10 reasons your email marketing might be failing you

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10 reasons your email marketing might be failing you

When it comes to email marketing, it's actually one of the best and most effective methods of content marketing that is out there today.  Well, that is if you actually know what you're doing and can get it to work for you.  Email marketing seems pretty simple, all you have to do is get someones email and send out a message to them to get a sale, right?  Wrong!  

You will need to think a lot more into detail about how you're getting your emails, what you're sending out to these emails you've collected and even how the content you're sending out is worded.  It's actually pretty technical, but after you learn how to do it, you'll be a champ when it comes to email marketing lol.

I'm not here to tell you how to set everything up, because I don't have 6 free hours to go into detail on one discussion to explain everything.  Instead I'm going to go over 12 different reasons that you might be failing at email marketing.  Simply fixing these errors could turn you into a pro email marketer over night 10 reasons your email marketing might be failing you

1. Not sending confirmation emails to your opt ins
Sending out confirmation emails is one of the best ways to increase your subscriptions, but only around 25% of companies are even sending them out.  On another note, a confirmation email will show your customers that you're noticing them even after they signed up for your newsletter.  I would highly recommend setting up confirmation emails to people who opted into your list, you will increase user loyalty and they will likely open your emails more often 10 reasons your email marketing might be failing you

2. You don't have any sort of Call to Action
By adding a call to action in your titles and the top of your body, you will notice an increase in your click throughs because people are more intrigued when they see "Buy Now" or "Shop Now" or something similar in the title of their emails.

3. Your content is not relevant to why they signed up
If your visitors are signing up because they found your website through a dog blog, they will usually think you're a dog related website, if they didn't read anything on your pages lol.  But if you were talking about your dog sitting inside of your 1968 mustang convertible and that's the reason someone posted on the blog, you'll need to make sure people know what they're signing up for.  I know it's not your fault for the share, but it will be your fault if you don't show images related to your can and make it known that the people singing up are going to get car related emails, not puppies and dog tips lol.

4. Your emails are going out at the wrong time.
This is a big one because a lot of newbie email marketers will think "Hey, I'm sending them the email and they can read it later when they decide to check their inbox" but that's the wrong way to think if you want to get the most out of your effort.  You need to figure out the best time to send out to your list and this means you'll need to do a bunch of split testing.  Figure out what times are best to send and get opens and clicks on your links within the emails.  After a few weeks you will have enough information to figure out the best days and times to send out your newsletters in order to get the best response.  Remember, every list is different so no one will be able to give you an exact time to send.

5. You aren't optimizing your subject well enough.
This relates to the call to action in your subject line, except this time you're using a few words to make your title compelling enough to get the clicks.  You will need to do split testing and figure out what works best.  I would run 10 different emails with 10 different titles and send them out gradually.  Don't send them all out within the same week because you'll just damage your list from people unsubscribing due to getting spammed all the time with newsletters.  They won't know you're testing, so you'll have to do it over time in order for it to be natural.

6. You're not personalizing your emails
Getting a little personal in your emails is ok, as long as you're not going into detail about your day to day actions and typing up how you feel at the moment lol.  Adding the users name is just fine and they will notice it.  They get so many emails saying "Hey There," or "Dear valued subscriber!" and that doesn't show you going the extra step and making the emails personalized. 

It's actually not even that difficult to get your emails to have the users name in it.  Most email services like MailChimp have a feature that will fill in the users name when you send out a newsletter 10 reasons your email marketing might be failing you  So use it!

7.  Email isn't your primary channel
We all know that social media marketing is an amazing thing when it comes to bringing in clients.  But if you knew how to properly do your email marketing you would crown a new king 10 reasons your email marketing might be failing you  Email marketing should be used as a primary way to keep in touch and convert your newsletter subscribers and turn them into a client.  It's much easier to bring in sales using email than it is using social media, mainly because the people on your list are already interested, so why wouldn't you be usin it as your primary focus?

8. You're emails aren't mobile friendly
A lot of times I'll hear someone complain about their open rates being great but their click throughs are horrible.  This could be to one little problem, and that's you not optimizing your emails for mobile devices.

Not too long ago Google said that it was switching up it's algorithm to prioritize mobile friendly, also known as responsive, websites for their search rankings.  This means that the majority of searches are now being done through mobile devices, so why wouldn't you be optimizing your newsletters for mobile devices since the majority of your readers are using them?

9.  You don't have much branding
Many people just send out emails and hope for the best, and this is a big No No when it comes to email marketing.  You need to get your name, logo, address, business name, etc. on the email and within it as well.  People want to see that you're sending from [email protected] and not [email protected] 

It looks much more professional when you brand you emails and the main reason for doing this is not just to look good, but because it builds trust with your readers.  People want to see a business sending them an email, and if they like what they see they will keep reading what's coming in.  They will trust you if you're branded 10 reasons your email marketing might be failing you

10. You're adding too much content
Yes, the more content you add on a web page is a good thing, but not when it comes to email marketing.  Many times I've seen someone sending me an email with 800+ words within it and I think to myself "Do they really think I'm going to take the time to read through all of this and then click a link?"  lol 10 reasons your email marketing might be failing you

You need to keep your emails short and sweet because people have short attention spans and will click away as soon as they get bored.  You'll need to entice them to click through in as little amount of content as possible.  Learn how to convert people within 5 to 8 seconds of reading and you will sky rocket your conversions 10 reasons your email marketing might be failing you

In Conclusion:
You might be failing at email marketing due to one, 3 or all of the reasons I listed above.  A lot of these are extremely quick fixes and others just take some reading and understanding in order to know what to do when it comes to composing your message 10 reasons your email marketing might be failing you  Learn what you need to be doing and then do it, don't listen to others when they say they had a bad experience with email marketing, they likely did all of the negative things I talked about above lol 10 reasons your email marketing might be failing you

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All those are good insights, but #3 is the one that I think is the most important. Personalization is critical to email marketing. And I'm not talking personalizing like you're talking here, with users names. I'm talking about sending emails that have information and offers aligned with the person's interest, needs, and wants.

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That #3 is actually happening now with the prevalence of SEO methods. That example of getting a subscriber from another niche may not really be interested in your niche so that your email will just be ignored. Now the question is how to minimize such wasted emails? I know that there is no expense for that extra email. My point is how could we use that email to get the interest of someone that is not interested in the niche of your site.

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Food for thought for sure. It is really important that you have these bases covered when you are sending emails. These are just some of the important things to consider when setting up a campaign. I think that the options are virtually endless and you need to understand them all really when sending email.

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Understanding the audience and how they react to promotional emails is one key aspect that I wish some of the firms invloved would take a look at. I mean that it's not always that easy, but understanding them is key as well.

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Certainly emails that doesn't sync with the content of the blog could be a loss mail.Users might only be interested in the contents of ones blog.

Timing is also pertinent,I know a lot of people open their mails early in the morning or late at night.Any of this time should be used to capture the interest of users.

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Sending mails during the day can look professional and considerate as well. This is going to give the readers that mindset that you truly care about how they feel about these mails as well.

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I think reminding your customers they need to opt in to emails is an important point to remember. I mean if they don't take that step, they are unlikely to get further emails from you, and you won't benefit from them.

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Too much content is one of the most important things to consider when you are sending emails as part of your marketing strategy. The problem with a lot of people is that they tend to just try and put as much information into their emails as they can which is a mistake. Try and condense your information so your user only reads the most important information.

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My two favorite suggestions here are the "call to action" and the "personalize your email" ideas. I think that people really under-estimate and under-use emails in their promotion of their blogs, forums, sites, and products. If you use emails strategically and with courtesy and common sense, they can really be an effective booster to everything you are doing online. People get so much spam mail, and I think that they enjoy personalized emails which speak to them on an individual level--I know that I myself appreciate that. Also, the call to action approach is a great way, I think, to snag new audiences and peripheral audiences who are not AS familiar with what you are doing online.

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Email marketing did not work for me therefore I stopped. I had a small list, just about 200 subscribers. I developed this list from the people who had subscribed my blogs and who left comments on my blogs. Since these people already knew my websites and blogs, I thought they were interested ib receiving periodic email from me. I created an account with mailchimp and began sending emails. The conversion rate was so low that I decided not to send any more emails. I don't know why my emails did not convert. However, after reading this post, it struck me that it might be because my emails were going out at the wrong time

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One core point that I took out is the need to ensure that the contents of the mail is what the audience really need. I've seen email marketers that didn't really take that aspect serious and it affected the responses they get as well.

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You have to get the audience just for what they need or at least what they usually pay attention to (this is like a golden rule 10 reasons your email marketing might be failing you). It may not be exactly what you want to work with, but life is not a sea of ​​roses, right?

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All 10 reasons are many relevant (by the way, thanks for sharing them with us), but I think the option 3. Your content is not relevant to why they signed up is the most important among them all.

The reason?

Because when what you write is not interesting enough (and obviously something badly written) for other people, they will make no effort to read what is written.

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I think problem with the email marketing is that a lot of people are signing up for freebie. And they leave the list after they get the freebie. And that in itself is going to make the difference. You have to find people who are going to remain with you for long. And then build on top of those type of the email marketers. You can see that some of such email marketing campaigns are going to have their set of the issues too. So it all depends on how you are executing.

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I don't use eMail marketing, but I receive eMails from others who do and I can tell that Number 10 - content overload - will usually make me send a communication straight to the trash can. Hey! I get hundreds of eMails per day. Get to your point quickly or you'll lose me. I know I'm not the only one like that.

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I think that point #3 is the most important to understand. As I see the habits of internet users now, they are short-sighted and has short attention span. Even in reading blogs, they usually read only the first paragraph and skip if they don't find it relevant. That is very true in checking emails. Take it from me, I also check my spam folder. And I tend to open emails with a subject that looks interesting and relevant to me. But those emails that are obviously spam, well, they get ignored.

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