Tricks for getting traffic from my Facebook group to my Xenforo forum

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Tricks for getting traffic from my Facebook group to my Xenforo forum

I need your advice members.  I need trick's for getting members from my mammoth Facebook group with over 400K members. 

I have tried several things but I only managed to get 130 members onboard on my forum. Which is just 0.00003%!

I am a moderator of a mammoth group on Facebook.  I started a forum three months ago in order to get the traffic off-Facebook.  

To my rude shock, the social media is really killing the web bases forums. Coupled with phone's and apps, the forums seems to be dying a natural death. 

For the last two months I have been sharing links to related artices on Facebook in order to get new Sign Ups. But all I get is just views. 

A few joined the forum, but have since been quiet. Now the second question will be, how do you get memyers to discuss when they join the forum?

We are addicted, or rather accustomed to using Facebook.  The ease of use and the fact that you may know some member's personally seems to be doin the trick. 

Forums have better control's and personalization and puts something in the owners' pocket if well maintained. But they seem to be dying. 

Anyone with tried and tasted tricks for getting traffic from facebook group to please advice. I will greatly appreciate. 


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Did you say 400K members on your facebook group? Are you the admin of this group? First of all you need to check whether the niche of your facebook group matches with your forum. If these two are in same niche, you will be able to attract members, otherwise, shaing your forum on this group is just a waste of time.
Perhaps you could try a scheme. Give freebies for the facebook and reward the members who join your forum. These
freebies may come as free downloads or some percent of the revenue
generated by your forum.
You can also run a contest.

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Thanks. I will try that. Am the moderator of the group. But am in contact with the admin. The niche do match. And the categories i have created on my forum are similar to the discussions Goin on in the group.

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You are right with the niche because if the nice of your website is about fruits and vegetables and the niche of the Facebook Group is about cars, it is obviously a mismatch that I don’t think you can get a decent amount of traffic from your Facebook Group members into your site. Always be aware of the niche or theme of the site and the social media group that you are looking at.

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In my experience, most of people join a large facebook groups in order to gain visibility to their contents. These members are only interested in sharing contents, they do not even interact. They do not even reciprocate (they do not like your content, or leave comment even if you like or leave comment. I have been a part of numerous big facebook groups and my experience tell me that you do not actually gain traction.

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Unfortunately, this is what occurs when a large company tries to take over the internet. The little guys suffer, and things just seem to die off. However, this also poses a new avenue to find new inspiration and better ideas. Take this as a call-to-action to explore other areas in which you have never done before.

For instance, you could probably create an ad or something to get people from the group to sign to the website. You could also post forum topics on the group itself. Try to be creative, and see if any other forums also have a facebook group/page and see what it is they are doing - if they are successful in doing so.

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You didn't say what else you've done. Or how old your forum is, how many members it has, what it's history is. I need details!! Tricks for getting traffic from my Facebook group to my Xenforo forum

Not really. But with a few questions, we can surmise why what's happening is happening, or isn't happening even.

When you post stuff to your group, I presume that you are posting threads that have been posted?

When you do:-

  • Are you asking questions with it? (posts with questions get more response)
  • Are you posting Polls? (Polls are naturally interactive)
  • Are you actively engaging everyone that engages with them? (shows passion/appreciation and is usually reciprocated)
  • Are you using Call-To-Actions? (Literally telling people (politely) to sign up/register).
As for your forum registration:-

  • How can people register? (the more options you have, the more members you'll get).
  • Is it by username/email only? (that's so old school and most are like "I ain't got time for dat).
  • Can people sign up/register/login with Facebook? (This should be a must if you're promoting on a FB group!)
For more forum tips and tricks, check out the older posts in the Forum admin cat. If you don't come away with more knowledge on running a forum after checking out those posts, well, I'd be surprised maybe. Tricks for getting traffic from my Facebook group to my Xenforo forum

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Over 400K that is a lot , also may I ask if you are the admin have you tried to pin your post to the top of your group so it stays there. I do think in my opinion this does help a little I must say but also what is your facebook group about is there anything on your forum what match's your Facebook group.

You could also do a facebook page and put your sign up link in the call to action button and call it sign up. And when you done this try make to page more attractive by adding picture and also cover picture best way to do this free is use a site called canva . Once all set with your page now also try adding the page to the group and ask members to show there support like your page.
Try to also use your page daily like talk about your forum and as others said offer competitions and free stuff to also offer great advice topics in your forum. And also now on facebook with your page when your on Facebook page you can link your group to your page. When your on your page look on the left side menu and where it says groups click that and then add your group.

Can I just ask are you promoting or working on your forum any other way , like linkbuilding try create some backlinks by not spamming but just by going on sites which allow you to comment on blogs which have a comment box where you see where it as few box's name , email , website and then your comment. I find these brilliant as you don't need to put on peoples blog on the comments like "check my site" all you have to do is just when you put your name and email in put your forum link in.
And just leave a great comment don't ment your site just complement the site your commenting on. This will help your site and also best way to find sites to comment is dropmylink website this helps find do follow , or blog comments to forums and more.

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I think you can put up a pinned thread and then ask the users to check our your forum. Post some articles on the forum. And then post the link inside the facebook group. Then ask the users to comment on forum. I think that's a best way for them to check out and then login to your forum. I have seen some users trying that method.

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Like you, I've not had much success getting conversions from Facebook to my forums. I've tried groups, paid ads and even posting it to my timeline for my friends to see. People just don't seem to be interested in forums for whatever reason.

One thing I would recommend that you do is make sure you set up the Facebook OAuth settings so Facebookers can register and login using their Facebook credentials. This eliminates a registration step and could be a potential selling point if you frame it that way when you share your forum with them group.

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This is what has worked for me;

1. I post quality content with great images to start a conversation. In this content, I insert a shortened link (use Bitly) to my blog.
2. I pose questions in short updates and lead/direct my members to my blog for the full version
3. I run easy contests for which the prize is an e-book to be downloaded from my blog

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There is something I learnt, In this life nothing is free, if you want people to join your forum provide something in return otherwise you'll be shoked, I suggest you to get in touch with successful forum owners and ask them how they do to attract people to post on their forums,
Usually facebook groups worklook back and see shat you did wrong then change that for the next groups there must be many ore you can try to attract.

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In my personal and informal survey among my Facebook friends, they are enjoying the Facebook Page or Facebook Group. They are not really keen in joining forums because they still need to register and give some information. Besides, they feel that Facebook is open and exposed to other Facebook users so the probability that their posts can be read by others is higher than in a forum. To be honest, that’s also my take when comparing Facebook Page to a forum.

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Make an announcement to the group that your Facebook Group is being migrated or moved to an independent forum and that if the members want to continue to enjoy interactions and the benefits of the group, they need to join the forum. Say it's free to join. Talk up the forum and make it sound like they are really missing out on something "special" such as ... (whatever it is your forum offers that is different from what they're getting on Facebook).

This may like a sound stupid idea or like a drastic measure. I don't know.

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One thing I know about these Facebook groups is that many of the people who join them are out there trying to sell something. Only a few of the group members are people who've got a genuine interest in whatever the group is about. That is why drawing traffic from them (the groups) to any site is very difficult.

You could try offering freebies to anyone who signs up on the forum. You won't need to spend money go get whatever it is you'll be giving away. They are numerous places you can find free digital products that you can give away.

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