I am thinking of running a hosting service here ? Not sure

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I am thinking of running a hosting service here ? Not sure

So I have been on here for a while and also with my hosting provider and I been thinking of becoming a reseller ..
But not sure as I could sell as one of my services but not sure if Its a wise decision this is why I am creating this service so if anyone got any tips , or suggestions please let me know. I am wanting to know if it be successfull as I don't want to purchase a reseller account with my provider if I think I may not produce sales .

Just stuck on what to do please help me decide , as I want to as it will benefit others as well.


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Hosting resellers are making a killing if you are dedicated to setting up the accounts, managing everything as well as doing all the proper online marketing and advertising for it. I was actually in the hosting reseller game a while back and made a decent profit from it. The only downside is that I was reselling SEO servers and the hosting company, where I put up my website, deleted my site because people complained or it was against the rules.

Basically you'll have to find a website that will allow a hosting website, unless you have your own server. Some companies will see you as competition and not allow you to have a hosting website on their servers. Even if you're not directly a competitor, like I was, they will delete you because there could be a slim chance you switch gears and become a competitor. Now I was on a smaller company, nothing like Hostgator or GoDaddy, so that could also be why I had my website deleted.

I didn't run my hosting services through the company I was hosting the website on, mainly because I already had the hosting account set up and just had to aim my domain at the server. I thought I was saving some money, but I ended up getting everything deleted lol. It was kind of a niche market so I didn't make as much as if you were selling $5 hosting plans. I was selling $250 a month servers and paying $150 a month for them. I would get a sign up, accept the payment, go to my reseller panel and purchase with the clients information in it. I had an agreement with a hosting company, who will remain nameless, that I would send them these leads for a nice markup since they didn't actually offer SEO software servers as one of their services. We agreed that it would remain a secret and we'd work within the shadows since it was frowned upon when you had your own hosting company. Some people just don't care and want to report you for any means they can in order to take down your website, so this is why he was outsourcing the lead generation to credible people I am thinking of running a hosting service here ? Not sure

For the marketing, you'll want to hit forums pretty hard and optimize all of your sales threads for the search engines. Having a nice inforgraphic on your sales thread is great, but that's not optimizing it for the search engines. Put a paragraph at the top of the sales thread and optimize it for your keywords, this way you're piggy backing off of their authority and possibly getting some top rankings for your thread. You can always build some high quality links to the sales thread to give it an additional boost in the SERPs and eventually it will help out you own website in the rankings since you're getting backlinks from the forums I am thinking of running a hosting service here ? Not sure

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Have a wonderful day.

Thank you very much for writing on here. Its a nice decision if you want to become a hosting re seller. Now a days cloud server are very much popular. Your hosting server should need to give all updated facilities. If you start your career as a hosting re seller than you have to inform every one that what great facilities you have and than people will start buying your service.


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As far as I know, you can totally sell hosting services here on SEOclerks as a monthly requiring service. Meaning once someone buys your service it will automatically repeat the order every month as a billing cycle.

So if you have the means to become a reseller do it, just make sure you are able to offer a good enough of an offer so that people could flock to your service instead of going to a hosting company.

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I have also a question. I want to sell my domains and flip websites. I don't see an option for this. can I sell domains and websites through SEOClerk? If yes, which category should I use, "sell a service."
Thanks in advance.

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I like your idea and approach. Just make sure you are hosted or purchased servers from good data center. I know that is going to be making the difference. For example some data centers such as the liquidweb and the soft layer are known for their quality service. You can see that hosting service under such services would surely be helpful. Also you'd be having less technical issues with them.

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You can but you should not offering a hosting service on seoclerk, most of offers are related to SEO and social networks as its domain name pointed out. But anyway, you should try to see if it will work for you.

Good luck!

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I don’t think you have to ask in this forum about your plan of offering a service for hosting. My suggestion is to do a dry run by posting such service so you will know if there are buyers who are interested to avail of your service. Sometimes you have no confidence in the product or service because you are thinking negatively. The best way is to test the waters, so to speak.

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