seoclerks delete my gig

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seoclerks delete my gig

Recently i create a gig for YouTube views, likes,subscriber but after few moment seoclerks delete my gig. They send me message for why they delete my gig. But i can not edit my gig because they delete from there website. Please someone help me how can i create a gig for YouTube service.


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SEOClerk have some rules have to follow. SEOClerks have deleted 2 of my youtube service also today. But I have a youtube favorite service is active today. Like this:

There is no way to publish about any other services of youtube. Those are not allowed.


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Like centurion said, your job was likely deleted due to breaking some sort of rule that SEOclerks has in place.

You could also be linked to multiple IP addresses under the same account, so you might want to check that out.

If you truly don't understand why your job was deleted, I would suggest opening a support ticket and see if the staff can get everything resolved for you seoclerks delete my gig

I hope that helps you out with your concerns seoclerks delete my gig

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I have before created YouTube services and had them deleted , As I would be good at the services as well as I am good at getting YouTube likes. I might message support as well as I would like a service like this.

I don't see any instagram services any more have they stopped doing this services now ?

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As what the first 2 posters have said, you might have posted something that violates the SEOclerk rules and regulations, or maybe it was considered as a spam. Have you tried contacting the admin? If not, you should. And you may wait for up to 24 hours before they can reply back but rest assured your inquiries will be answered.

Thank you for posting!

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Hi thanks for your query. I think still you do not know about SEOclerks new Listing Guidelines and you may understand after reading this guideline what type of service now they are accepting or not. I try to brief you shortly . At this moment SEOclerks do not accept any new social network related service due to term of service by related social network. they also got notice by them. That is why they stopped service for Facebook, YouTube, pinterest, google related all like, followers, subscriber services. Even SEOclerks deleting service from existing seller. So, you do not try again for creating social network services. Rather, you can try for creating SEO related service, which well acceptable by SEOclerks.

Regards by Ajlancer

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May be your description matter is copyright, if your want to sell any services on seoclerks then you can use unique word of description

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