How to embed http content in an iframe on a https page

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How to embed http content in an iframe on a https page

Hi there, I seem to have ran into a problem. My website is secured. It has ssl thus it shows https on my url. I'm working on a chatbot at I tried using their code and put it on my website but it didn't work. So my only option was to embed the chatbot I created on a page on my website using an iframe.

Now I did this using a WordPress plugin but the content didn't show on my page it was just blank. I then found out that embedding something from a http or unsecured website to a https secured website is not allowed by major web browsers. This is called mixed content. is an unsecured site while mine is secured. Now this really sucks as I cannot embed and show the chatbot I created on on my site.


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You won't be able to do it. Maybe there is a solution but to the best of my knowledge, if there is any type of unsecured content or HTTP links on your website then the site won't be secure. I wonder why Rebot doesn't have an SSL certificate, maybe you could send them an email and suggest it. The only fix for this is to probably find an alternative to Rebot.

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Yep, I think you're right. I've tried a lot of things. I even tried to set an iframe to a page on my website which would then redirect to my rebot Chabot but still it doesn't work. I've tried searching for other Chabots but rebot is the only Chabot service that let's you easily create a Chabot without limitations and use it completely free. Other Chabot services offer limited functionality for their free packages.

In also a wondering why rebot still hasn't shifted to https. They have been in the industry for 3 years now. They should at least get ssl for their site.

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DarthHazard is correct. If Rebot does not have an SSL properly setup this won't work through their system.

Our chat bot system works very similarly and may be able to work while https is enabled via a script embed. You can see a demo of our chat using the link below. If you would like to try it, please our from our services and provide your questions and answers. We offer a %100 money back guarantee if it still does not work for some reason.

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I have used Nodejs chatbox on my HTTPS website. And it seems to be working. I don't know what seems to be the problem you have in your end. So you may have to try to find solution for it. HTTPS should not stop you from using the sockets and other libs. So it must be something different that you may need to fix here. I wonder what else you can do in that case for setting up the page content.

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