101+ Hobbies That You can Make Money With Today In Some way or Another Tutorial

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101+ Hobbies That You can Make Money With Today In Some way or Another

101+ Hobbies That You can Make Money With Today In Some way or Another
Everyone needs a hobby! Hobbies are gifts from God unto men so they will have something to do when they have nothing else to do! 101+ Hobbies That You can Make Money With Today In Some way or Another So you can have something to do that you enjoy doing. And hobbies are such a great way to relax and be a great pastime. But more than this, hobbies can also be a great way to earn you a passive secondary income to supplement your main one. Yes, you can make money from your hobbies and here I want to talk and share about some of the hobbies I know of that you can make money from today. After all, that's why we're all really here on SEOClerks isnt' it?

101+ Hobbies That You can Make Money With Today In Some way or Another
Okay I know this one is so obvious but a lot of people do blogging just because they enjoy doing it! Sure, it can be lucrative as well. Because there are many ways in which you can earn money with a blog. Just the other day our man Razzy posted a great article here on How to make money from your blog without ads and that has some great ways you can make money from blogging (and a couple more from me in it) without putting ads on your site. But let's talk about some more ways you can earn money from a blogging hobby! 101+ Hobbies That You can Make Money With Today In Some way or Another

How to Earn Money from A Bloggin' Hobby?
  • Placing Ads on your site
    Okay so firstly, the most obvious way to earn money from your blog and bloggin' hobby is to place ads on it. You'll need to be getting some nice traffic to it to actually earn anything worth wtiting home about but with a good blog, a popular blog in a big niche, that's not too hard to do (not is it anyways really). The downside is you'll be sending people away from your blog. 101+ Hobbies That You can Make Money With Today In Some way or Another
  • Affiliate Marketing
    Another way to earn from your blog is to place products on it that you're an affiliate for. That way when ever someone clicks through and purchases it, you'll earn a commission from it. You could be an Amazon affiliate or with someone else. And you'll also need a fair bit of quality traffic and to make a lot of sales before you can earn a lot but it can be lucrative. The downside to this again is that you'll be sending people away from your blog and not neccessarily making anything if they don't purchase that product.
  • Selling Ad Space
    Another way if your blog has a lot of traffic and some good domain stats and metrics is to sell ads on your site such as banner ads or or even text ads in your site somewhere such as in the side bar or in the footer. Sitewide ads or even on certain pages etc. This can be quite lucrative if you take payment in full upfront for 12 months or something and sell a lot of them. The downside is you'll have all these ads on your blog for a certain time and that means sending people away from your blog again. Plus Google doesn't like it at all if it thinks you're doing this and can smack you for it.
  • Create A Subscription Service
    This is where the money is at right now in blogging. A lot of big blogs are doing this now where instead of just posting content for all to read. They provide you with exclusive content of some kind that is a lot more valuable to know about. Such as a guide on how to do something like set up a successful affiliate network, social site or even blogging tips etc etc. And all you have to do is create some content that people would have to pay for and then charge for a subscription to this content they pay every month for or something. The great thing is, you don't have to send them away from your blog and can actually send them back to it through the links within your exclusive subscription content.
How to Get Started Blogging?
  • 1. Pick a Niche You are Interested/Passionate About.
  • 2. Start a Blog using your own new site or even WordPress/Blogger.
  • 3. Learn as much as you can about that niche from other successful blogs within it.
  • 4. Focus on posting the highest quality blog posts on your blog.

How to create amazing high quality blog posts?
101+ Hobbies That You can Make Money With Today In Some way or Another
Here's a trick I like to use! So I'll search my main targeted keywords and look and read all of the sites that are ranking say top 10 or even top 20 for it. I'll then read it all maybe in one day or over the course of a few days while researching. Sometimes I'll skim but the point is just to see what kind of content those sites have for that keyword. Then what I'll do is take notes about it while I'm looking at each site and then digest everything. Then I'll basically just regurgitate everything I've just learned about it into a new blog post on my blog about it. Which will have everything more or less those other blog posts had on it and more. But in my own way, in a way that I think and feel is more helpful, more insightful and more informative than all of those blog posts combined. What I'll actually do is look for problems people are having with it too and then research some working solution to these and provide them along with in the blog post. That is a winning formula for me and I always see much more engagement and shares on my blog posts when I take the time to research an article like this. It takes more time but definitely better in the long run!

How Much Can You Earn from Blogging?
101+ Hobbies That You can Make Money With Today In Some way or Another
How much you earn depends on how successful your blog is. According to Pro Blogger's monthly blog earning reports. Approximately 10% of bloggers make next to nothing. 28% make under £7 per month. Up to 25% make between £7 to £70 and 17% make from £70 to £350. While 7% earn from £350 to £700, 9% make from £700 to £7000 and 4% make £7000+ Again, which percentage you're in will largely depend on just how successful you are with your blog and your hobby. But if it's something you really enjoy doing, on something you are interested in / passionate about, you can't help but be in one of the larger brackets and you should be after a few years (or less) if you work hard at it.

Okay this is getting quite long now so I'll close up on this one here for a while and then do another post on something else, another hobby that you can make money with. Hopefully I'll be able to do a long series of these as there are quite a lot of hobbies that people have and each one can be turned into a cash cow if you just know how! 101+ Hobbies That You can Make Money With Today In Some way or Another

Do you do blogging as a hobby and earn a secondary income from it?

How long did it take for you to start earning something from your blog?

What other hobbies are there you know of that you can make money with?


Mike. Follow me and your dreams will come true.


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It is actually pretty easy to make money online! More easy that most people think. You just need to have patience and be constant in your posting for a long period of time.

Let's take blogging for example. I explained the basics to my wife a few months ago, fast forward to present day she has around 100 articles about product reviews I didn't know much about, I only knew she kept writing every day. Checked the analytics and was pretty amazed at the amount of organic traffic she is getting, so I implemented some affiliate ads and I'm already seeing some profit. It isn't much but if she keeps this up for one more year I'm pretty sure she can start to do this full time.

In my long term plan, I envision both of us being financial independent in about 5 years, tops. So yeah, there is money to be made online, I've learned this very well when I was a full-time freelancer, I also proved everybody wrong who said you can't make a living from home in your pajamas.

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Oh yeah, you can make a living in your pyjamas! Or in a banana shaped onesy! Clothes make the man but they don't define you as a person who wants to succeed. You could succeed wearing nothing but your undies, you wont be able to go outside in public like that! But fortunately, when it comes to online success, you hardly have to. Plus most peoples hobbies can be done at home too. Just like blogging! 101+ Hobbies That You can Make Money With Today In Some way or Another

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I like your attitude towards earning money because you make it sound so easy. That is positive thinking that is infectious. But in fairness to what you are saying, I agree that blogging is one good way of earning money especially if you are blogging about your passion because it would be like an enjoyment and not really work at all. The best thing in blogging is when your blog goes viral that you will be overwhelmed with the traffic.

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Thanks for these tips on blogging, I just started a blog about conscious hip-hop, and veganism, things are moving slow at the moment and I was wondering why. I'm in it for the long haul as I love to write anyway, thanks for the information on how much money a blogger makes, it's good to know that only 9% of bloggers make nothing at all!

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Blogging is a nice and convenient means of earning money for those who have a passion for writing. But this is not as easy as it sounds. Creating a blog and uploading the content is very easy. But the main challenge is promotion of the blog. The choice of proper channels that can make it reach the targeted audience is the most challenging part.

This demands a lot of planning and research. Most of the well written blogs fail with time only because they fail to reach the appropriate masses. The promoting portals hold a very important role.

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I definitely need to learn how to make money from my blogs--I love to write, but how do I get people to click on the ads without being obtrusive or demanding to them? I try to match my ad content to my blog content as best as I can, but nothing seems to be happening yet. In all fairness, I've only been at it with the ads for a few weeks, but still, I need to figure out how to amp up the traffic and to get a little more interest going...

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I know many people who have been successful due to blogging. However, that's not the case for me. I can't attract viewers to my blog. I like writing and I can say that it is my hobby. I usually post on forums and write journal articles. I have been successful so far.

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I really Need a Blog, I always want to make money through blogging and I try to look for informations about how to be succesful, Where to start from!! Uh All that is tressing But Reading at your thread gave me some hopes, I think I'll give a go when I find time to focus on it In the future :-)

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This post is really motivating! I always enjoy blogging, and as a stay-at-home mom, I just started to think about blogging for money too, especially affiliate marketing. Your information here are very useful to me, and I am going to check out Ryan's post about making money from blog without ads. I used to think we just earn from the ads. Thanks again for the informative post!

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One thing have noticed is that blogging requires patience. One should not start blogging with making money being the sole reason. Making money with blogging requires quality content that meets demands, if you are able to do this, money comes easily.

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I should really start blogging more. I enjoy shopping and could totally review the items I purchase. Thank you. 101+ Hobbies That You can Make Money With Today In Some way or Another

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You can make money from blogging, however, you need to work hard to keep your blog updated. You also need to aggressively promote your blogs on social media and forum sites. A blogger should also have knowledge on SEO. If you have no knowledge on SEO, hiring an expert can be a financial burden.
Making money from blogging is doable, however, you should not expect bigh.

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I didn’t know that blogging can be considered a hobby. Buy it is true because I enjoyed blogging my passion which is pets. And I remember writing blogs in a breeze and without much effort simply because I loved to write about my passion. This gives me an idea that I should have my own blog and maybe I can write once a week for the update so my readers will have something to read. And I think I can do it even with my full time job at present as long as I can manage my time.

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