2017 Online Marketing Trends - See What's Happening

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2017 Online Marketing Trends - See What's Happening

Here are 4 main trends the Internet will experience in 2017:

1. The mobile growth is finally slowing down. 

The smartphone boom we've seen rising every year is finally slowing down, still increasing, but not as in previous years. It is now just +3% (smartphone shippings) compared with last year. 

What does this mean? Well, it just means that most people around already have smartphones but they aren't quite desperate to buy new ones. The main point we should take into consideration is that mobiles search will still grow but not very significantly, a desktop is still a thing and will still play an important role in the following years.  

Dose this surprise you? I personally am pretty sick and tired of every new smartphone that comes out every month. We all know that all of them are essentially good, there isn't a bad smartphone anymore when we are talking about flagships at least. All of them are basically very powerful computers in your pocket. People finally figured out that you don't need to buy the new version every 12 months, you can easily go a few years using your current smartphone without missing a thing in terms of features or power. 

I have my LG G3 for over 2 years now and I don't plan to change it anytime soon. Until the battery dies or I drop it somehow and it stops working I won't buy a new one. 

2. Facebook and Google will continue making a profit. 

Both Facebook and Google make a living out of ad revenue. Facebook Ads and Google Adwords are the most important advertisement platforms we have available. This will continue being the norm in 2017 with solid growth for both Facebook and Google. If you have a product to sell, you are missing out if you aren't present of these two platforms! 

This isn't very surprising. Both companies are essentially putting a monopoly on their part of the industry. 

3. Adblockers are still a thing. 

People hate ads and a substantial portion of them are finding a solution to this "problem" by installing ad blockers which will continue being popular with a solid growth in 2017. 
This is why we need to focus more on organic traffic (implementing SEO campaigns) as well as unconventional marketing campaigns that don't really on Advertisement platforms like Facebook Ads or Google Adwords. 

I personally never installed or needed an adblocker. I always feel like I'm missing on something if I will install an adblocker. But I work in the online marketing arena and it is on normal for me to see and interact with ads. 

4. Voice search 

 Amazon Echo, Google Home, and other similar products are changing the face of search and search engine results. Not only these things are on the rise and gaining popularity every day, but the overall idea of voice search is also increasing in the mobile/smartphone sector. 

Just wait until voice search and voice options, in general, become available world wide. I personally would love to use search input a lot more, I'm even inclined on buying a Google Home but it doesn't support multiple languages just yet and although my spoken English is decent enough I will still prefer interacting with the device in my native languages. 

What do you think? What are the biggest internet based trends that will continue throughout 2017? 


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Thank you for sharing this. I am still very new in online marketing, and I am glad to learn more from this site. While mobile growth is slowing down, I wonder if demand of apps development is still very high as many people are having a smart phone nowadays. I have not really try out voice search, but it might be something good to look into.

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Nice thread! I am not a big fan of voice searching, but it surely will get to the point that it will not only be used to search things, it will become part of our daily lives. That's the day when I will subdue. But till that day comes, I would rather type everything down 2017 Online Marketing Trends - See What

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I had never considered about #1 and #4. I always had a thought that mobile traffic is replacing web traffic. My thought was based on a research that said more people are using internet on phone compared to computer.
I have never done voice search, I am not confident that Google will understand my voice. I will have to think about this.

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Cheers Cris very insightful! And yeah I hear you and relate about the smartphone issue! They spend a lot of money on advertising their latest models, but quite honestly, most smartphones built in the last 2 years or so from now are more than capable at doing virtually everything you would or could want to do on a mobile device. I have the iPhone 6 still. I could have upgraded to the 7, but I've compared both models and quite honestly, with the exception of the camera and couple other things, not much has really changed. But like most technological products, there comes a point where you just can't really improve upon it much more other than adding in some new technology like 4K or NFC but even that's not a new technology these days.

And that doesn't at all surprise me about Facebook and Google! 2017 Online Marketing Trends - See What They are entities that are so deeply merged into the world and people's lives now that for many, they simply couldn't live without! When you have a product that people can't live without, you'll be in business and making a profit for as long as they will need you! 2017 Online Marketing Trends - See What

And yeah, Adblockers are still a thing and I don't ever see them not being a thing as long as we have ads! LOL 2017 Online Marketing Trends - See What

But voice search is and voice control is definitely going to be a BIG thing for the future! I predict that in the future, we wont use things like passwords! No no! The next generation wont log in with a password lololol that is so primitive! They will be logging into the net, Facebook etc with their face! With their eyes and with the sound of their voices! Already today a lot of banks and online services you access with your mobile require voice verification. And it's super hard to bypass as everyone's tone, depth and pitch of voice is as different as everyone's fingerprints.

I recently updated to Windows 10 and I've been having some fun with Cortana and learning the voice commands for things. I've started trying to use it to write articles with and it's a little slow so I need to talk a little slower and it makes a few mistakes along the way but it is meant to be self learning and improve in time but yeah, it will definitely be a thing for a while. At least until we can learn a way to control things with our minds. And when that happens, I shall register as I think there might be a market for them what do you reckon? 2017 Online Marketing Trends - See What

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I believe Virtual Reality should be in the list. Just try to imagine, people conducting searches using VR headsets, using voice commands; and search results being presented in 3D, and users being able to interact with the results, for example by rearranging them. Maybe not this year, but we should expect VR shopping very soon. We already have VR games; what about VR Marketing, VR versions of digital products (VR books? VR movies?) . I'm sure your imagination is now running wild with all the possibilities.

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Insightful article, thanks for that!

The main thing that concerns me from your list is the use of Adblockers. From content creators perspective, this can be the worst fear when it comes to monetizing what we produce and earning a profit from it. Also, those that pay for these ads end up getting no traffic whatsoever. I agree with you that more natural/organic traffic leads should be tapped into. Therefore, advertisement shouldn't be the only strategy for marketing campaigns in 2017. This is why websites need quality writers especially right now. Those that have a way with words. Producing quality content worth promoting within only a few lines of text is key.

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Pardon me for contradicting your number 1 point that mobile growth is slowing down. Maybe that slow down is relative if you are using statistics. The world has a very large population that numbers are now in billions. So when the growth rate is in terms of the world’s population, I have to agree that it looks slowing down because the rate of population growth is much faster. Anyway, I believe that the market for mobile is still booming and growth continues at a steady pace.

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