Simple SEO services you can quickly deliver to your clients - Tutorial

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Simple SEO services you can quickly deliver to your clients - Tutorial

SEO takes time, most people know that and fortunately, most serious clients already know this fact.

On-Page optimization takes time depending on the website and depending on how many problems you need to fix. Depending on the issues after an on-page SEO audit you may discover problems where you will need outside help from developers or designers.

But what are some cool SEO services you can offer that have a big impact and are easy to implement?

  • structure data
  • AMP (Accelerated mobile pages)
If you are familiar with both SEO practices, then it won't take long until you can reach a master level from an implementation point of view. The faster you can implement them the more clients you can get.
The only thing you really need to work on beforehand and invest quite a lot of time in creating is the pitch. It needs to be a custom made PDF document specially created and designed for every client.

At first, you need to create the template, make sure you explain what both structure data and AMP mobile pages are, outline the benefits in a clear simple to understand fashion. One cool thing I'm doing at this point is including print-screens of my client's competitors that use AMP and structure data already. This way, I'll create a sense of urgency in the client's mind: "if everyone else is doing it, why should I be left behind".
Other relevant data may be added in this pitch depending on your client's niche and industry and how exactly structure data and AMP may help his/her/their business.

Create and send these pitches to multiple past clients or potential clients. It took me around 10 minutes to create a custom pitch once I had the template plus another 5 minutes for writing a custom email to the clients attaching my pitch in that email.
All in all, I've sent about 10 emails my first day doing this and got approved by 6 clients. In truth most of them are past clients that trust me, I think this method can be implemented in-mass and can be done even here on SEOclerks.

So how exactly do you offer these services fast turning a profit around?

1. structure data can be implemented with the help of Google Tag Manager. So all you need to GTM access and a JSON-LD schema generator.
You can find a very complex one here: - as far as I know, this is actually the complete library. If you want to add some special markups and structure data, this is the way you do it.
If you just want to add basic structure data every website should have I suggest using a tool like this one: - this guy made a really helpful tool.
The basic structure data markups are Local Business; Person; Product; Event; Organization and Website. I recommend implementing all of them if possible.
Note: Before delivering make sure you do a test with Google Structured data testing tool here:

2. Implementing AMP. I usually work with WordPress based sites and because I lack programming skills I'm unable to make a proper implementation of AMP on a non-Wordpress site.
But as far as Wordpress goes, implementing AMP is child play of you can understand some basic SEO and design concepts.
I use 2 plugins to make everything happen: and (By Ahmed Kaludi, Mohammed Kaludi)
Install and activate both plugins. Now the second plugin, the one developed by Ahmed Kaludi and Mohammed Kaludi will make configuring AMP a lot easier. Just follow the instructions and steps inside the plugin. As I said, if you have some basic design, programming and SEO knowledge, using and configuring this plugin at its full capacity is a piece of cake. You will end up with a custom looking AMP page that fits your client's needs.

Note: Keep in mind there is a learning curve for all of the above. At first, you won't be very productive, but after you gain 5 implementations under your belt you will become highly efficient that's when the money will start coming. Just make sure you constantly gain new clients, even if it will just be about this project, you will have your foot through the door and most of the will definitely be opened for future collaborations.


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Very interesting! This is a template that can be used not only for my clients but also for my own projects. Thanks for this post.

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Interesting read. I have found that for business SChema is definitely something worth taking a look at. The rich snippets are too important to ignore. And many business need to consider having it setup properly. As far as the address and the images locations are concerned. That should allow anyone to manage the services properly. I have seen people who can use this effectively.

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learning in progress, this is quite insightful.Would take this one at a time and see how it goes.

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AMP is really amazing, i'm eager to learn more about it and see its impact in the future.

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Thanks for the information but there is something I don't get well on implementing AMP, are those plagins Seo's or by different individuals???
I think it's good to boost your blogs with whatever it takes to make the user experience good that way he or she will come back and why not even subscribe on your website.

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I am interested in the AMP because I have read in several news items that mobile browsers have dominated the internet now against the computer browsers which means the site should be responsive. Think if your site wouldn’t run properly when opened by a mobile browser, the user will exit and may not return anymore. AMP or accelerated mobile pages is clearly what the term means and it got me interested because mobile users have short attention span and they want quick display of the pages.

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