Feature suggestion: SEOClerks MasterCard?

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Feature suggestion: SEOClerks MasterCard?

Wouldn't it be cool if you had an SEOClerks MasterCard debit card? Feature suggestion: SEOClerks MasterCard?

This could be very similar to how the Payoneer MasterCard or even the PayPal prepaid MasterCard works. Where you can't use it unless you have money on it. Something like this sort of thing.

Feature suggestion: SEOClerks MasterCard?

That money could possibly be and come from your balance on here. Or another option would be to have a separate balance just for it which you have to move funds into to be able to spend them.

Of course, this would mean Ionicware would have to register as a financial institution or something. But lots of places do this today and can give you a prepaid MasterCard. The only catch is it's a debit card not a credit card and you can't use it unless you have funds (money) on it. But there would be a lot of benefit to it for Ionicware (mainly through fees for it).

But how cool would it be if you could whip out your SEOClerks MasterCard to pay for things? I actually have several prepaid MasterCard's with Splash Plastic / 360 Money. U, Capital One and a couple others. I use them like banks where I store money on them and keep them for emergencies. Or I try to anyway!

But this would be really awesome if you could have one of these and use it to spend the money in your balance on here or something. And it would be awesome to whip it out and go; "just throw it on the SEOClerks mastercard" lol Feature suggestion: SEOClerks MasterCard?

What do you think of this suggestion/idea?

Would you like it?

Would you get yours?




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I'm a huge fan of prepaid cards. In fact, I don't even own a credit card. I think it would be really cool if you could use such a card to spend your seoclerks balance. That being said, I am not a seller on SeoClerks, so I have no use for such a thing. If I was a seller though ... I would love it.

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Yes mike this would actually be awesome to have , for those who can generate income on there seoclerks with there services and then use there master card . This is a brilliant idea and would be useful to have in your wallet while out and about.

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Just while reading this I thought about how good and easy that would make every transactions on here, I have a payoneer MasterCard and I use it to buy things and get paid on some sites which only pay with payoneer and no dought I would get mine Seoclark MasterCard and make money and receive pahments on it.

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