5 ways a small business can compete with it\'s giant competitors with SEO

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5 ways a small business can compete with it\'s giant competitors with SEO

5 ways a small business can compete with it's giant competitors with SEO

When it comes to competition, you may have a pretty big uphill battle.  Some of your competitors could be giant companies investing hundreds of thousands each year in their optimization, but you shouldn't worry too much about them.  There are tricks of the SEO trade that will help you be a competitor no matter the niche, usually, so you can be at ease when it comes to your business.

Now not all niches are equal when it comes to SEO and rankings.  Some niches will take longer to rank in while others you will be ranked in, what seems like, overnight.  Knowing you competition is good and all, but knowing your plan of attack in order to overcome the giants is even better 5 ways a small business can compete with it\

Below I'm going to cover 5 key points in your SEO campaign that you will need to focus on in order to take over your big competitors.  You don't have to follow everything to the T, so just use these as a sort of guideline 5 ways a small business can compete with it\

1. Target a specific niche
When you specialize in a niche you can become the authority in said niche.  If you're the authority in the niche then people will come to you and trust what you're saying instead of going to the big multi million corporations that have a wide net in order to take over multiple niches. 

Since you're much smaller you can focus all of your attention on a specific niche and it's usually easier for you to take over if the market isn't already saturated.  Now if you're trying to compete in the SEO niche with SEO strategies, it could take a long time to be seen as an authority lol 5 ways a small business can compete with it\  I won't get started on all these Pop-Up gurus that are coming from Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, etc. because it will just annoy me lol.

2. Target long-tailed keywords at first
If you're targeting long-tailed keywords you are going to usually rank higher in a shorter amount of time than if you were to target the short tailed keywords that everyone is trying to rank for.  Long-tailed keywords usually will get you some traffic, not as much as the short keywords, but it's plenty of traffic in order to start getting recognized within you niche 5 ways a small business can compete with it\

3. Focus Local
When it comes to taking over and beating your big competition, you need to think local.  If you're not trying to capitalize on your local traffic, you're just taking a step backward.  Here are a few points in the local optimization you can think of.  These don't always require you to do backlinks, but more of a marketing approach 5 ways a small business can compete with it\

  1. Event attendance and community building
    When you go to local conferences you have the ability to get your business card in the hands of other business owners.  These owners have businesses that may want to work with you, and that's what you're tying to get, more clients 5 ways a small business can compete with it\
  2. Local reviews
    Getting local reviews on someplace like Yelp will always increase your chances of overtaking the big corporations.  Everyone wants to read a great review, so if you have a physical location you'll want a good amount of 5 star comments 5 ways a small business can compete with it\
  3. Super targeted local content
    You'll need to target specific keywords within your content so that it's super targeted to your local area.  If you know of some events in the area, start writing about them and get those articles on your website.  If you've already done some SEO for your website it should be much easier to rank for the super targeted local keywords which will bring in local traffic 5 ways a small business can compete with it\ 

4. Get personal with social media
When it comes to social engagement you will need to make it personal.  If you get someone commenting on your facebook post, respond back to them and use their profiles name.  If someone tags you on Instagram, tag them back and thank them for the tag or answer a question if they had one.  Making it personal will usually increase your leads because people will feel more connected to you.  Big corporations don't focus on the little guy because they simply don't have the time.  If you are focusing on getting out as many responses to answer the little guys questions, you'll be chosen by them over the big guy 5 ways a small business can compete with it\
5. Become a great content publisher
We've all hear that content is king, so start believing it.  If you can write up dozens of articles each month in order to get noticed, you'll likely become an authoritative content publisher.  If people begin to hang on every word you type, you're on your way to taking over the niche and pushing out the big corporations 5 ways a small business can compete with it\

In Conclusion:
It's not going to be an easy road to travel when you have huge competitors, but it can be a journey that you could succeed in if you're driven.  You need to buckle down and focus on your work in order to get above your competition in the SERPs.  You will also need to get local and begin working with businesses in your area in order to get local reviews.  Reviews make the world go round and they will help you land more clients and even more reviews 5 ways a small business can compete with it\

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Very nice! One thing that you should keep in mind as a small business owner is that those large businesses were once small businesses too! They started off like you, from humble beginnings. And day by day they done things that helped their business to grow. To become as large as it is today. Even some of the biggest brands today started off as nothing but an ideal some guy had that he/she worked on. And by doing those small things, making small steps, baby steps if you will, that lead to what they are today. They would have done all of these things and more. And if that doesn't provide you with a working blueprint to succeed just as much as they have, I don't know what will! Lol 5 ways a small business can compete with it\

They say that imitation is the most sincerest form of flattery. I don't know about that but imitation is the name of the game when it comes to success online. How many times do you see and hear people saying to copy others success to find it? And it's so true! While there are going to be hurdles to overcome and they will all have to be dealt with in your own way, according to the power you have available to you. By finding out how they overcome those hurdles and then repeating the same thing yourself, in theory, there's no real reason why you shouldn't be able to see the same success (as a small business owner) those big businesses do!

And when it comes to local content, there are many, many ways you can come up with that! I've started a series of post on WordClerks that talks about some of the ways you can come up with and create local content. One of them is Featuring Local or Regional Celebrities. Since usually every town/city or area has their own local celebs, and by writing about them you can not only improve your local rankings for that area/region, but also build some credibility through it too. But more than this, through content it's possible to outrank those big businesses (as a small business) and become bigger than them provided you can knock out enough content that is! 5 ways a small business can compete with it\



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You hit the point in the first sentence - big companies used to be small ones at some point too. People ALWAYS forget that and feel too intimidated by the big giants. It takes courage away from so many people. They are afraid to even try to compete.

I really love posts like this that motivate people and inspire them to dream big. Nothing great in life comes very easily so dream big but also be prepared to invest a lot of time and effort into your small business if you want to swim with the sharks.

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I agree with all of your points, in fact I am already following these tips. If computer is your main topic, you can drill down your topic to a niche, for instance, instead of publishing general articles on computer, try to focus on one area, tabs for instance, or perhaps laptops, or may be windows laptops.
When your title exactly matches with the search query it is very likely that your content will appear on the first page, for instance instead of publishing an article with a title HP notebook review, tweak your title as HP Notebook Price, Performance and Durability.
Focusing on local also helps. If you are publishing an article on HP Note Book, try to concentrate on certain area, for instance HP NOtebook in India.

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I agree that you have to target just 1 niche in order to put up a good competition especially if you aim to compete with the giants in your field of combat. Big companies have their established ways and means regarding their SEO needs. But a small fry like you can do your own method by doing research on how to get higher SEO rankings. But my best bet is good contents. If you upload fresh contents regularly with information and relevant write ups, that can get you in a good position in terms of SEO ranking.

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