How freelancers can gain more clients

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How freelancers can gain more clients

Freelancing is one of the best ways to be independent but at the same time it can also be a stressful struggle.  When you're a freelancer you really don't have many regular clients because there aren't many subscription services having hundreds of sign ups.  You would have to rely on them coming back for a premium service even though someone else could have a duplicate service at a cheaper price.

There's also the feeling that you don't need to keep doing your own marketing in order to pull in sales.  If you stop doing this and rely solely on the platform you're selling on, your services will dry up quicker than a spilt bottle of water in the desert lol How freelancers can gain more clients

There are various challenges ahead of you when it comes to freelancing, but you can do it will these little tips I'll cover How freelancers can gain more clients

Market your services
You are your own boss, employee and marketing team.  You will always need to be marketing yourself and your services in order to consistently bring in new clients.  It sounds like a lot of work, because it is, but it's necessary if you want to keep the money flowing into your account with new sales each and every month.

When it comes to marketing yourself and your services this could mean anything from handing out your business cards at local events to being active on social media and pulling in clients that way.  You'll have to get out there and get your name in front of a lot of people in order to siphon traffic and make some sales How freelancers can gain more clients

Setting up a few keyword optimized services here on SEOclerks is one step towards getting a consistent amount of clients each month, so get to work lol How freelancers can gain more clients

Pull your existing clients back in
A lot of work that freelancers get are from past and existing clients.  I've received plenty of emails from past freelancers saying they have X slots open for PBNs, social media management, web design, etc.  I'm sure they're filling their spots because they don't spam users every day saying they have $1 off their $10 service lol.

Another way of doing this is pushing up sells.  This is when you have a client for something like web design and you pitch them some on page optimization as well as an off page SEO campaign in order to bring in more traffic.  If the client loves what you're already doing they will likely be interested in signing up with one or more of your up sells How freelancers can gain more clients

Pull clients from your own network
If you're like me, you talk to a lot of people in the same niches as you.  I've gotten random jobs from plenty of the people I talk to on a regular basis through forums and even Skype.  I actually just landed a job from someone I've been friends with for the last 10 years online and it's going pretty well How freelancers can gain more clients

You can also have your own network send you referrals for free, or have them be an affiliate of yours.  They usually will help you out since you've been friends or colleagues with them for a while.  I've actually had some friends post links for me on their niche related pages and it instantly gave me a boost in the SERPs and made me a few sales How freelancers can gain more clients

A lot of times you will see people leaving their jobs for new positions at a different company.  They may give you a call because the company they're now working for doesn't have an SEO team in place but needs one desperately.  Your friend will likely let you know or will pitch your services to the big boss who would make the decision on signing you up or not.  I've done this with one of my friends and he got his boss to sign up to my services for $1,500 a month for 12 months lol.  I of course gave my friend $250 a month because he was basically an affiliate, but he wasn't asking for money to do this, I made him take it How freelancers can gain more clients

Being a freelancer is incredibly rewarding in spite of the challenges. That’s why more and more people are choosing the freelance lifestyle instead of the old nine-to-five grind. Getting regular work as a freelancer takes determination, but it’s more than possible with these winning strategies.

In Conclusion:
When you decide to go the freelancer route, you need to know it's a difficult journey.  You will work long hours for less money than you could make at a 9-5.  The benefits are horrible, because there are none lol, but that's the only real down side.  You won't have a boss to answer to and you can usually work remotely, which is great.  Stick it out in tough times and you will learn from your mistakes over time.  Good luck freelancer How freelancers can gain more clients

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Freelancing used to be fun and additional source of income, but with growth of online international markets overcrowded with so many freelancers, cheaper offers and stronger competitors, freelancers really need to take this as a serious business in order to survive, earn enough money and stay competitive.
So my advice is to take freelancing seriously and run it as real business, same as you would run your grocery shop or real estate agency. I guess that era of cheap and cheapest services is dying and it really need to go away, since SEO and digital marketing campaigns operated by inexperienced freelancer can harm your business / website and cheapest services can't really include best quality in most cases...
So... To keep being freelancer as business owner, act like real business owner and not just like teenager who know few things to do.... Be serious and you will be seriously considered as valuable freelancer for serious customers!

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They absolutely should take it seriously. I have noticed those that have the best businesses are ones that have a clear mission and goal for their product or service and are passionate about their journey. Freelancing doesn't have to feel like a punishment, but you need to have faith in yourself before customers put their faith in you.

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How I love to see the time that you have described when freelancing was more fun and not drudgery. Maybe you are right that there is an oversupply of freelancers that clients are offering lower and lower prices for the job that they contract. Right now there is no standard pay and you are lucky if you can earn $5 in a day doing freelancing work particularly micro jobs and routine tasks like paid forum posting.

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I'm restarting my freelance journey. The first time I had no clue what I was doing or where I should be going. Now I have a better understanding. This article was quite helpful and I look forward to putting these ideas into action. I know it won't come overnight or be easy, but things worth having aren't supposed to be easy.

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Pull your existing clients back in
Yeah, don't burn down your bridges! How freelancers can gain more clients A client that has purchased from you before on here and has positively marked and rated your service/order after you have completed and delivered it to them, is a client that is 50% more likely to purchase from you again if you ask them if they need any more work doing again.

And one thing you can do is to send them a courtesy message from time to time. Not all the time! Like once every few months or something. Just to see how they are, how they're getting on, what results they go from your service etc etc. And to offer them a discount code of say 30% or something.

When you do that, you can expect around 40% of the people you message to take you up on your offer and purchase from you again. I don't know how accurate those percentages are but that's roughly about my experience of it anyway.

And sure, 30% might seem like a big discount. Especially if you're selling a fairly expensive service! Or even if you're not, it would take a large chink out of your profit after. But it's all cash flow and repeat business!

And that's not the be all and end all to the matter. As you can simply message them again a few months later down the line too and then offer them the same or even better deal and again, a good percentage of them will take you up on it.

Especially if they liked your service the first time round and need it again. Some kind of SEO or promotion service or something!

But there sure is a lot of opportunity for a freelancer, both new and old alike, today, than there ever was before. That's because there's a lot of demand out there for things and where basically, the harvest is full but the reapers are few! How freelancers can gain more clients

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I would like to add one more point here.
Spread out your freelancer profile.
You can spread out your freelancer profile by joining the varipous freelance marketplace. If you are onluy on SEO clerk, you will get clients only from SEO Clerk members. If you join other marketplaces like upwork, fiverr, freelancer, you will be able to find clients from various platforms.

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I have found out that some of the time you have to work with clients till the end. And make sure their product is working. Same with service you have to make sure you are serving clients the right way. It'd be easier for you to reach out to the clients and ask them to refer you to another client. And this chain is going to work out in many other ways. You can see that some of such clients are going to work this way. I can tell you that freelancers are going to take time to manage this in many ways.

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Thank you for sharing this! As a freelance programmer, I really need to learn more about marketing, rather than just coding. I have recently watched a webinar from Harv Eker, to earn more money, we need to spend 80% on marketing. Though the product or service is important, we need to learn how to market and get clients as well. These are some very useful tips for me!

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Your article is really great and informative. I also tried freelancing in different sites but all in vain. I never got a single client and I left it.

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Well, freelancing is tough and competitive now, especially content writing where you have the large of percentage of freelancers without the basic knowledge of how copywriting aims to achieve exists. The only way to stay afloat is to be on top of your game. Keep improving yourself and never hesitate to pay for knowledge and be nice to your clients. I found that repeat clients can keep one busy earning consistently without the need to seek for more clients.

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Well, the most important step would be to build a strong Personal Brand & Online Presence As a freelancer, you are your own company. And, you are your company's brand. But, in a company you have different teams and departments to help you in other business activities like marketing, sales, customer support, accounting etc. But, as a freelancer, you are your company's CEO, marketer, salesman, designer, accountant, Support agent ---- you are all-in-one. The branding process of a professional is slightly different from that of company's.

My startup offers an All-in-one Suite of Personal Branding Tools for Professionals. You can also find many articles & tips related to Personal Branding on this website.

PS: I hope it's alright to put my company's link here in my post. If no, I'm sorry. Please remove it. It's the 1st time I'm posting here.

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Articles like these is what keeps me motivated to keep going. I'll definitely be applying this knowledge to my freelancing career. Cheers!

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marketing plays an important role in a freelancer growth journey, whether it is social media marketing or email marketing or you decide to go with word to mouth marketing, always device a strategy that you know will be suitable with what you do as it will determine growth in the long run.

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Networking and building a solid and repeating client base is essential. This takes time, and I tend to be a bit impatient, but I am determined. I know I have a skill set, and I keep honing it through reading and writing on these forums. I really appreciate all that the contributors here have to say.

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I believe freelancer can gain more clients by showing a proof of their skills. It's not okay with the clients if you just write your skills on your profile because anything now can be fake. In order to avoid that you should send the clients proof of your skills like demonstration video or recording of yourself doing the job. Another thing is to show proof of your experience. Like I said before posting or writing your experience can be fake so better is send the client a proof like certification or letter from your recent employer or company.

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Nothing works in gaining more clients like referrals.Your previous clients becomes your advertisers.Why? because you had previously done a good job and grateful clients would surely bring in more clients to patronize you.

In essence to gain new clients deliver good services in whatever form and see things works in your don't need to struggle so much for clients with a top-notch service.

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I am currently a forum posting provider which I enjoy. Of course I wanted to have more work so I could have more earnings. However, I am qite hesitant in marketing myself because I am not sure if I am that good in writing. What if I would fail on their expectations? That would certainly ruin my reputation and that would be a disaster since regaining a good reputation is not that easy.

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In order to gain more clients, a freelancer should have a quality to do "shameless self-promotion." If you do not promote yourself, who will promote you.
You also need to build your brand and show presence on various social networks, have a blog or a website.
You also need to market your services.
You must also develop relevant skills. If you are a writer, you need to develop SEO skills as well as graphic designing skills. If someone buys ebook from you, you can offer your additional skills of book cover design.

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