personalized marketing plan for certain. The marketing messages and different initiatives turn out to be more defined with this step. however, ensure that clients who don’t want to be tracked must be left alone and no longer disturbed.

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I think it's really hard to gain the trust of the clients. And in fact that's where the most of the journey goes. Most people focus on the marketing campaigns and the communication with the clients. But that does not always works out. And people need to understand that if they are to be using the influencer. That process takes years often.

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