How do I relate to my client list?

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How do I relate to my client list?

Nowadays, when it comes to digital marketing, a lot is talked about creating and increasing the list of leads. But what about you, do you know how to relate to those leads?

The big mistake of many entrepreneurs in this case is to create a large list of potential clients and not to develop a relationship with them. In an even worse situation, you can see companies that only remember to relate to these leads when they want to sell something.

Thinking through this topic, we've separated some tips so that you can learn to relate to your client list and succeed in your business. Follow us!

Why should I relate to my leads?

When it comes to marketing, it is a fact that keeping current customers is much cheaper than winning new ones. The proof of this, is the need to invest time and money in the conquest of new leads and customers.

Usually we can observe cases of companies that act in the capture of leads and creation of lists, however they leave aside the main step to obtain positive returns, that in the case is the nutrition of these leads. Another common example, are virtual stores that sell a certain product to a consumer and forget to maintain the relationship, end up losing the customer.

As can be seen, in both cases there is loss of opportunities due to lack of relationship with leads and current clients.

In this way, the relationship with the list is fundamental for the company to achieve positive results in its campaigns and avoid additional expenses for the formation of new lists and conquest of new clients.

Tips for relationship with the list

Now that you already know the importance of maintaining a relationship with your list, here are some practical tips to relate to your leads and customers.

Create relevant content

Before developing content for your list, define what the content will be for. Whether to increase your credibility or to warm up your list for a sale, it pays to focus on relevant content. The tip here is not to create content just to fill spaces (create by create).

Do research

Do you have any questions about which topics you should address to your list? Create surveys using tools like Google Drive or SurveyMonkey, which will help you get answers from your leads on what subjects they would like to receive from you. This type of research, in addition to helping you create good content, will open the door to creating or improving your products / services.

Help your customers

An excellent tip for maintaining the relationship with your list is to promote after-sales tips to your current customers. For example: If you sell furniture, give tips to keep them. In addition to generating credibility, this shows that you have ownership in what you are selling.

Automate processes

Anyone who wants to maintain a constant relationship with their list, knows that this process requires time and dedication. To assist in this task, it recommends opting for marketing automation through a platform that manages leads, send marketing emails and provide tracking reports. This way, you can spend more time on other strategies of your business.

And you, what do you do to relate to your client list? Share your strategies below:


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Yeah understanding your clients is key to maximizing profits! And not just understanding where they are coming from, or their immediate needs, but actually knowing about them and even knowing them personally is the way to get them on board and keep them on board. Being able to break into small talk with people on what might appear insanely mundane to you but be of huge importance to them is one way of relating to them and making them know that you are interested in them. Not just as a business client, but as a person! Saying things like, how's that pool coming on John? How are the new puppies settling in? How is your kid doing at piano lessons. Anything like that, small talk that appears you're showing an interest in them can win favors with them for you as far as they are concerned. And I often find, that breaking into small talk with people like that, can set me up for when I break a pitch to them. Since they are already half in my court, it's easier for them to say yes to going ahead! How do I relate to my client list?

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Thank you for your Ideal comment!

I believe your tips are also very valuable and can help many entrepreneurs improve SEO in their e-commecers.

Always keep posting tips like this!

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Great post I need to use some these tactics and put some into place. I do have few customers but as my site is like a free social exchange site there is paid option for VIP and buying kind of like advertising credits which no one really buys off me lol

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Thanks for the feedback moneybags82!

I'd like to know more about your experience in putting these tips into practice! I hope you are very successful with your customers using these tips!

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First congratulations on the post. I agree with what was said and I also think it very important to have a good relationship with the client.

The good relationship with the customer greatly increases the chances of loyalty, so I always try to do actions that promote customer loyalty, such as discount coupons, free gifts, among other actions.

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I also agree!

But unfortunately many companies still devalue the good relationship with their current customers.

I particularly when I am poorly served, I simply stop buying from a particular company, even if its price is relatively cheaper than the competition. For me, quality care comes first.

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Good communication with the client will hold the listing together and keep the client believing in your skill and actions as a online marketal in the sale and marketing process. Remember clients are political creatures simply trying to secure their own interests. When you help them towards that, you can keep your listings alive even in the most difficult of markets.

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Thanks for your feedback olalove!

I also believe that clients are political creatures. Knowing how to handle it is the key to the success of any business.

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Understanding what the customers really want is a great way to relate with them for it would give them that feeling that, as a seller, you really care about them. Researching about relevant information about new products and services that would go along way in helping solve the needs of your clients id another way to go about it as well.

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Really good post. I completely agree with the help your customers part. Personally, I had an annoying experience with an online seller due to this issue. A very poor information about the item, a seller hard to contact with, a very messy transaction, and a terrible result. I really appreciate when people takes time to attract me as a customer, it shows me that is really worried about my buying, and makes me a loyal client, who prefers dealing with a well known entrepreneur.

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Helping your customers is a must for a business person because the customer is the lifeblood of your business. I have seen big businessmen handling the customer service desk in their big store because they want to be sure that their customers have been given good service. One businessman said that providing good service to your customers is paramount because they will surely come back.

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