Motivation Monday - Don't listen to the people who say you can't do something

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Motivation Monday - Don't listen to the people who say you can't do something

In the world of online marketing, most of us are learning on our own without having someone hold our hands through the process.  We usually get into online marketing because we want to make money online and then we get sucked into to the entire world of SEO, marketing, design, etc.  What would have happened if we listened to all of the naysayers in the beginning when we mentioned something along the lines of "I'm going to work online and make money!" we probably wouldn't be striving towards success online in order to be our own boss and have true freedom from the work zone environment.

People come from all different backgrounds and religions, but there is a bridge between us when it comes to online marketing.  We all love it and we all want to be the best at it, but you can't do that unless you're passionate and actually try, without giving up.

Be the dreamer you want to be, just like when you were a kid and wanted to be a Ninja or a Ballerina, don't let anyone stop you from thinking that way.  In this discussion, I'll be going over a few motivational things that I want you to read, bookmark, remember, and use to drive you day to day.

They say you can't do it because THEY can't do it
Most of the time when someone tells you that "You can't do it!" says this because they themselves haven't been able to do it or they haven't even tried.  People all around you will discourage your ideas because they think it isn't possible to do something, but that's just because they have no vision or drive, unlike you! 

Don't let people talk you out of your dreams
It's sad to say, but the majority of the time, the people closest to you are the ones who will crush your dreams.  Your friends and family will be the ones to tell you something can't be done or you shouldn't waste your time doing something because you'll never be successful at it.  What the f*ck do they know about your dreams and aspirations?!?!?! 

Don't let the negative people in your life drag you down with them.  Who are they to tell you that YOU can't do something with your life because they think you're going to fail.  No one can talk you out of your dream, but you can let them do it, so stay strong and driven.

Just because it's never been done, doesn't mean it's impossible
There have been plenty of modern breakthroughs because someone tried to do the impossible and made it possible.  There have been plenty of things, from the cars we drive today to the medical miracles saving lives, that were seen as insane but now are common things we see and use every day.  People will tell you something is impossible because they don't see how someone can achieve the impossible. 

Nothing is impossible, it's just improbable but can be overcome and be made a reality. 

People are building taller buildings every day, doing double backflips on dirtbikes, curing cancer, etc. and all of these were thought to be impossible before they were actually achieved.

Some of the greatest achievements came about because someone took a chance
Taking chances on something will only prove the naysayers wrong when you become successful.  People will say you shouldn't take a chance on something because you'll waste your time, invest too much money for a little payoff, hurt yourself, etc.  Prove them wrong and show them that the juice is worth the squeeze, and they should think before they tell you no Motivation Monday - Don

You have to break the rules, not the law, the rules
People are always afraid to break the rules, but in reality, this is what makes the world advance.  Playing it safe will keep you where your competitors are, so breaking a few rules here and there will open up some doors to success that others might not have access to.

Break the rules, not the law, rules are meant to be broken so try to go past them if you are going to be successful.  Breaking the law is, well, against the law and isn't something you should be doing.  Be great and become successful.

Pain is temporary, quitting lasts forever
There are two different types of defeat.  You can either lose and give up or you can lose and keep on pushing forward.  There have been many times that I've written here on SEOclerks and I talk about how you need to learn from your mistakes and not let them defeat you. 

If you lose, keep on pushing forward because you don't know how long it will be until you'll be successful.  Sure, it could take 3 months or 3 years before you make any money doing what you love.  But it will be a great day when you can tell your boss that you're done working for him/her after 2 weeks lol.

If you lose and then quit, that will stick with you forever.  You can't wipe this clean from your conscience, it will stick with you forever.  Quitting because you give up is worse than being defeated, you're giving up on your goals, aspirations, and dreams.   Never quit, never give up, always be striving to succeed and get to the point where you want to be when it comes to working online.  You can be successful Motivation Monday - Don

In Conclusion
People will always tell you "NO" and you will need to ignore them.  When I started off, I couldn't afford a website design so a friend set up something for me and told me "I'll do this for you, but I don't think you're going to make more than $400 a year with it".  I proved him so wrong and over the years he was always telling me that I couldn't do something.  It's probably no surprise that I don't talk to this guy anymore, I had to cut him out because he was always negative and telling me "NO".  Fast forward almost 13 years and I run an online marketing company here in Chicago and have plenty of happy clients paying me each month for something they can't hold in their hands, increased rankings and more leads Motivation Monday - Don

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Amen to this post! This is so true--the naysayers should never be allowed to keep us down. For example, I have been chasing my dreams as a writer for 25 years now, and it is finally starting to pay off! I had plenty of people along the way try to tell me to give up on my dreams, but I never did--in some ways, I do not even think that I ever could! I had a lot of writer friends, as well, who gave up on the way, and I wonder if they regret it ever. In any case, I am in my forties, but now I have two booms out on good presses, and I am doing readings and presentations regularly to great crowds who are buying my books. If I had listened to others and given up along the way, I never would have had this experience.

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As one of our college professors always say, keep away from negative people because their negativity might rub off on you. Truly if you hear something negative most of the time, your subconscious may be digesting those discouragements in life. Motivation always comes from positive aspects in life like encouragements, success stories, good advice and recommendations. And trying until you succeed is the motto of successful people. Bear in mind that you cannot be lucky all the time, you also need to exert effort and do hard work.

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I find that, in my life, and from what I can observe in the lives of others, that this is completely true. I am like a sponge, emotionally in many ways--I think it is called being "empathic"--so, it is all too easy for me to absorb the emotions, feelings, and moods of others. I can really get bogged down when I am around negative types, especially in the workplace, and sometimes I just want to grab them and tell them to lighten up already! It is no one else's place to tell you who you are or what you should be. Sure, it is good to get constructive criticism, perspective, or advice, but there's a big difference between that and the way truly negative people can drag you down.

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A negative mindset kills off your wining spirit before you even started. So therefore, it's very important that you evade listening to people who would feed your thoughts with negative thinking which only works negatibky in bringing you down to your knees. Dealing with positive minded people is the best way to get things going well for you in a new week, I make sure to start my week in such manner.

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I agree with the whole chase your dreams and never give up! If you put your mind to it you can do anything and there is always room for someone new. And I don't want to sound like a Debbie downer but not everyone is going to make it big. But as long as you give it you're all you already have more success than 90% of the people out there. Most people simply can not be bothered to lift a finger to help themselves!

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Naysayers should be avoided because they will drag you down because either they really don't have the ability to do what you can or they are failures. But self-doubt must be overcome because that is more dangerous than naysayers. It will not only drag you down, it will hold you back to take action and could kill your dreams.

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I agree agree agree! The biggest risk most of us face is having someone talk you out of your dream. Working online is a new phenomena not many people know you can make a living online, you get asked questions like why don' you get a real job?I say do your own thing and what you believe in. If it's never been done you can be the first one to do it. We are all different what's meant for me is not necessarily the best thing for you. Personally I'm done working for someone else and I fully intend this to work out for me.

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There are just various people who sure know how to discourage people, they belittle them with words further subjecting them to psychological abuses. What you tell people with how you treat them matters, some might not want favours just kind words and sincere pats at the back can push them higher.

I had to let go of such friends who don't say good words of hope to me and family members with such characteristics got avoided too, life is short to have those types of people around, they are unhealthy to be around with.

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When I started working online there were many people who discouraged me stating that it is difficult to earn online and I will never be successful. I didn't listen to them because I know that I was doing the right thing. I am glad that I never listened to them. I earn more online than I was earning in the previous offline job. Another advantage of working as a freelancer is flexibility. You are your own boss. You plan your own time and set your deadlines.

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In motivational video which i created about 3 years ago ( there is one sentence where it says "Get losers out of your life" etc...
Whoever told you that something can't be done, just don't even listed to them, get them out of your way like all negative people!

Remember that long ago many thing were impossible! For example communicatig by other people from one side of planet to another, but there was phone invented, them internet, then mobile phones and who knows what else future will bring...

Less then 100 years ago it was impossible to make car with more then 1 cylinder but... someone invented while most of others thought it can't be done....

For some things you will need much efforts to bring them a live, but as long you have high hopes, good motivation and believes in your self, all could be done (even impossibles) Motivation Monday - Don

Head UP ;)

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yep i really dont like it when people say weird stuff or push me to complete the work

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At the very start of your career, the biggest obstacle you have to overcome is doubting yourself. If you keep doubting yourself, whatever discouragement people throw in your way will always lead to you quitting even before you have started. Sure, there will be obstacles as there always are, but always think about your past successes in life and you will see that in those times, you believed more than you doubted.

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In life their will always someone who will drag you down but don't mind them. Just do if what is your passion in life. Don't get discouraged if someone told you that you can't but instead believe in yourself, motivate yourself. Their will be times that you will feel down but that is just normal every successful individuals have experience that. Just don't forget that their are people who are always their to support you.

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You're right! Thanks for these tips. We truly needs to be determined in life. Confidence in God and in ourselves is needed to be successful in what we want to do. Let us not believe people what they are saying about ourselves.

You can be who you want to be. You can do what you want to do. Its our free will. We can decide on our own what we want to do. Thanks for your motivations to be victorious in every situation and challenges in life.

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Confidence is what we need to take up the challenges that life has given us. When we have no confidence in ourselves then it is like we are an orphan who is lost in the woods. We should always be aware of our knowledge particularly our expertise that we can put them to good use for the benefit not only for ourselves but also for the benefit of the others who may be depending on you.

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