10 social media laws you need to abide by

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10 social media laws you need to abide by

Getting started with social media may seem easy, but there are some things that you need to abide by in order to stay in the good graces of everyone.  You will never build a foundation for your website or business if you break one or all of these social media laws that I'll be going over in this discussion lol.  Of course these aren't enforced by any of the social media platforms, this is more of a guideline on what you should and shouldn't be doing when it comes to social media.

Now then, let's get started with the 10 social media laws you need to abide by

Law 1: Listening
When it comes to social media and posting content, you need to listen more than you type.  This will give you a better understanding of your target market and what their voices are saying in general.  If you're listening, you can craft content that will get more engagement because you know what they're looking for 10 social media laws you need to abide by

Law 2: Focus
Think of exactly what you want to be seen doing and try not to post about too many broad topics.  It's better to be seen a specialist in one field than someone who is just good at many things.  Stick to your guns and post only what your business is about in order to get the flow of followers coming in.

Law 3: Quality
Building a quality following is always better than quantity.  Sure, you can pay someone $10 to add 1,000 istagram followers to your account, but that doesn't do anything besides inflate your numbers.  It's better to have 1,000 followers built over time who are active than 1,000 fake accounts following you.  The reasoning is pretty obvious on this one, you will get more engagement with real people.

Law 4: Patience
You won't see success in social media overnight.  It's definitely possible to get trending and have a load of people come in overnight, but it's easier to get struck by lightning a second time lol.  It's better to build your following over time and not focus on exactly how quick you're building, be patient and you'll be rewarded in the long run 10 social media laws you need to abide by

Law 5: Compounding
When it comes to social media, everything is compounding.  This means that every post you make, even something from last year, will help build your business to greater heights.  You never know what post will rise to the top and bring in a bunch of traffic.  You could post something 6 months ago it randomly gets shared by someone and now you're seeing more sales coming in.  Imagine if you've been posting high quality content every day, how many times do you think an old post will come back into the light and bring in some traffic?

Let's say you post twice a day and your competitor is only posting once a week.  At the end of the year your competitor will have 52 posts which have a chance of bringing in traffic while you have 730 10 social media laws you need to abide by  Your social media posts are compounding and that little example proves it 10 social media laws you need to abide by  Just make sure the content you're posting is good and doesn't look spammy 10 social media laws you need to abide by

Law 6: Influence
This is a newer trend when it comes to social media.  You'll need to contact influencers in your niche and try to build a business relationship with them.  You can work with them in order to get your posts on their own profiles, which will bring in traffic to your own pages or your website.

Eventually you will become an authority yourself and people will begin to follow you simply because of that.  Being an authority in your own niche will open up so many doors and have other influencers contacting you 10 social media laws you need to abide by

Law 7: Value
If all you're doing is promoting your services or products, people will begin to unfollow you or revisit your website.  You want to stay on top of your industries trends and publish content that your followers want to read and share with others.

Law 8: Acknowledgment
If someone was talking to you face to face you wouldn't ignore them, right?  So don't ignore anyone on social media when they ask a question or reach out to you.  There is someone on the other end of those comments and questions, so reach back out and acknowledge them 10 social media laws you need to abide by

Law 9: Accessibility
You need to be available for someone to contact you through your social media profiles.  Publishing content on your profiles and then never coming back to engage with anyone who is contacting you, you will only notice that those people will begin to unfollow you and find your competitors.

Law 10: Reciprocity
If you're not sharing other people content, don't expect them to share yours.  When someone sees "John Doe shared your post" they will almost always come to your page and see what you're about.  They will likely follow you in return because if you like what they posted, it means you have mutual thoughts 10 social media laws you need to abide by

Now I'm not telling you to just go out and share whatever you can, I'm telling you to share what you like on other profiles but don't get too crazy about it because you still need to remember that it's your profile 10 social media laws you need to abide by

In Conclusion:
Following these 10 laws will help you when it comes to running the best social media campaigns possible.  You will be engaging people, posting quality content, acknowledging followers and so many more things.  Your profiles will begin to snowball with followers and eventually you will be the authority within the niche 10 social media laws you need to abide by

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Great tips!

I think the law number 1 is very important. I see many people impatient with their social media results simply because they do not know how to listen to their audience. Instead, they simply fill their pages with low relevance posts and do not understand why the strategy is not working. Listening to your audience is the first step to knowing what is the most appropriate type of content for your social media strategy.

Thank you for sharing this with us!

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Indeed. Thank you Raz!

Quality and value for me are the most important factors to consider when you want your social media account, page or group to be successful. With good quality content that attracts a lot of people, you will surely have a booming number of visitors if you follow these laws.

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These are all great tips. I am still very new into social media, and I am glad I read this post. I just recently read about being focus, and found the areas I would like to participate in. There are always learning in our life.

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Quite an interesting post we have here. I am not a big fan of social media to tell you the truth. I find it too superficial and pointless these days. Still, i think it's suicide if not plain madness to launch a business these days without backing it up by any kind of social media. I plan on starting an online business soon and It's good to have some guidelines to easy up the process.

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Excellent post! Number one and number four are key here. I agree, a lot of people grow impatient and want to see their social media grow fast. Many times not focusing on what their followers say. Growing in social media can take time, these tips will certainly help everyone have success.

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That #10 is the most important for me. I have a marker for my friends in Facebook so I know if they are reacting to my posts and to my comments on their posts. I check on my markers every month and I unfriend those who are not worthy of my attention. It's unfair for me to be reacting to their posts while they ignore mine. Just like in real life, reciprocity is what we call "give and take" relationship.

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Once again you have blown me away with your easy-to-read and we'll formatted tips. I'll definitely be sure to implement here into my social media ventures. Cheers!

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These are actually great brand management tips!

With brand management in mind, may I also add that you need to look at your competitors, and understand the main point of difference between you. Then you'll need to maintain that point of difference for your brand across time, emphasizing on its strength over the others.

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Awesome content. Not only are these tips effective as "social media laws" but a lot of them can apply to many different fields in life as well. They form a good foundation for healthy business and lifestyle practices. Particularly listening to others, maintaining your focus, keeping your patience through times of hardship, and maintaining a standard of high quality for the content you put out. These are all factors which will lead to your success no matter which field of life you apply them to.

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Great post

I subscribe with adding value. You don't have any business operating a social media account if do not add some sort of value to follower. Again adding value can help you business a lot because it has the capability to increase you following hugely. So always add value every way you can and watch your account grow on autopilot

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You couldn't have said it better buddie. I am 100% into your #1 point. Using social media without the ability to listen forward is an epic fail on one's career in that space. How do you interact with the people you don't understand their language? How do you know what language they speak? How do you know what their language demands? How do you add value to their language?
All of these questions are answered if one can cultivate the habit of listening to the audience in any medium.

Note: Language here is only arbitrary.

Listening helps to know what your immediate connections are doing, how they do it and what is required of you for effective communication. Otherwise, you'd be so dead on social media.

Thank you for this insightful post.

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I think that the focus and listening are very important in starting with using media, in fact, this is very difficult because you must know how to start and how to continue. Every mistake you may do may break the chain and cause you trouble. The most important thing to build a media recognition and have some successful campaigns is to post a quality content!

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Awesome post! I will definitely abide by these laws. For me, I subscribe to the law of value and quality. Quality content that add value to your followers is one of the key to keep them coming back for more. I mean, why would you like or follow a fan page if Didn't add anything to you?

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Thanks for sharing,I think the most point is don't ignore anyone.It could be very annoying that you're chatting one up and there's no response from their end.I feel it shows rudeness and uncultured life.The above tips should be adhered towhen we are socializing online.

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This reminds me of a friend who said she would not chat with me again because I was not replying to her messages. To be honest about the issue, I don’t chat with anyone unless it is a very important matter. I have no time to spend for a casual exchange of messages in social media particular with someone that I am not close. For me, it is all right to ignore those kind of people who are only for chatting.

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Good lists especially for someone like me that is really on most social media networks for the sole purpose of marketing my services. I will have to practice all to remain relevant on the sites.

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