Getting a lot of buzz on a blog post using PPC methods

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Getting a lot of buzz on a blog post using PPC methods

When it comes to blogging, we all want our content to be seen by the masses.  The reason for this is because we want to become "popular" within our niche for different reasons.  Some people are looking to get hired as a writer for a specific niche while others are trying to gain a lot of traffic in order to sell items or get clicks on ads that pay them a fraction of what the advertiser is willing to pay per click.

No matter what your goals are, you will always need traffic to your posts in order to get some buzz going.  A great way to do this is through PPC campaigns in order to get the ball rolling.  Now you won't have to pay for these ads until the end of time, just until everything starts to snowball and people either begin to tag friends or fight with each other lol.

How many times have you been on a blog post and you see people fighting in the comments?  They're arguing about something dumb usually and that's just creating more and more content for you as long as they're not breaking any rules.

The beauty of them fighting is that you know it's a controversial topic and you can now take that onto social platforms such as facebook Getting a lot of buzz on a blog post using PPC methods  What you'll want to do is take a snippet of your blog post and ad it to a post on your websites/blogs facebook page.  You will add a link back to the post where people can go read it, and they will usually click through to see what your blog is all about Getting a lot of buzz on a blog post using PPC methods

Setting up your PPC campaign for something like this isn't difficult.  You will just target the proper age range for your niche and get pretty targeted to find the people who are passionate about what you're posting.  Now that you have all the targeting down pat, you will launch your ad campaign for your post.  You won't see a huge flow of likes, comments and traffic right away because it's a new ad for a new post.  You will have to wait a couple weeks and spend a few bucks in order to get the content rolling in.  When the comments do start building you will notice a lot of other people actually talking to strangers and tagging them in their comments on your post.  This is great no matter if they're laughing with each other or fighting, but fighting usually gets more posts and people will gang up on each other lol. 

What you really want to target is a post that will get users to tag their friends in the comments.  This will get you traffic from sources you didn't know might be interested.  If their friends tagged them, it's like a recommendation and they tagged person is likely to read your post and click through to your website.

Now your post shouldn't have any form of advertisement in it because if it does it will just be seen as you wanting to make more money.  If you have ads on your website, that's a different story Getting a lot of buzz on a blog post using PPC methods  You can get plenty of conversions through your website if you have clear ads on there and pricing on the images.  If people like your site, they will click your banners and hopefully turn into a sale Getting a lot of buzz on a blog post using PPC methods

In Conclusion:
If you're using the method I talked about above you will notice a good amount of buzz coming into your posts and you'll likely get a sale or two.  The traffic is nice, but I always enjoy the sales because it's like they are paying for my PPC campaigns Getting a lot of buzz on a blog post using PPC methods

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I actually did this a couple of times. Writing really really controversial stories, the kind of subjects people may go to war for lol and just leaving the link on some Facebook group ensuring all hell will break loose in the comment section once people started commenting.

This kind of strategy won't work for any niche, but if you do fall in this category and you can think of something controversial enough to make people go nuts, go for it! And if you think it is really good, implement a PPC campaign to make everything snowball like Razzy said.

Just make sure you produce the kind of content on which two separate views can go to war on. I usually take on a side in the article know very well I'm going to piss off the other side, all this by making sure I'm correct enough to please the people I'm taking the side off. This will ensure a very hot comments section with one group of people agreeing and the other disagreeing.

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I have tried the Facebook's post boosting. And it seems like it does not work much. Instead it just burns the money. So I think image ads with the link can be good for the facebook. I have not much worked on the PPC aspect of the facebook. I think PPC is not for all the type of people. Some people may end up burning more money into this. And that's something I don't think we should be looking onto.

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I agree that a controversial topic tends to get so many opposing comments that can result in a debate. However, it is not healthy for the blog to have such a topic because the net effect of a controversial topic is controversy itself. With the controversy among the readers, it can cause them to leave especially when the arguments are heated and sometimes toxic and lethal. I still believe that a well-crafted blog with an interesting subject is better.

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