5 ways to create a company atmosphere even if your business is 100% online

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5 ways to create a company atmosphere even if your business is 100% online

When you think of a work environment you think of a 1 hour break with a coworker or a break room with free snacks, right?  What if you were a company that was only online and your employees were too?  How would you go about creating a company atmosphere when no one is in the same room or building as each other?  Well it's not as difficult as you would think, you can actually do it in 5 easy ways that don't take much time off of your hands 5 ways to create a company atmosphere even if your business is 100% online

Businesses that are going solely online are becoming more popular as the years go on.  10 years ago it was unheard of that a business had employees but the CEO or manager never met them in person.  Now it's becoming more and more popular because you can access a bigger pool of talent and not just what is in your local area.  Because of this, business owners are hiring outside of their country because they can usually get a lower rate for someone that knows much more than what you could get locally.

Below I will go over 5 ways in which you can create a company atmosphere even if your business is 100% online.

1. Think about the diverse personalities
Whenever you have employees working in an office, as well as remote employees, you will always have an extremely diverse personality pool.  No two people will be identical, even if they are twins.  You will have introverts and extroverts within your employees.

  • Introvert: Someone who can get the job done by themselves and not need a team.
  • Extrovert: Someone that needs to work with others to get a common goal achieved

Now those are just my definitions for this discussion, the actual definitions are a little different lol.

The best way to keep everyone on track is to have something like a skype group or setting up discord (similar to Skype) so that you can all talk together.  You can have separate groups for each division and one main one for general discussions and updates. 

2. Don't change their work habits
I know that I had an odd schedule when it comes to working online, and I'm sure there are a lot of people just like me.  I will sometimes work from 9am to 10pm or I will work from 10am to 2pm and then from 9pm to 6am.  If I'm getting my work don, I'm happy 5 ways to create a company atmosphere even if your business is 100% online 

You'll have to figure out what works for each individual person so that you're not stepping on any toes and also so that you're not scheduling something when half of your team is asleep lol.  I know that scheduling something at 10am Central time is great for most people, but what about the guy who just coded something until 6am and is now asleep?  If you do schedule something, make sure it's 2 weeks in advance and that everyone knows.  You will also need to update people when the date is getting closer so that they don't sleep in when they're suppose to be on Skype or Discord.

3. Have Meetups (if possible)
When you're working online and have a digital team around the world, you might not be able to get everyone in the same room at the same time.  But on the rare occasion that you can get everyone together, you need to make it a fun time.

I would recommend, if you're making enough money, to have at least 1 meetup each year with your team and plan some fun activities so that it's memorable.  After all of that, let everyone be a tourist for the day and have schedule a dinner at night.  This will let them be on vacation for the day and they can do what they want while knowing they have to be somewhere at a certain time.

4. Encourage Individual Chats
This is a great way to build up your teams moral and structure.  If you're encouraging them to talk to each other by adding one another on Skype or discord, they will learn who everyone is and make their own bonds.  This will only strengthen when you eventually get everyone in one room 5 ways to create a company atmosphere even if your business is 100% online

5. Mention your goals and vision regularly
When it comes to remote teams, having a goal is good, but getting reminded of that goal once or twice a month is better because it will help people stay on track.  Working remotely will always lead you in different directions, but if you're reminded of your jobs and goals, you're more likely to stay on track and get everything done on time 5 ways to create a company atmosphere even if your business is 100% online

You don't always need an office to have an office atmosphere.  If you do everything right, you can have the right atmosphere and keep everyone's spirits high by letting them work from the comfort of their own couch.  I've been on a few of these teams in the past and some are great while others break apart fairly quick because of egos.

In Conclusion:
You can run a digital office by letting people be themeselves and only hiring those who will mesh well with the entire team.  Hiring 10 people with egos the size of Jupiter won't work because they will always butt heads.  Figure out what works, and you will be happy that you took the time to do so 5 ways to create a company atmosphere even if your business is 100% online

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Some really useful tips, thanks for a great post.

Another useful idea would be to have links to all team members profiles. This must not only show qualifications and skills, it must show a glimpse into that persons life. People relate better to each other with some personal knowledge and insight.

For example, "loves coffee and cricket, has five small kids" sounds more approachable than "CEO, analyst "

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If the profile we are talking about is not public then I guess it is good to have a glimpse of their personal life like their hobbies and occupation other than work. If they are into sports as players or maybe a consultant for herbal plants then that would be amusing and interesting for other members of the team. An online team can be like an offline team if there is constant communication among the members.

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This kind of informations are really helpful. Nowadays it is getting more common to hear about companies that works 100 percent online. That has several advantages but it is bad when you don't get your workers to feel actually as a part of a real company. Sharing goals and visions with the team is such a great idea.

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I think having a good project manager always helps. As that person can tell you what to do and what not to do in that case. You can see that in some cases you'd be having hard time trying to build culture. Also people are not easy to adjust online. So you have to be positive and treat every work as an opportunity in that case. I think each project and the type of the work that you can carry out in that context would be different.

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Hi there,
Thanks for your nice sharing again. You always try to share some good knowledgeable things with us. Again I read your all points and it is really informative, specially when we are doing business as online basis. As local business owner has chance to pass boring time by doing some physical activity with co-worker. But, as online professional it is really difficult to make same atmosphere when business is online. I do agree with your one to five points. Specially I like your last point like mention your goal and vision with team. And it is really importance to achieve goal by team work, and as a team leader or business leader always need to mentioned them meet about target. Number four also very much importance for team communication. Either target or goal may misguided, it may be by skype or other remote or online soft like teamviewer.

Thanks again for sharing practical knowledge base post

Regards by ajlancer

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Really good job on this article! Continue the good work. I really liked when u mentioned the individual encouragement chats, these is the type of work that is most impactful, in my opinion. Your employee will be very satisfied to talk with the boss about many subjects and get encouraged by it.

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Thanks for this insightful content. The advent of technology and internet marketing has really made things a lot more easy for our generation. One can now learn tons of concepts in addition to earning from home.

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Really useful information. Sometimes people can get too friendly or too complacent because they don't have a boss yelling at them, or sometimes everything seems so cold. You should always know your team like they are your friends, and the meetups idea can really help with this. Excellent idea when you said they should be themselves because trying to force something on someone can have bad consequences.

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I have seen companies wherein every morning before the start of their shifts, they gather around as if discussing something. It's as if they are being notified or informed of the goals and tasks for the day. I find this as a very helpful and productive habit that every company should have. Meetings like this may be simple but it is more than enough to keep a workforce together. This is a very good example for number five.

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Very interesting tips.

I have been working online for over 5 years and I confess that tip number 2 is the most important to me. If you want to keep the professional atmosphere at your job then you have to maintain good professional habits.

Thank you for sharing this with us!

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This is quite educative.i have always wanted to make my blogs more official like if I'm really in an office environment working.

I have been able to execute that,I have a specific place I blogged, wear my official clothes and attend to things that pertain to my blogs as if I'm in an office.

so the points up there are quite valid and up-to date.

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I agree with you to mension goals Regularly help employees to always remember whey they need more effort because they know where they are heading, Plus To let people be themselves this helps a lot as someone who tries to make money online I always prefer the jobs I can do any time I want than the ones I have to be present at a specific hour.

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I have online as well as offline business. While my online business does not have any staff, full time or part time, my offline business has 5 staffs. My online business is Amazonn affiliate store. I make money when the visitors buy Amazon products from my website. My offline business is a dairy farm. I sell milk in order to make money.
based on my experience I can say, you will have to be dedicated and have lots of patience in order to succeed. You also need to treat your business seriously.

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That's a very interesting article. I think having group conversations through Skype is a really good thing. It will enable all the team members to share about their successes or any problem they are encountering. The Skype platform can equally be used to motivate the employees. Reminding the employees about your goals are definitely important to make sure that everyone is aware what is expected of them and that they actually work to achieve the company's goals.

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I think the meet ups is vital to the cooperation and coordination of the working team particularly if your business is online and team members don’t meet each other regularly. Interaction is different when you know the co-worker personally because at least you have a clear idea of the person’s character. It’s not easy to work with someone whom you haven’t met yet especially if you are working as a team. Meet ups should be on a regular basis to foster brotherhood and camaraderie.

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