Seller requested to mutual cancellation

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Seller requested to mutual cancellation

I have ordered on 25th may 2017  to get 30000+ web traffic from the seller. But on 29th may 2017 he is requesting me to cancel the order mutually.  But I am new in SEO clerks don't know what to do.  If I cancel the order can I get a refund?  Please help


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Hello Sandeep
Have a wonderful day.

Yes. You will get refund. The balance will come to your balance. Mutual cancellation is the process where the client or worker is not able to full fill the order. So if you accept the mutual cancellation agreement than the balance will go to your fund and the order will be cancel and you can order some one new to do the same work at the future time.


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Thank you for your reply.

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That sounds like it was easy enough. I know with most sites these questions come up and it is a good thing when everything can be resolved to users satisfaction. I think it sounds like a good thing to do and one that many people are looking forward to being able to utilize.

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As a seller, I have had an occasion to have to use this mutual cancellation feature. The buyer was trying to purchase something I was not selling. I don't know what caused the confusion, But I needed for them to understand that I was not offering the service they were requesting. They had already submitted payment so I used the mutual cancellation option I'm glad they have this feature here.

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