PR and optimization of websites/blogs

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PR and optimization of websites/blogs

So I was browsing the net about SEO things and I stumble upon this PR thing and I understand that it is a ranking of your website or blog. How do I increase my blog's PR? And how do I optimize it?

Sorry for the noob questions. I trust that you guys know more about this and I'd appreciate all your inputs.


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There have some condition to make page rank for a website. The first condition- the website content should need to be 100% unique. Secondly your website on page and off page optimization factors should need to be OK. On page and off page optimization is the part of white hat SEO. White hat SEO is the best SEO in this world to get the page rank within 90 days after indexing with Google search engine.


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I just want to say that you should not apologize for being a "noob"--I know that is part of the online culture, but we all had to start somewhere, and essentially, everyone had "noob" status to begin with. I approach this environment everyday knowing that I am just a sponge at these forums, and elsewhere, and I am even pleasantly surprised when I click on something that I did not know much about, or normally would not be interested in, and suddenly I have a totally new learning experience. I will look into white hat SEO, and I will have to teach myself about it, but that is what these forums are about in many ways--learning from each other.

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I think Page Rank of Google has been declared obsolete as I had read in some discussions. But anyway, page rank is affected by the SEO work that you will do to your website. First and foremost of this is the regular uploading of fresh and high quality contents. It will serve as signal to the search engine to be considered for the search list. With the images, I guess they also add to the SEO capability of the website.

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