Affiliate strategy with coupons.

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Affiliate strategy with coupons.

Hi. I would like to ask the community for help as Iam new to affiliate.

i have got access to give out free coupons and I have nearly 2million affiliate clicks but unfortunately no affiliates .

Can anyone share some strategy and how I can target the right audience.
my website is and the traffic is good ???? but there is no conversion .

i should be able to gain affiliates with the coupons . If anyone can share how I can proceed with coupon and market them I would appreciate it.

thanks for your help in advance.


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If you have over 2,000,000 clicks and no conversions, something is seriously wrong.

First off, this is in your footer... SeoClerks Affiliate
That will need to be removed asap as it basically tells people they can just go right to SEOclerks instead of working with your website. It's a simple tweak to the footer code, any programmer or web designer can take that out for a dollar or two.

Your website has some ads on it, which seems like a good thing, but if you want to be taken serious as a marketplace then you'll need to remove them. I know they may make you some money, but removing the ads will make it so the users see you as the top dog and not someone peddling other peoples services and not making enough money from them so now you have to put adsense on your pages.

There could be a problem with your traffic sources. I would avoid traffic exchanges at all costs unless you set up a landing page on a different domain and have a simple "Click Here" button for people to actually go to your website. What you'll need to do is have the button set up to open in a new tab, not the current tab. This is because people who are on auto surfs will let it run for hours on end and never see your website in their browser. If you're on a manual traffic exchange, people might not see your website still because they've become blind to the sites they're viewing. So by putting a big "Click Here" button in front of them, they're enticed to click it. If the button opens in a new tab then it will not close when the traffic exchange has them move on to a new site. The traffic exchange will keep working and you now have someone on your website who is interested Affiliate strategy with coupons.

Another good thing about this is that you don't waste your own bandwidth from the millions of page views coming through the traffic exchange. Set up your secondary landing page on a shared hosting account that has an unlimited plan and let it run. Your main hosting account won't take a hit because the landing page is catching all the pointless traffic but letting the real people go through to your main website Affiliate strategy with coupons.

If you're using PPC ads, you need to fix your targeting. I try to avoid third world countries because I can get 3,000 clicks a day but have 0 conversions. If you want to make money with PPC, you need to get better at optimizing your campaigns for the best conversions possible.

You didn't give us much information, so hopefully I hit the right nail on the head lol Affiliate strategy with coupons.



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You really said it all. I hope he/she will read up your comment and try to change some things in order to grow in the business of affiliate marketing. It's not easy, but definitely possible to improve on.

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Razzy mentioned some of the good pointers. This will allow you to go through the content on the site once again. Make those changes and see if that improves your website conversion.

I'd personally recommend you to check out how you are targeting. Find out your demographics and then build yourself on that demographics. It can be reasonable to say that some of the affiliates who make use of the coupons and the links are focusing more on the random traffic. Reduce that type of the traffic and target more on those who buy.

Hopefully this will help you get some conversion on your content and website eventually.

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Yes, I think more targeted traffic is your key to better and more conversions. Try to appeal to those who have a full interest in your website and go from there. There are lots of possibilities likely within your niche, and if you appeal to the right sources, you may be able to get the right balance between readership and conversions.

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I think this is good but not more effective because coupons are just to attract people need extra bonuses while they can forget about the quality of service that they will get.

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Hi. Thanks for the good advices.
Due to vacation i couldn't reply back.

My main source of traffic is from Facebook and Facebook groups and pages i have.
I have also build a Facebook shop with the services offered that leads people direct to the SEO & SMM services.
Facebook shop has all the detail about the price and offer so i believe the one who clicks on the service is interested in it.

Iam also member of several groups where i market the SEO services from my Facebook shop which then seems like if i myself offer these services .

I did buy some backlinks and other services which gave me some traffic but that was only for ranking .

I haven't done Adwords yet (as iam not sure how to start with it, but i am currently going through some suggestions and videos ) but i have done Facebook ads (with the shop and services offered) that gave me several likes and clicks . I targeted mostly small business owners and US, Canada and europe.

I will definitely try out the advices you guys gave me.

Thanks a lot.

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Is your traffic bought? This can be a good way to get an audience but there is often no way of ensuring that this kind of traffic converts. In my opinion it's often the traffic you can get in an organic way mostly through Seo that converts. All you need to do is find a course online through channels like udemy or take a personal course from an online marketing guru. I think in the long run that this is cheaper.

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